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N.C. State dismisses Mary Easley grievance

Posted June 3, 2010

— North Carolina State University has dismissed a complaint filed by former first lady Mary Easley over her firing last year, officials said Thursday.

Chancellor Randy Woodson said in a statement that the grievance was dismissed last Friday on procedural grounds. Easley failed to respond to the university's request to schedule a grievance hearing and a meeting before the hearing, he said, declining further comment.

Easley's attorney, Marvin Schiller, declined comment on the move.

Easley worked as an executive-in-residence at senior lecturer at the university from 2005 until officials terminated her contract last June. They cited state budget cuts to programs she oversaw as the reason for the termination.

Questions about her hiring and an 88 percent raise she received in 2008 led to the resignations of former Chancellor James Oblinger, former Provost Larry Nielsen and McQueen Campbell, who was chairman of N.C. State's Board of Trustees.

All three denied any wrongdoing, but a series of e-mails the university turned over to a federal grand jury show Campbell communicated with Gov. Mike Easley about a potential job at N.C. State for Mary Easley and then worked with Oblinger and Nielsen to fashion a job for her.

Her hiring and promotion are among the issues being investigated by the grand jury looking into the former governor's dealings with friends and contributors while in office.


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  • tatermommy52 Jun 4, 2010

    This smells of Nixonian politics with the exception of a media watchdog reporter to conduct an investigation. If the gov was a Republican the story would be national news like the gov in SC.

  • cocker_mom Jun 4, 2010

    My guess is that this was all part of the best defense being a good offense.

    Then, when it became apparent that too much was coming out on how this entire "hiring" process occurred, it was better to let it drop. Had it continued, or she pursued this, it is likely she would have been forced to answer some pretty tough questions.

    Better to let it fade (hopefully quietly) into the background by not responding / getting it dismissed on a procedural issue.

    The arrogance displayed throughout our government is amazing.

    These elected positions really don't pay all that well - so there has to be something else that drives people. You'd like to think its public service - but - it's either power, corruption, greed (during or after office) or a combination of all three. All these elected officials seem to continue to grow their wealth in a "job" that doesn't pay all that well.... strangely, I can't seem to get that same thing to happen to me. Maybe we ought to have a look?

  • Journey985 Jun 4, 2010

    Glad to hear they threw it out. Funny how she was all smiles in her press conference with her lawyer, now she has not much to say? About time this corruption is brought into the light! Mike, you're next!!

  • catawbaoutdoors Jun 4, 2010

    Mike & her are both criminals!!!

  • Retired07 Jun 4, 2010

    Do you reckon the Easley's go out in public any more? Where are they hiding these days-anyone know?

  • Boostershot Jun 4, 2010

    Sure am glad that Mike Easley refers to Southport as his hometown now and not Rocky Mount.

  • McLovin Jun 4, 2010

    The easley's gotta know that the majority of N.C. citizens hate their guts now!

    Jsut be glad you didnt go to school with their son...

  • Boogalooboy Jun 4, 2010

    can u believe this woman would have the gall.....yeah probably

  • miketroll3572 Jun 4, 2010

    The easley's gotta know that the majority of N.C. citizens hate their guts now!

  • pbjbeach Jun 4, 2010

    I must say this in this matter the state of north carolina's grievance prodcures are total joke in my personal opinin for i have been there an done that . i feel pretty sure that all grievance procdure hearing befor the states office of adminstrative hearings are total predetermined as to the out comes as that it is preordained by the state politicians as to exactly what the out comes are going to be way before any employee every actually gets to go before the office of adminstrative hearing in a court room setting before the A.L.J. as that his decesions has been previuosly told to him by the states politicians as to what they want the out comes too be before hand . The one that i went thru the out come was surely preordained an their is no chance for a state employee to get a fair an impartial hearing over issue under the jurdistration of the state personnel commission it mearly amounts to a sham hearing with no real possibility of any form of real meaninful relief for the state em