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Two girls found safe after wandering away from school

Posted May 3, 2010
Updated May 4, 2010

— Police said two 8-year-old girls who disappeared from a private Cary school Monday afternoon were found safe after wandering away from the playground.

The children – identified as Kaycee Formont and Liya Chen – were reported missing from the Heartwood Montessori School, at 112 Byrum St., around 1:30 p.m.

8-year-olds safe after reported missing 8-year-olds safe after reported missing

They were found shortly before 4 p.m., about a half mile away near Forest Green Drive, authorities said.

According to its Web site, the school is a private school for children ages 18 months to 15 years old.

School director Sue Daniel described Monday's incident as "kids being kids."

"It was sort of a prank. They decided to hop over the back fence, and they went out into the woods from there," Daniel said. "Their parents are relieved, and we're all relieved they are safe, and we hope this will never happen again."

About 30 emergency workers, including a police K-9 unit from Morrisville searched the perimeter of the school for about three hours.


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  • shortcake53 May 4, 2010

    I am very glad to see others having common sense and realizing that these girls own the major share of the blame in this situation. They are not 3, they are 8. And being the grandmother of two 8 yr olds, I KNOW they are capable of coming up with very creative ways of getting around things. And I also know they should be taught a lesson they would never forget.

  • Bing Used May 4, 2010

    oh, and have never had an incident where a child needed a bandaid anyway

  • Bing Used May 4, 2010

    Yes, we can have it both ways. The girls need to be punished, and caregivers need to be reprimanded.

    Letting the teachers, caregivers get away with it, is not letting them have any responsiblity.

    Kittiboo, the kids needing bandaids go to the office. I'm not saying I like the rule, but that is how it was 1 1/2 years ago.

    and Kittiboo, have YOU ever lost a child?

  • shortcake53 May 4, 2010

    Ok, so we blame the teachers now. How about when these girls are older, skip class to head to the mall, perhaps shoplift a little, is that the teachers fault too? Letting them get away with this will only make them wonder what else they can get away with. People always scream that kids are not responsible, yet when faced with a situation to make them take responsibility, people scream its not their fault. Cant have it both ways folks.

  • carolinarox May 4, 2010

    Oh Kittiboo thank you! I thought I was the only one that goes over the edge when faced with the horrid spelling and grammar found on GoLo!

  • 2beachy4u May 4, 2010

    iron fist....I couldn't have said it better myself.

    If the girls were going to do this, I am sure they waited until something distracted the teachers. These girls were all smiles and laughing while getting in the car with their mom on the video yesterday. My child would have been shaking like a leaf because they would know the consequences of such actions...This could have happened anywhere and even under the parents care. I agree that the school should get a higher fence to stop this from ever happening again but quit blaming the school and teachers. Nobody's perfect and these girls sure knew better. Kids will be kids but I hope they understand it could have ended way different than it did.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap May 4, 2010

    the children are at fault for pulling such a stunt and should be punished. the adult(s) who's job it was to supervise these kids and allowed to girls to make it over a fence unnoticed are also at fault, and should be punished.

    if the school's play yard is so large that the adults can't possibly keep a watchful eye on the kids during recess, perhaps the play area needs to be smaller.

    these kids disappeared while in the care of these adults. it could have just as easily been a pedophile who coerced the girls to hop the fence, and then what? just chalk it up to kids being kids?

    The girls were found safe this time, so everyone is complacent to chalk it up to kids being kids, lets sing kumbayah. I can promise you the teachers would have been under a different spotlight if these girls ended up dead.

  • Mee May 4, 2010

    Wow--Do none of you have children? Do any of you remember being a child? You must have been perfect with perfect parents and perfect teachers/caregivers. Good kids sometimes make bad choices, no caregiver/teacher can see all their children every second of every day and no parent I know claims to have never made mistakes. Really people.

  • babbleon May 4, 2010

    It's the kids' fault, not adults in the school. Based on my kid's preschool, I can easily see there being an area that's hard to see, or the adults focusing on a kid who fell. They should probably have higher fences, though.

    My kid would know he was in trouble if he did this, and I would NOT ask for a teacher or TA to be fired. I would ask the school to figure a way to make it harder to climb the fence.

    and dholes - I'm a liberal. Personal responsibility is compatible with liberal ideals.

  • kittiboo May 4, 2010

    bubbles, I'm sorry, I don't know where you taught or watched over kids, but in Wake County, where I have been a teacher for 6 years, we are CERTAINLY allowed to put bandaids on kids. What're we supposed to do, let them stand there and BLEED? We even watch a video at the beginning of every year to teach us how to do it safely. And I have done my fair share of shoe tying- even 8 year olds get knots that they need help with. I'm glad you didn't have any sneaky kids to watch after, but they do exist, and this story is proof.
    Also, wildcat- seriously? Your grammar and spelling are horrible. It is hard to take someone's comments seriously when you have to decode them.