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911 caller: 'I shot my husband'

Posted June 2, 2010

— A woman charged with first-degree murder told emergency dispatchers early Sunday that she killed her husband, according to a 911 call released Wednesday by Garner police.

Ruby Ashworth Gonzalez, 59, is charged with shooting Abundio G. Gonzalez, 48, in their camper parked behind Staples at 1411 Garner Station Blvd. Police said the shooting stemmed from a domestic situation involving another woman.

Ruby Gonzalez told dispatchers she shot her husband after finding him in bed with another woman.

"I told him I'd kill him if I ever caught him," she said in the 911 call, "and he's (expletive) a (expletive) in the bed in my camper. I can't take this."

Ruby Gonzalez told dispatchers she "shot her husband" in the chest 10 to 15 minutes earlier with a gun registered to her. She said a person heard crying in the background of the call was the other woman.

Ruby Gonzalez told dispatchers she had put the gun down and wanted to change out of her nightgown and call her family before authorities arrived.

The call ended when officers arrived and ordered her to "get down on the ground."

Ruby Gonzalez was being held without bond at the Wake County jail.


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  • Timetogo Jun 3, 2010

    hmmmm.... maybe he should have listened to her when she warned him??

  • shortcake53 Jun 3, 2010

    Well I guess she showed him.........

  • wakeconative4ever Jun 2, 2010

    what she did was wrong but i can't help but feel sorry for her...until u have been mentally and emotionally abused u just don't know what u will do....it really can take a toll on you...and she was probably too ashamed to tell anyone about it...we all laugh about it, but she probably really did "snap"...i must say i have been there and honestly if it were not for the grace of God and His mercy I would have lost my mind in the past....im really surprised that i didn't....so please don't judge this lady...what she did was wrong, but none of us know what he put her through

  • brassy Jun 2, 2010

    First-degree murder? That means she planned it ahead of time. If she found him cheating on her, became upset, and shot him that's manslaughter.

  • jetset Jun 2, 2010

    I wonder if she can get reduced charges for "temporary" insanity?

  • mom2boys Jun 2, 2010

    If I would have walked in and found my husband in MY bed with another woman.....I can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing. You don't know what you would do if in that same situation. Never say what you WON'T do. Men and women both can be down right dirty!

  • Brick CIty Girl Jun 2, 2010

    Why the comments about the wife being abused? Is there any indication of that on another network? Either way, she said herself that she killed him due to his infidelity. That is grounds for divorce, not for killing. I am appalled by the number of posts on here justifying murder.

  • carla349 Jun 2, 2010

    So many people say stuff and never follow through...

  • Metical Jun 2, 2010

    The threat of bodily harm itself was domestic violence no matter how "justified" you think she may have been. She should have been reported to the authorities and arrested then. She had a choice - she could have left but she cleary chose to commit murder.

    DV laws protect BOTH partners from the threat of violence and violence itself. There is no justification for her actions and anyone who would condone such actions do not understand the definition of physical and emotional abuse.

  • freedomrings Jun 2, 2010

    Why are people excusing what she did just because she's a woman and older? If a man walked in on his wife cheating and shot, there would be outrage and speculation that he must have abused her prior to the shooting.

    I'm just glad she didn't shoot the other woman too.