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N.C. fallen officers honored in Fayetteville

Posted May 12, 2010

— North Carolina law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty were honored on Wednesday during an annual ceremony in Fayetteville.

Martha Lennon’s youngest son, Deputy Allen Bernard Lennon, of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, was killed during a high-speed chase in August 1992. He was 30.

Lennon said Wednesday’s Peace Officers Memorial brought back many memories.

“I just can’t explain it. It just brought back a feeling that you cannot explain,” she said. “It let me know he’s still being remembered.”

Memorial honors fallen officers in N.C. Memorial honors fallen officers in N.C.

For the past 18 years, Lennon has attended the ceremony in front of the Cumberland County Courthouse to hear her son’s name read aloud, along with those 488 other fallen officers from across the state.

Thelma Matthews attended the ceremony in honor of her son, Cumberland County Deputy Brian Christopher Matthews, who was killed when his car overturned while answering a call. She said the memorial is especially hard to attend because of the sea of gray uniforms in attendance – the same her son wore.

Thirty-four law officers have died in Cumberland County since 1907.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, Fayetteville, Hope Mills Police, Fort Bragg, and Spring Lake police departments and the state Highway Patrol joined forces for the memorial, a part of National Law Enforcement Memorial Week.

The tribute began on Tuesday when a memorial motorcycle ride stopped in Fayetteville. The North Carolina Fallen Officer Memorial Ride, which was organized by Project Lifesaver and other agencies, is traveling to 100 counties in nine days.


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  • TwinsMommy May 13, 2010

    scraitup - well said!!!!!

  • scraitup May 13, 2010

    This one is for you"tater salad returns"

    I have been where you fear to be,I have seen what you fear to see,I have done what you fear to do-All these things I have done for you.I am the person you can lean upon,the one you cast your scorn upon,the one you bring your troubles to-all these people I've been for you.The one you ask to stand apart,the one you feel should have no heart,the one you call "The officer in blue" but i'm just a person just like you. And through the years I've come to see,that I am not always what you ask of me; so take this badge...take this gun...will you take it.....will anyone? And when you watch a person die,and hear a battered baby cry,then do you think that you can be, all these things you ask of me. May god bless everyone ...even the dumb.

    Unknown Author

  • TwinsMommy May 12, 2010

    Continuation of post - They are doing their job just like every other American who works. Regardless of the reason you feel they hand out tickets, don’t condemn them for doing their job. If you don’t like it, go through the academy (if you can get in and graduate) and change it.

    Thank you to all of the men and women Police Officers for putting your lives on the line everyday for us. Prayers to the fallen and their families.

  • TwinsMommy May 12, 2010

    Tater..Tater..Tater....First off, let me say sound like an uneducated individual. My husband is a cop and one of the good ones. He works off duty in order to support his wife and two kids. This has nothing to do with living beyond our means and has everything to do with making a living. Many officers have to do this in order to make ends meet and support their families. If you do your homework you’ll see that Police Officers don’t exactly rake in the money. They absolutely don’t get paid enough for what they do. When people are running out of a dangerous situation, Police Officers are running in. I am sad that my husband and others like him put their lives on the line to protect people like you. I suppose if you needed police assistance because you were in harm’s way you would decline since you feel they are nothing more than a “tax collector”.

    Like in any profession, there are some good people and some that aren’t so good. They are doing their job just like

  • RPD07 May 12, 2010

    Oh Tater Salad

    Make up your mind. Are LEO's revenue collectors or protecting the citizens? You constantly criticize police saying they are ONLY revenue collectors yet you say in the same sentence now that they ARE protecting the public.

    Did you just contradict yourself to further criticize the actions of LEO's? I think you did (but that is only because the majority here are AGREEING that the police are underpaid). You had to play to the emotions of those that generally don't agree with you.

    I'm shocked you are not in favor of more LEO's doing off duty. That way they are "more tired" for the "on duty revenue collection duties" they are supposedly here to do.

  • thepeopleschamp May 12, 2010

    Smooth tater tot, posting a silly comment on an article about slain officers. You have clearly demonstrated what you are all about. Go make your silly comments on an ACLU web page where you can find friends. Please man up and mention what your profession is so I can point out its many flaws. I know you will wimp out and not do so though.

    Bless the fallen officers and their families.

  • TwinsMommy May 12, 2010

    BTW - God Bless all of the men and women in uniform who work to protect us and our freedom.

  • gotitmadecij May 12, 2010

    Hey tater tot, change the tune that song is getting old

  • travissrt May 12, 2010

    I've been a police officer for almost 10 years now. And not once has a citizen paid any kind of revenue to me. Only as a result of their actions have they paid money to the court system's (after given due process of course). And deputies are traditionally the lowest paid LEO's around. I wouldn't say that they are trying to "Keep up with the jones" but I would estimate that they are just trying to keep up. God bless the fallen officers, their families, and all of my brothers and sisters in blue and in the armed services. For it is because of us that you are allowed to have the freedom to voice your opinion about us.

  • Tater Salad Returns May 12, 2010

    If by make a living you mean collect revenue for the state and then potentially jeopardize the saftey of other citizens so they can make more money which typically means they are trying to live beyond their means in the first place and keep up with the Jones, then yes, WRAL was investigating deputies for trying to "make a living"