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Third Butner officer fired in trooper's DWI stop

Posted June 21, 2010

— A major with Butner's police department was dismissed Monday for personal conduct violations for his involvement in covering up a DWI stop involving an off-duty State Highway Patrol trooper.

Maj. Anthony W. Moss' dismissal comes more than a month after the trooper, Capt. James Williams Jr., and two other Butner Public Safety officers, Capt. Walter Williams and Lt. Daniel Parrott, were fired.

"The officers involved in this incident failed to enforce the law and abide by their oaths of office, and we cannot tolerate that," Butner Chief Wayne Hobgood said in a statement. "The public trust was betrayed along with our commitment to serve and protect the citizens of this community."

The officers came under scrutiny following an April 3 traffic stop in Granville County in which officers suspected James Williams of driving while impaired.

Instead of taking action against Williams, the officers dropped him off at a Best Western motel, according to police-radio traffic recordings.

Officers never filed any charges nor administered any sobriety tests, an internal investigation by the public safety department and the State Highway Patrol found.

"Our officers are held to high standards, and we expect no less," Hobgood said. "I have personally met with each and every member of this department since the incident occurred and have made clear my expectations and the repercussions for not meeting them."


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  • wildcat Jun 22, 2010

    Major and Captain. A title neither one will have again in their life time. They messed up big time. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • wildcat Jun 22, 2010

    Well as far as the punishment, it seems harsh for just one mistake.

    You are joking right. How many others have these people covered up for. Average citizens or other cops. Glad they were fired and will never be allowed to be any kind of cop ever. AMEN!

  • wildcat Jun 22, 2010

    The officers should have followed their duty and not made themselves a part of the problem.

    Exactly! It costed them in the long run. Now they will have many years to think about their mistakes of helping a fellow officer who was drunk.

  • wildcat Jun 22, 2010

    Great. They all got what they deserve. No longer officer because they did not up hold the law themselves. Yet they tried to cover up for their own. Not good. Good decision. Now they can go and dig ditches.

  • jxgriffin Jun 22, 2010

    Well as far as the punishment, it seems harsh for just one mistake.

  • crustyhalo Jun 22, 2010

    gandella...what's your problem with LEO man ? You got a pretty big chip on your shoulder.

  • crustyhalo Jun 22, 2010

    travissrt... you have incorrect...you do not automatically lose your State Certification...I know severaal LEO that have been fired for different reason's and they moved on to other agencies.

  • superman Jun 22, 2010

    common sense man-- it is different giving a stranger a break than it is your brother or your sister or a personal friend. There is no favortism when it is a stranger. Much different when a personal friend.

  • superman Jun 22, 2010

    Another rotten apple and cover up. Not that bad that he might have been impaired but even worse to cover it up and be part of the problem instead of part of the solution. The officers should have followed their duty and not made themselves a part of the problem.

  • didisaythat Jun 22, 2010

    kstor33...Amen. You said it perfectly. All the citizens that have gottne warnings for their violation. Please go back and demand a citation or an arrest and then ask to have the officers fired for using what is common sense. For the people that think only LEO get out of DWI's think again. There are so many that have a person drive them home...it depends on the circumstances...everyone says to treat every situation case by case. Well then if someone doesn't like it. fire the officer, string him/her. Give me a break.