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Some drivers want faster graffiti clean-up

Posted June 8, 2010
Updated June 9, 2010

— Graffiti is often seen as a sign of a declining community and costs government agencies money to clean up.

Some people fed up with graffiti Some people fed up with graffiti

Drivers with whom WRAL News spoke Tuesday said they have seen more graffiti in recent weeks, especially along Raleigh overpasses and interstates. Some want something done to clean it up more quickly.

“I thought it was extremely disrespectful to the whole community,” driver Beth Muro said of the graffiti.

Muro said she has seen graffiti along Interstate 440 near Lake Boone Trail, and she is not the only person who views it as an eyesore.

“I think graffiti anywhere sends a bad message that perhaps there is some level of neglect or concern,” City Manager Russell Allen said.

Allen said the city has two graffiti removal teams, but for displays on or around interstates, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is responsible for clean-up.

“We just want them (DOT) to be expeditious in getting it off,” Allen said.

DOT spokesman Steve Abbott said the department is looking into options for removing the graffiti, but cleaning it up takes money out of the maintenance budget. Abbott said graffiti removal is a priority but not as high as fixing potholes.

Driver Tyler Northrup agreed that that graffiti should take a backseat to other roadway concerns.

“Potholes are much more annoying that graffiti in my opinion, assuming the graffiti is not vulgar,” he said.

Muro said maybe residents need to organize clean-up efforts to help the DOT out.

“Maybe it's something more that the community needs to stand up and do something about,” she said.

Allen said some of the graffiti is likely from gang members. If you spot graffiti, call Raleigh police or the DOT.


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  • douglascarey Jun 10, 2010

    To me a bigger problem than graffiti is the litter. I routinely travel along I95 through to NY along with millions of others and never see the amount of litter I see around 440 and 1 South. It is really a sign of apathy that should not be tolerated in such a beautiful place.

  • judeography Jun 10, 2010

    The actual story seems to be the lack of co-operation between the tax funded departments responsible for a cleanup of this nature. The graffiti murals are only highlighting that issue.

    In the story RPD is credited with saying some of the graffiti comes from gangs, and the rest of the graffiti not from gangs. The statement was vague enough to leave uninformed Raleigh citizens with the impression that gangs are responsible for the graffiti. After all, gangs were the only segment of the Raleigh population that was given credit for the graffiti.
    Gangs use graffiti. Gang related graffiti is explicit in the gang affiliation that it is attempting to promote. The graffiti along the highway is 99.9% most likely not gang related. I say most likely because the people behind the graffiti could be in a gang, but taking the time to put up graffiti and not putting the gang they’re affiliated with is akin to Michael Jordan not putting the Jumpman logo anywhere on a pair of Jordans.

  • dougdeep Jun 10, 2010

    Rumor has it that they're not cleaning this up right. Nice work DOT, half-ace the job.

  • 2020Citizen Jun 10, 2010

    Its not passing the buck. The city does not recieve money to take care of those roads so why would they? Would you constantly mow your neighbors yard?

  • cary1969 Jun 9, 2010

    pass the buck raleigh

  • Red Jun 9, 2010

    I cleaned up some graffiti in my neighborhood. All I needed was a can of carburetor cleaner, an old rag and a pistol in case anyone had a problem with my beautification effort.

  • Sarge Jun 9, 2010

    sounds like a good job for those that commit misdemeanors.

    or maybe a job for a teenager this summer. Help put some money in their pocket.

  • shortcake53 Jun 9, 2010

    I have seen some very creative artwork. Too bad whoever is doing this isnt doing it in a more productive and possibly lucrative manner.

  • treasure Jun 9, 2010

    I really don't think this is a case of insatiable citizens clamoring for more and more. It is clear that the city government is committed to keeping Raleigh as graffiti-free as possible. There is a phone numbe in the blue pages that one can call to have graffiti removed, if it is on a permanent structure. My experience has been that they remove it quickly. Thank you. city of Raleigh.

    I think it is appropriate to expect the same diligence from the DOT when their slow responses affect our quality of life. If city government can to it, so can state government.

  • 5-113 FA Retired Jun 9, 2010

    All that's being said by the whiners will cause the "taggers" to do mre damage. Nice work there do-gooders!