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Two killed in weekend collision with Highway Patrol car

Posted May 24, 2010

Two people have died as a result of a collision with a state trooper Sunday morning in Guilford County.

A North Carolina Highway Patrol spokesman said Sandra Allmond, 55, turned into the path of a patrol car driven by Trooper J.D. Goodnight at the intersection of U.S. Highway 70 and River Road in Jamestown.

Goodnight was going about 80 mph in pursuit of a speeding car and had his blue lights flashing at the time of the collision, according to Trooper Greg Ingram.

Allmond was pronounced dead at the scene. Of the three children in her car, one, an 11-year-old girl, died at the hospital. Two others, ages 9 and 11, were listed in good condition at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem.

Ingram said one of the survivors of the wreck was Allmond's grandchild. The other two children in the car were family friends, said Allmond's son, Gerald Allmond.

Goodnight was on paid injury leave following the collision.

Investigators were looking for the blue Buick Skylark he was chasing at the time of the wreck.


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  • ncnan May 27, 2010

    Best to wait until ALL the facts are in before blaming the trooper or the driver...!

  • Das G May 27, 2010

    It turns out, from the investigation they did yesterday, that the trooper was doing 95mph at the time of impact (40mph over) and that his top speed was somewhere around 120. It's a really tragic situation.


  • jondoe May 27, 2010

    I love how people jump in and start saying "OMG what an outrage the cop is wrong of course! it was only a speeder". In fact you have no idea what the details are because all you know is what this reporter has written down. And all he knows is what he was told. Please remember how easy it is to sit home in front of your computer and judge something, versus actually being there. I am not saying if this was right or wrong because I don't know the details either. One person here commented that cops are never held responsible. I call BS on that one. Usually the only story you see in the news is when the cop is in trouble. As a side note on yielding to emergency lights - PULL OVER FOR VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS. Why? Because they are the ones getting on the fire engine. If they don't get to the station the engine doesn't move! I'll bet you would be angry if someone blocked the fireman on the way to your house!

  • pulstar40 May 27, 2010

    The poor innocent driver probably never even saw the trooper until it was too late. Not at that speed. And now she and a child are dead.

  • Alexia.1 May 26, 2010

    I can tell you that if a car came barreling down the hill near the exit to my subdivision at 80mph, lights flashing or not, there would likely be an accident. Speed limits exist for reasons. I cannot see more than a certain number of yards down the road and, assuming 45mph, that's fairly safe. 80? No way.

    So, what the officer's car even visible at the time the other driver started to move? Would sirens help?

  • MARINE533 May 25, 2010

    I don't recall at any point in the article where it stated the Trooper was in a chase???? It did mention the Trooper had turned around to attempt to catch a speeder!!! These are 2 seperate actions. Being in Law Enforcement I too turn around everyday to attempt to catch speeders or other motor vehicle violations and have to increase my speed above the posted speed limit to actually catch the violator. Whether it was 55 mph, 80 mph, or 100 mph, the Trooper was doin the job. Whether someone else heard it on there scanner or the many radios they own does not matter. I guess the whole thing boils down to there was a collision and someone was in violation.

  • ASU May 25, 2010


    This happens all the time in this state and every other state. What if you were traveling on a US highway and at the last minute a vehicle pulls out in front of you or turns in front of you at the last second and you try to stop and you can't. Do you think you should be charged or held liable. I don't think you should and the LAW says you wouldn't be CHARGED.

  • Das G May 25, 2010

    @Nargile, if you knew the area, you'd realize there's no reason anyone should be flying through that intersection at well over 80mph. The lady probably never even saw the trooper at that speed. I'm all for catching the bad guys, but these troopers need to slow down some when tearing through intersections.

  • Wake1 May 25, 2010

    Bottom line people....the driver got away anyhow AND these two people died!

  • Wake1 May 25, 2010

    Running blue lights or red lights does not give you a license to drive as fast as you want or to ignore everything around you. The person responding to a call/ or in pursuit is the one responsible for the vehicle they are driving & the manner in which it behaves. Yeah, I want the fire truck at my burning house, but I don't want them to kill someone getting there!! Yes, we want the bad guy to be caught, but NOT at the cost of someone else's life!