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Two young men arrested in Willow Spring fatal hit-and-run

Posted May 12, 2010

— Troopers arrested two young men Wednesday in connection with a hit-and-run that killed a woman earlier in the day in Willow Spring.

Cody Lee Thomas, 16, is accused of crashing a Cadillac, which he borrowed from someone, into the woman's Mazda Protege and then fleeing the scene in a friend's car.

The friend, John McCoy, 19, was driving his own vehicle and was following Thomas at the time of the crash, according to Sgt. Jorge Brewer.

Man sought in Willow Spring fatal hit-and-run Two men arrested in Willow Spring hit-and-run

Troopers said they believe Thomas drove off the road, over-corrected, crossed the center line and crashed into the woman's car at about 10 a.m. at Barbour Store and Old Stage roads in Wake County.

The woman's name was not released. Her brother-in-law told authorities that he was driving in a separate car ahead when he saw the Cadillac.

"He knew that the car was gonna lose control. When looked in the rear-view mirror, he saw the dust and, in fear, (went) back to the scene," Sgt. K.W. Cooke said.

"Several leads led the Highway Patrol to Cindy Street in Angier where both suspects were located and later apprehended without further incident," Brewer said in a statement.

Thomas was charged with felony hit and run and death by motor vehicle. He was being held Wednesday in the Wake County jail under a $40,000 bond.


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  • Desiderata May 13, 2010

    Tired of hearing how "hard" one's life is at home..as an excuse for mistakes they make...how 16 year olds are in a PHASE where they thing they are invincible...BS! It has to do with how society and familes let these kids get away with it at this age..and kids think that not much will happen because they are under age...When I was 16 and beyond..I FEARED my MOTHER WRATH! Therefore walked a straight line...Her quote "I brought you into this world , and I can take you out" was enough for me...and I didn;t turn out too bad...QUIT MAKING EXCUSES...HE WAS WRONG..AND NOW SOMEONE IS DEAD..PROSECUTE HIM!

  • ILuvJetNoise May 13, 2010

    Very sad.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount May 13, 2010

    "I just want to say I know the driver personally, he is an ok person but he made a bad mistake.I'm not defending him, because him mistake cost someone their life.but I know he has a very hard life no parents,he's still a child and he has a baby one the way"

    Then he continues to make bad choices. I'm tired of hearing about a "bad life" . Lots of people have bad lives. Most of them don't act so criminally... a "bad life" is a cop-out.

    If this genius does have a baby on the way (thus creating another "bad life") why wasn't he in school preparing himself to support that child...or working?

    I have NO sympathy with such an individual.... his bad choices led him to his loser lifestyle, not his parental situation.

  • cuffusion May 12, 2010

    He is automatically charged as an adult in NC .. but of course the DA can move the case to family court.. but.. the fact remains.. he made poor choices which led to the loss of someones life.. now he must face the consequences of these actions.. his age is not really relevant here.. those much older do the same thing.. It is likely that he will be charged with Felony leaving the scene of an injury accident..along with a host of traffic violations. the other boy will be charged as well for aiding and abetting by knowingly and willfully taking him from the scene.. They need to man up.. face whatever penalty society deems appropriate.. and move on. they are clearly culpable in this case..

  • meBNme May 12, 2010

    Ronzo.... whats your point? It was not a bait car, and even if it was are you blaming the police for it? Surely you are not saying that placing a car with the keys in it makes it the polices fault that a person decides to steal what is not theirs just because its there? are you?

    njboland, yes, that is the main tragedy of it all, and is indeed the most important part. But it doesnt mean one should just ignore all the other aspects of the situation either. IMO

  • njboland2005 May 12, 2010

    It appears that some of you are losing sight of what happened here. A mother's life has been taken from her children! Those are the children that we should be concerned about. That should be the focus. The 2 young men were not children. They were not in school, they were not working, being a productive contribution to society! They were out screwing around on country roads, playing chase and thinking they were invincible! Now, due to their total disregard for life and consequences, These young children are without their MOTHER! She was an innocent victim and now her children are victims. My tears are for the children who's Mother was just ripped away from them (3 days after Mothers Day) for NO reason!!

  • ronzo May 12, 2010

    This can happen easily when keys get left in a "Bait" car.

  • zoesd May 12, 2010

    This is really sad, a mistake by a young driver that could have happened to anyone. It is ashame that he felt running was the thing to do, instead of helping at the scene. Very sad all around.

  • mulecitybabe May 12, 2010

    I wrecked my car when I was 16. I stopped, checked on the other driver, and waited for the police and my dad. It was totally my fault. I never thought to run. Not to say I'm any better or worse than anybody else, but to blame his actions on his age is just another excuse that doesn't fly.

  • Adelinthe May 12, 2010

    ureap - "...sometimes kids DON'T ACT THEIR AGE!"

    I'm 63 years old today, and when I was 16, I didn't act my age either, nor did the majority of the kids I went to school with, and all of us drove.

    Teenagers go through a period where they believe they're right about everything, and everyone else is wrong.

    They also go through a period of invulnerability, where they think they can do anything and death or tragedy will never touch them.

    It comes with the territory, and it's sad that generation after generation, we never learn otherwise.

    But that is life, and death, and such it will be until we as human beings wise up and start really caring about each other and this planet.

    God bless.