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Restaurant owner remains in critical condition after wreck

Posted May 6, 2010
Updated May 7, 2010

— A woman critically injured in an auto crash remained in critical condition Thursday as family and friends rally in support of her recovery.

Julia Murphy Raynor, 70, of Newton Grove, was injured Wednesday following a wreck in which police say Andrian Bermel Edwards intentionally swerved his car into the path of Raynor's SUV in an attempt to kill his girlfriend.

"It's shocking to hear it," said Frances Henderson, a longtime friend of Raynor and patron at the Meadow Village Restaurant in the Meadow community, near Benson.

Community rallies around wreck victim Community rallies around wreck victim

Raynor has owned the restaurant for nearly 30 years and is known for her hospitality, giving and helping spirit and her award-winning pies.

"Everyone treated her as a friend, and she treated everyone as one" said J. B. Henderson, also a friend and customer at Meadow Village.

Family and friends have set up a Facebook page called "Praying for Julia Ann Raynor" and more than 500 people as of Thursday have posted their well-wishes and encouragement.

Raynor's family declined to comment on her condition Thursday but reportedly told a tow-truck driver that she is paralyzed from the waist down.

Edwards, 27, of 900 Lake Front Drive, Apt. E, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and misdemeanor child abuse.

Neither he, his girlfriend nor their child, who was also in the car, were seriously injured in the wreck.

Edwards was in the Wake County jail without bond Thursday evening.


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  • pebbles262004 May 7, 2010

    I hope that this mangets what he deserves and not a slap on the hand....I love to eat at the Meadow Grill and hope that Ms. Julia will be better soon!!! She is in my prayers

  • mah2066 May 7, 2010

    Everyone please pray for Julia Ann-whether you know her or not-she is a great lady!!! Such a senseless tragedy!!! If you are on facebook please join the group. All messages will be shared with the family. Thank you in advance for all your prayers.


  • sssh.. whisper May 7, 2010

    This idiot should be charged with attempted 1st degree murder on 3 people, infilicting serious bodily injury with intent to kill, attempted assault on a female, child abuse on a child and so many other things.. NC take the key and lock him.. he should NEVER see another day of light!

    Prayers to the injured woman that she will have a speedy recovery. Also, prayers to the other woman and to the child. May she find the strength to get a way from this monster and protect herself and her child.

  • lvhv2003 May 7, 2010

    I hope he goes to prison for a long time, but he will probably blame it on an abusive childhood situation, how someone beat him and his mother and he never learned how to cope in life . . . or an insanity plea. A message for his girlfriend and her child, get far away from this man and his family and perhaps his defense atty. They will try to use you to come to his defense.

  • Whatever Geez May 7, 2010

    detah row baby!

  • TeresaBee May 7, 2010

    How can anyone be so selfish. What a world we live in. This happened up the street from me and it is also a block away from when a drunk woman slammed into a car in the am and killed a passenger on the corner of Sawmill and Six Forks. In both cases these victims could have been me or someone in my family or neigborhood. Think people think!

  • Dido May 7, 2010

    Still trying to wrap my brain around this...a man, with his girlfriend and a small child in his car, deliberately gets in the path of another car in order to kill his girlfriend? And, in the end, winds up critically injuring an innocent bystander?
    Lock him up and throw away the key!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Proud Wife and Mother May 7, 2010

    All jokes a side!! I feel that it is a beautiful thing to see that people can still pull together and pray for something. I'm a firm believer that it really does work!

  • jeff27577 May 6, 2010

    you losing weight or something? i dont get your post. how about some hooked on phonics?

  • gman976 May 6, 2010