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Raleigh leaders look to build up Capital Boulevard

Posted June 24, 2010

— Raleigh leaders are working on a plan to build up Capital Boulevard to resemble other re-developed areas such as Glenwood South.

The city's plans would transform properties along the street into mixed-use developments with residential and retail opportunities.

The discussion also includes adding public open spaces and recreational trails and using Crabtree Creek as a backdrop for a riverwalk.

Joe Hinge operates an antique furniture business in a warehouse just off Capital Boulevard. He believes the city’s vision make good business sense.

“It’s so close to downtown. It’s very centrally located. So, it has potential for a lot of retail,” he said. “It’s kind of almost a lost area right now.”

Raleigh leaders look to update Capital Boulevard Raleigh leaders look to update Capital Boulevard

When Capital Boulevard was built in the late 1950s, it was designed to accommodate an industrial area.

Now more than 50 years later, the city wants to redevelop Capital Boulevard as an extension of Raleigh's downtown.

“This area has always been around Raleigh,” said local business owner Mike Earp. “I really think it would be good to open this area up to everybody.”


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  • cerebrate Jun 25, 2010

    "Subsidizing growth inside the beltline is such a waste of tax dollars that can be put to good use outside the beltline where the real growth is." - DontLikeTheSocialistObama

    Like the government subsidized roads that allow you to live out in the middle of nowhere, but to be only a short driving distance so that you can extend the city limits much farther north than they should be and stunt denser growth in the city proper by taking your money outside of it.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jun 25, 2010

    Instead of wasting money inside the beltline, spend the money outside the beltline where the real growth is.

    All of the growth inside the beltline especially downtown has been subsidized by taxes from outside the beltline.

    Without government intervention, we would have had zero percent growth in the downtown.

    Subsidizing growth inside the beltline is such a waste of tax dollars that can be put to good use outside the beltline where the real growth is.

  • pyrosinthesky Jun 25, 2010

    That whole corridor basically needs to be blown up and redone. Forget about the existing roads, exits, railroad tracks/yards. The creeks and the railroad paths determine so much there.

    It will take someone with great vision and leadership (and a lot of money) to fix that mess. Frankly, I'd be happy if they'd just tear up all the old paved concrete roads and fix them.

  • texasncgirl Jun 25, 2010

    Good luck with that. Too many bad areas.

  • InvolvedCitizen Jun 25, 2010

    Capital Blvd inside the beltline has been a rundown eyesore for decades. I've never understood how such a prime area could remain so underutilized for so long. I remember answering a telephone poll a few years ago, asking about areas that need improvement. This stretch of Capital immediately came to mind, and I told them so. It has so much potential. I have been looking forward to a makeover ever since.

  • Bill Brasky Jun 25, 2010

    Do what you want with Capital Blvd but please don't touch the fine doublewide establishment called "Foxy Lady". It is a Raleigh landmark.

  • notagain1903 Jun 25, 2010

    Start by getting rid of all those car deaslerships and it would be a vast improvement right off the bat!

  • campbellman Jun 25, 2010

    I think some commenters are confused. This article is talking about Capital from Downtown to 440, not Capital from 440 to Wake Forest. Of course, it really doesn't help that the picture WRAL has posted is the busiest section of Capital, north of 440.

    Capital south of 440 is really not that crowded.

  • readme Jun 25, 2010

    I don't understand how this works. How does a government agency influence what private companies or comsumers do other than zoning rules? How does saying they want to add retail business actually translate to someone else on his own buying property and opening a business?

  • FromClayton Jun 25, 2010

    build it up? they must not drive there...you cant move now...i avoid it anywhere close to rush hour...do what you want, im not coming until i feel safe driving there.