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Five arrested, eight homes raided in Wake County pot bust

Posted April 29, 2010
Updated April 30, 2010

— Officers with the Wake County Board of Alcoholic Control Law Enforcement Division raided eight homes in Raleigh and one Fuquay-Varina Thursday in search of an alleged pot-growing operation.

Five arrested for pot-growing operation Five arrested for pot-growing operation

While their primary mission is to root out illegal alcohol, ABC officers have the authority to make drug seizures. They hit several Wake County neighborhoods on tips from neighbors that the homes were being used to grow and distribute marijuana.

Homes searched by ABC officers

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Officers uncovered large amounts of processed marijuana and elaborate indoor growing operations. They seized 240 marijuana plants and about 100 pounds of marijuana ready for sale.

They arrested five men:

  • William Edward Ramsey III, 36, of 1177 N. Blount Road in Raleigh
  • Jay Travis Lam, 38, of 1936 Jupiter Hills Court in Raleigh
  • Robert Walker Ingram, of 106 E. Drewry Lane in Raleigh
  • Ryan Reaves Klein, of 9420 Waterwood Court in Raleigh
  • John Wayne Seward, of 1413 Andersonwood Drive in Fuquay-Varina

The men face charges of manufacturing, possession and trafficking marijuana and maintaining a dwelling to keep a controlled substance. All five were being held at the Wake County jail Thursday night on $1 million bond.

Officers also raided three additional homes in Raleigh: 507 and 521 Mial St. and 1001 N. State St. They said they expected to make more arrests.


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  • boomkablamo May 5, 2010

    Also, YoucanthandletheTRUTH, many gangs receive funding through illegal drug sales. Marijuana is a huge portion of those funds. If it was made legal, then people wouldn't be shooting each other over it and gangs would take a huge loss in revenue. All the violence that springs from the drug industry only springs because it is valuable (due to being illegal), unregulated and left in the hands of criminals. If you think our war on drugs is working, is affective, or is doing anybody any good, you are obviously very misinformed. Do your research. They had to make an amendment to the constitution to make marijuana illegal. What does it say about our rights if they can be manipulated to meet the demands of our government? It says they don't exist. They're an illusion. The war on drugs is a war on our personal freedom.

  • boomkablamo May 5, 2010

    BarbieDoll24, they were not trafficking marijuana. They were growing it. They were growing a plant. A harmless plant, and now, they have a higher bail than most murderers or child molesters. All that can be said about marijuana is that it's a "gateway drug", but the only reason it's a gateway drug is because it's illegal. If you could buy it at the gas station you wouldn't be presented with other illicit substances. Most people begin experimenting with alcohol or cigarettes first anyway, those are the true "gateway drugs". Any of you who think this is just or right treatment seriously need to stop believing everything the Government tells you and do your own research. There are no documented deaths resulting from marijuana use. None. Alcohol abuse takes hundreds of thousands of lives a year. Why isn't your Government concerned about the intoxicants that are ACTUALLY dangerous?

  • FE Apr 30, 2010

    No one can seize the houses unless the perps have clear title - probably a bank "owns" the houses.

  • raleighaligheri Apr 30, 2010

    RKBA, using formal logic to present your opinion only proves that you're informed. So let's reduce any meaningful discussion to ad hominem attacks. That's a great way to get your points taken seriously. Oh wait--you didn't even make a point, just offered a personal insult. Your own intellect is leaving an impression, alright.

    Maybe you'll be so impressed that you'll come up with another great reason to smoke dope.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Apr 30, 2010

    "his logical fallacy is the converse fallacy of accident"
    "This logical fallacy is called denying the antecedent,"
    "This is also a non sequitur. "

    So how do you like it on the girls debate team?

    Give it a rest. you're not impressing anyone.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Apr 30, 2010

    "Anyone looking for a good deal on a house? The houses used to grow this stuff will be seized by the state."

    A new revenue stream for Bev?

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Apr 30, 2010

    Ridiculous waste of time.

    Meanwhile bathtub speed operations continue unabated....

  • alwayz2morrow Apr 30, 2010

    a good example of how its caucasians at the top of the drug pyramid but all caucasians see are african americans being arrested and sentenced to jail/prison terms and then thats when they shout "look at all the blacks involved in the drug trade"..what you got to say now? the evidence is being put in front of your face to show you what most already know, which is caucasians are at the top of every illegal drug sale.

  • BarbieDoll24 Apr 30, 2010

    Let's get real here. These guys weren't just caught smoking a little pot on their front porch. Trafficking marijuana is something we all know is illegal. If you choose to make a profit doing that you have to face the consequences. According to the article the neighbors tipped off the police so clearly the behavior was not so cool with everyone.

  • shortcake53 Apr 30, 2010

    Anyone looking for a good deal on a house? The houses used to grow this stuff will be seized by the state.