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Triangle residents take 'stand against racism'

Posted April 30, 2010

— About 200 students and community members rallied in Moore Square Friday to take part in a national movement to fight racism.

Gov. Bev Perdue declared Friday "Stand Against Racism" day in North Carolina. Across the country, 250,000 people were expected to participate in events organized by the Young Women's Christian Association.

"What at the heart of the event are people in our community who want positive solutions to some of the things that we still feel are the effect of racism," said Folami Bandele, executive director of YWCA of the Greater Triangle. "These are folks that believe as individuals, we can make a difference by making our voices heard."

Anti-racism rally draws hundreds Anti-racism rally draws hundreds

Adults talked about solutions to the negative effects of racism, particularly on education, housing and employment. They were joined by about 100 students who marched from Moore Square Middle School. The adults talked the children about being brave enough to speak out on important issues.

"If there's an issue they're concerned about, if there's something going on in your community, you have a responsibility to stand up adn be head and do something about it," Bandele said.

Bandele said she believes event like this one can show that a community stands against hate groups.

A recent study by the Southern Poverty Law Center showed that there were approximately 30 hate groups in North Carolina and that the number of such groups grew nationally by about 50 percent in the past decade.

"Most of the time these groups are allowed to flourish, because the people who feel differently are silent, and their voices are not heard," she said. "But by coming together and taking a stand, we say that one, we don’t tolerate racism in our community and two, we’re willing to do something to create a different kind of world."

Rally participants also get to experience the support of people who are concerned about the same issues, Bandele said.

"I think that most people see so much negativity in the media and in the community around them and that they are looking for positive ways that they can contribute," she said. "This event lets them connect with people that are concerned about the same issues and coming up with positive solutions."


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  • FVHowler Apr 30, 2010

    I'm all for fighting racism but what is the definition of racism? One persons racism may not be anothers. I've seen racism used as crutch or an excuse. I've seen it used in false pretenses. I've also seen it happen legitimately. I say we understand racism and stand against racism and the false use of racism!

  • OzzzMan Apr 30, 2010

    I think there is a lot of reverse discrimination against whites now a days. Why can't we have our own NAAWP, or a white college fund, or a white Miss America Contest, because it would be racism. I adopted a biracial daughter and have NO problems with race. Do you?

  • nicklebon Apr 30, 2010

    quote The adults talked the children about being brave enough to speak out on important issues. endquote

    I felt that such quality writing should not go without comment.

  • roadbrnr Apr 30, 2010

    So, I guess its white people,mostly middle aged men who are the racists. So sick of the whining from the guilt ridden libs and the minorities who are just looking for a fight. I'm proud of who I am,make no apologys to no one. I'm white,male,christian and pay my taxes and my own way. Oh yeah,also a southerner and very conservative. How else can I tick you off?

  • blackdog Apr 30, 2010

    Some of these comments are sublime bigotry. Why can't some just come out and say, "WHITE POWER !" ??? Because they can't defend their viewpoint.

  • Escaped from Wake Apr 30, 2010

    Read the law before you comment. If you do not break the law you have no worries. They must have reasonable cause to believe you are breaking a law to ask your status. As to papers actually plastic is fine show them your valid drivers license and you are good to go. We grow tired of having our Citzens killed because they live on a smuggling route.Just 3 weeks ago. Yesterday 103 picked up crossing the desert. Drop house with 20 30 or more kindnap victume. If it is uncomfortable enought maybe they will not come. God help you if you attempt to visit Mexico and are caught.

  • affirmativediversity Apr 30, 2010

    AZ's law in illegal because as a natural born citizen of the US, I should not be required to carry papers to prove that I am such! per rand123


    You'll need your health insurance papers to show to the IRS under Obamacare,

    The State are being MADE to "enforce" Obamacare...

  • lizard Apr 30, 2010

    rand321 -

    You better not forget your health ins card. Those are required of each and every citizen as of about last month. But, no, not the illegal immigrants. Can't require them to carry anything. (Tip- they're already required to carry the I-9, formerly called the "green card", while in the U.S.) The only time I don't have to produce an ID in this country is when I vote.

  • dmccall Apr 30, 2010

    Were the people who hate racism included in the tally of "hate groups"?

  • colliedave Apr 30, 2010

    "But by coming together and taking a stand, we say that one, we don’t tolerate racism in our community and two, we’re willing to do something to create a different kind of world."

    Bet you voted for Obummer solely on account of his race b/c he has zero qualifications for the office of POTUS. And just what do you plan to do to create this world? Like all libs, it's all based on feelings.