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Warrants: Son's threats led to Sunday shooting

Posted July 1, 2010

— Search warrants released Thursday confirm that a weekend shooting in Wake County involved a father and son.

According to the warrants, Benjamin Lloyd Hamilton, 29, backed his parents into a corner at their home, at 5625 Windlake Court, before his father, Linwood Hamilton, shot him.

Linwood Hamilton told investigators that his son had a history of violence and that he had threatened his parents before.

“He didn’t have anywhere to go. This was my last resort,” Linwood Hamilton told officers, who determined that Benjamin Hamilton broke into the home and damaged property before his death.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the home Sunday after a law enforcement officer reported getting a call from someone "just screaming and crying like crazy."

"I don't know what's going on in the residence," the officer told emergency dispatchers, adding that "we took a 35 from there the other day."

A "35," according to Wake County sheriff's radio signals, is breaking and entering.

Arrest records indicate that Benjamin Hamilton was arrested May 29 on two counts of felony breaking and entering at the home.

He was also charged on that date with larceny after breaking and entering, larceny of a motor vehicle, injury to personal property, communicating threats and first-degree trespassing.


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  • canesfan31 Jul 6, 2010

    This is such a sad story. I know the parents and one of their children and I can tell you that they are such nice people. I don't know what happened with this son to make him so out of control. I can't imagine the agony the parents are going through right now.
    Thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • ajeralddavis Jul 2, 2010

    Maggielove25: I have a child now that at the age of 17 was a felon and had a misdemenor record too, and I have told him and everyone else that is in the family it's no more tolerance in that type of behavior. We as the parents have to take responsibility of whether or not the child needs to be locked up or not and follow through with it. I would rather allow the court system to handle them harshly than to be looking over and identifying them due to trouble they brought on because I didnt correct them. Punishment is a valuable investment.

  • Twittyfan Jul 2, 2010

    Well I was raised by old fashioned parents and here are 3 things they have lived by and stuck by to this day!!

    1)I will not put my house up for collateral to get you out of trouble no matter what you will have to pay for your actions!!

    2)I will raise your kids only if you are killed or diabled!!

    3)If you get pregnant while living under my roof you will get a job get your diploma and be a mother period.

    As I got older this has always stuck in my head and I THANK MY PARENTS for that because it made me a wonderful person with flaws of course but a GREAT MOTHER!!!

  • JAT Jul 2, 2010

    Regardless of everything though, I wish young people would see that drugs can make you turn against your own parents and making them fear for their lives. He was 29 - he should have been out there on his own, but instead he had no one to intimidate but his parents. Drugs aren't worth it.

  • JAT Jul 2, 2010

    maggie - you don't get it. I think all parents, even those of bad kids or kids who are troubled, THINK they tried to raise their kids right. But others can see where the failures are because we can see them with "unrelated" eyes. As was the case with our neighbors, we all told them; the police told them; the schools told them. But they kept bailing him out, covering for him, cleaning up his messes. They obviously THOUGHT they were raising him right but they obviously WEREN'T and it was clear to everyone but THEM.

  • Twittyfan Jul 2, 2010

    These drugs are terrible and it makes people evil even the best families. I know this family will always live with this in their hearts and I will pray for them. Nobody knows what they would do if they were in this situation so we should not judge these parents. It would be nice if you could take children even adults that get hooked on drugs or even if the family members seem to think something mentally is going on and have them put away to get clear but unfortunately you can't because they can just walk away no matter what or it cost too much money. If the father had not took the action he did we would probably be reading and commenting on a double murder and he would have been on the run. So I hope they can find peace. It doesn't matter what kind of family or up bringing you have it can just be anyone's family at any given day.

  • cth1 Jul 2, 2010

    Such a sad story!! I can't imagine having to make the decision this father had to make!

  • maggieluv95 Jul 2, 2010

    With all the judgemental people on these boards I have to ask one question? Do have a son who is in prison? One that you have tried to raise right? So before you all get on your soapbox I do. Guess what, I have college degrees, am not a deadbeat and raised my son right. Just really wish before half of these comments are made on these stories that the know it alls and holier than thous would go through some of these stories they comment on.Just plain ignorant

  • JAT Jul 2, 2010

    sometimes parents think they're helping their kid when they're really not. We had a neighbor like that. Their son was horrible, but they always bailed him out, fought the neighbors for him, etc. I mean, all the cops knew him by first name and where he lived. We always said that he'll stop when he either dies or he kills someone. He didn't live to see 25. The parents didn't do him any favors in the long run.

  • ajeralddavis Jul 2, 2010

    as a former retail bail agent, crimes that are committed by family members against one another led to lesser punishments and the victim getting the family member out of jail. This is thought of as love, but it makes a bigger monster that will eventually have to be defeated. It's a tough choice to have to make (killing your own son). We as parents/family members have got to teach them from the beginning, stop bailing them out and making it easy for them to come out and do it again.