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Family struggles to understand shooting death

Posted June 1, 2010
Updated June 2, 2010

— As Fayetteville police continue their investigation into the shooting death of a Hope Mills man, his family and friends are struggling to figure out why someone would kill him.

Officers responding to a report of a shooting early Monday found the body of Kenneth Barnard Green, 34, lying next to his pickup outside a home on Catawba Street.

"Kenny was a good guy," his wife of five years, Denise, said. "He didn't have an enemy in the world. Kenny was a sweetheart."

Hope Mills man's shooting death still a mystery Hope Mills man's shooting death still a mystery

Investigators have not named a suspect or provided a possible motive for the shooting, but Denise Green said her husband's wallet and cell phone were missing.

"For someone to do this to him, I don't understand it," his brother, Dwight Green, said Tuesday.

"If you asked, he would give you every dime in his pocket," Denise Green said. "He would not fight."

Kenneth Green was at the home Sunday night playing cards with friends. They said he left the house around 12:30 a.m. and that shortly thereafter, they heard a gunshot and his car alarm.

"In the year I've known him, I've never seen him get in a fight or in an argument," friend Kevin Ballard said. "He never had anything but positive things to say. We're still all in shock."

Kenneth Green, who worked at Eaton Corporation in Fayetteville, was described as a caring and friendly person.

"Anybody who knew Kenny knew he didn't have a bad bone in his body," his wife said. "He was a hard-working man. He took care of me and his little girl."

Green had a 2-year-old daughter and a 22-year-old stepdaughter, who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last month.


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  • wildcat Jun 2, 2010

    May the family and friends find peace. Trust in God and He will see all of you through this.

  • wildcat Jun 2, 2010

    family and friends are struggling to figure out why someone would kill him.

    This man was not perfect. He was more than likely involved in some "shady situation" that the family and friends knew nothing about. They need to except his death and move on.

  • mrh2008 Jun 2, 2010

    this is sad..my thoughts and prayers go out to the family...may god lift your spirits in your time of need....may your loved one rest in peace.

  • sneeziegal Jun 2, 2010

    edbucks51, I cannot believe you would have the audacity to immediately jump to the "drugs" conclusion without so much as a SHRED of evidence to support your assumption. If he was white family man, would you have jumped to that conclusion so quickly?

  • katjelliott Jun 2, 2010

    No it was not drugs. It is funny how people will speak ill of others they don't even know. If you can do nothing else, just pray for his family, children and wife left without a husband, father, brother, son and friend. It is crazy how folks think the worst without any facts to go on.

  • jackieflash42 Jun 2, 2010

    Yeah, it could be drugs, or it could've been a whole list of others things too. Fact is, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. All we know is what we read/hear through the media. One thing is for sure, there's a family today without a husband and a father, and THAT'S a tough pill to swallow.

  • jackieflash42 Jun 2, 2010

    Unbelievable...guy working hard, trying to make a living to take care of his family, doesn't bother anybody or cause trouble and this is what he gets. I don't get it. I just don't get it...

  • edbuck51 Jun 2, 2010

    I'll bet drugs were involved

  • notagain1903 Jun 2, 2010

    What a senseless act. I hope they find these guys and send them to the chair!!

  • shortcake53 Jun 1, 2010

    Im so sorry for his family. I pray they find who did this.