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Store clerk, husband, suspect injured in Moore County shooting

Posted June 29, 2010
Updated June 30, 2010

— Moore County deputies detained three men and continued their search for at least one other Tuesday following an armed robbery and shooting at a convenience store that injured three people.

The robbery happened shortly before 10:30 p.m. Monday at the Exxon Short Stop Food Mart at the intersection of U.S. Highway 1 and Camp Easter Road in Lakeview.

Store clerk, Grace Kelly, 75, her husband, Angus G. Kelly, 78, and one of the suspects were shot during the robbery, according to Moore County Sheriff Lane Carter.

The men in custody are Leroy Richard Medley, 20, of 1193 W. Indiana Ave. in Southern Pines; Demarcus James Dennison, 18, of 572 School St. in Polkton; and Randy Joel Williams, 17, of 350 Shaw Ave. in Southern Pines. The identity of the man being sought hasn't been released.

Medley, Dennison and Williams have been charged with two counts each of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and one count each of first-degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon. Medley and Dennison were being held Tuesday in the Moore County Detention Center under $250,000 bonds.

Williams was taken to Moore Regional Hospital, where authorities said he underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition.

911 call details Moore County shooting 911 call details Moore County shooting, robbery

According to investigators, Angus Kelly put the family dog in his Jeep Cherokee Monday night and went to the store to pick up his wife. When he saw the robbery, he grabbed his shotgun from the vehicle and fired a shot through the store window, shooting Williams in the face.

One of the men fled the store, and the two others used Grace Kelly as a shield to get out of the store. That’s when, investigators said, they believe an exchange of gunfire occurred that ended with Angus Kelly being shot twice in the side and his wife in the arm.

"He saw his wife and did what he thought was right," Carter said.

Grace Kelly was treated at Moore Regional Hospital and released. She returned to the crime scene with a bandage around her arm and then drove herself to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, where her husband was undergoing surgery.

Angus Kelly was listed in serious condition Tuesday, according to hospital spokesman Tom Hughes.

Emergency dispatch recordings released Tuesday evening detail Grace Kelly’s call to 911 during the robbery and shooting.

"I’ve got three gunmen in here. Hurry,” Grace Kelly told the dispatcher.

The dispatcher then tries to find out what's happening while someone screams in the background.

"What's going on in there? Was someone trying to rob you?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yes. I've been shot,” Grace Kelly said.

"You have been shot?" the dispatch asks.

"Yes, hurry," Grace Kelly said.

Helicopter's heat-seeking imaging helps nab suspects Helicopter's heat-seeking imaging helps nab suspects

After Grace Kelly's 911 call, authorities responding to the shooting began a ground search, and a helicopter with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol was called in to assist. Heat-seeking imaging from the helicopter helped find two of the suspected robbers near some railroad tracks behind the store, investigators said.

Interviews with those two men led to the arrest of a third suspect at a residence in Southern Pines, authorities said. The fourth man, who authorities said served as the getaway driver, escaped in a dark blue SUV.

The men might have been responsible for three, possibly four, armed robberies from Moore County to Charlotte, according to Carter.


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  • bertram Jun 29, 2010

    Grace, Watch your topknot rushing back to work! You're a living witness. Hope your husband recovers.

  • chadgodfrey20 Jun 29, 2010

    BOOM head shot!!! Good going mr. kelly, we need more people like this in the world and then maybe people would think twice before they did stuff like this! "well i prolly shouldnt do this because 9 out of 10 people carrys guns now and none of them put up with the low life stuff that i do! so maybe i should just go get an application some where and get a JOB"!!! lol

  • Prancy Jun 29, 2010

    When someone pulls a gun on you and demands money, you CANNOT assume they only want the money. It is likely they ARE GOING TO KILL you too. It is reasonable to shoot them as soon as possible before they take you down.

    I'm sorry the employee's husband is hurt so bad, but it is likely she would be dead had he not intervened.

    Do you think those guys learned any lesson from getting shot? I hope other potential robbers know that they could also be shot in the commission of a crime and it makes them think twice before they do it.

  • eric52272 Jun 29, 2010

    good going mr. kelly...wish you had got all 4 in the face...im sure you do too.

  • ccs1920 Jun 29, 2010

    I know Mr./Mrs. Kelly. He worked until his health failed. She still working at age 75. I doubt that the four young men have ever held a jor or ever will. The welfare system is to blame for most of the problems.

  • gmollyk Jun 29, 2010

    wildcat must be a sub-human

  • Cricket at the lake Jun 29, 2010

    Mr. Kelly got those criminals off the streets. And other criminals that hear about it will think twice because they don't know who is armed and who has a concealed carry permit. Bless you, Mr. Kelly, may you recover quickly. You are a hero.

  • atom_ant Jun 29, 2010

    It saddens me to think what would have happened to Mrs. Kelly, if Mr. Kelly did not love and cherish his wife enough to check on her constantly like he did. Mr. Kelly no doubt understands the true meaning of "till death do us part". Men like this are few and far between these days...God I love this man.

  • Mustang Sallie Jun 29, 2010

    Should have killed them and decreased the "worthless" population!

  • cth1 Jun 29, 2010

    "If the man had killed one of these men, which would be murder, I am wondering how the people on this board and courts would perceive that? WILDCAT"

    I would say Good Shot!!! The guys shouldn't of been robbing an innocent person who was trying to earn a living!! If they didn't have a gun and were doing what they were supposed to be doing then this wouldn't be an issue!! And.. just an FYI..it WOULDN'T be murder. Read the laws regarding murder.. before making that type of statement. (just a suggestion) :)
    Mr. Kelly did what was legally and morally right...he protected his wife!! I think that deserves some recognition!! He's a hero in my book!! Good Job Mr. Kelly!!!!!