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Employee of Wake Forest rest home charged with assault

Posted April 29, 2010

— The arrest of an employee this week at a Wake Forest rest home surprised residents and staff.

Wake Forest Care Center Wake Forest rest home shaken by assault charge

“To tell you the truth, I can't see that. I just can't see that happening,” said Al Critcher, a resident of Wake Forest Care Center.

Police arrested Michael Lee Brodie, 42, Monday charging him with sexual assault on a resident who was “physically helpless.” Court documents say the alleged assault happened in late February.

Brodie was a certified nursing assistant at the center, at 306 S. Allen Road in Wake Forest. He had been employed there for about a year, police said.

"I love my residents,” said Terri Allen, director of the facility. “They are my main concern. They are who I am there for."

Allen said a resident came forward to tell her about the assault. She said she immediately called authorities and terminated Brodie. He was being held at Wake County jail Thursday on $75,000 bond.

Allen said the victim is getting help. “The therapist sees her. The psychiatrist sees her. The doctor sees her,” she said.

Allen would not say exactly what Brodie is accused of doing, only that it was very inappropriate.


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  • nceagle Apr 30, 2010

    Very well put heelsmania2.... He would NEVER do this type of thing.... and yes.... I have known Michael for about 20 years now... Everything you say about him is TRUE.... He has a caring heart... Some people in this world that do not know him are quick to judge... Its ok... Let them judge... Karma sometimes has a weird way of showing up on their door step and then they will think back and remember how they judged someone in the same situation.... Michael is one of the most honest, caring people I have ever known... I hope this false judging on him does not change his view on life.

  • heelsmania2 Apr 30, 2010

    this is so crazy....michael is and has been my best friend for like 10 years now.....I KNOW HIM WELL......he would never do THIS....ALOT of STUFF has been left out of this story......First my buddy is not thae" BIG SCARY BLACK GUY" LOL....michael was by my side when i had to deal with both of my parents having cancer.....he has a huge heart.....HE IS A GREAT PERSON THAT HAS BEEN CHARGED WITH A HORRIBLE CRIME.....i would and have trusted him and he has always done the right thing....if he did this trust me i would be the to say he should pay...with that being why would a GAY man want to in any way want to mess with a woman.....btw ,,,,the ladys family have began to come around all of a sudden....isn't this strange...people please do not judge michael for he would not judge any of you...let the true judge and courts deal with this.....michael is a great guy whom i love very very much!!!!

  • nceagle Apr 30, 2010

    .... after all, this is from one of your own personal quotes on here.... "Remember: Opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody has one...................", so I can post my opinion the same as you.

  • shortcake53 Apr 30, 2010

    nceagle, your only response is insults and shows you really have nothing to say that is relavent. You started on me early in the day and apparently have enjoyed your little rant session.
    I dont care what your opinion is, you will not force your opinion on me, I have just as much right to be here as you do, amd will not be pushed away. So I will use the wonderful feature on here called "ignore" and you can find someone else to take your frustration out on..

  • nceagle Apr 30, 2010

    Hey shortstuff... This isn't YOUR comment board... Go build a website if you don't expect people to voice THEIR OWN opinion. Last time I looked this was WRAL site... NOT shortcake53 site... and 'duh' is such a childish word... perfect for such a close-minded and judgemental person... Like I said.... Lets wait until all the facts come out and then you can tell me how the crow (or egg) tastes.

  • shortcake53 Apr 30, 2010

    nceagle, just give it a rest. I did not address anything to you, so if you dont like it, just dont keep looking. duh, done with you.

  • nceagle Apr 30, 2010

    Hey shortstuff.... You still continue to try to get everyone on YOUR side (although you said I was the one doing it). People can have pasts.... I am sure you do as well (good or bad). Let the professional people take care of this and we will see what happens when it all unfolds.... But you my dear, are not a professional... just delusional.... LOL

  • shortcake53 Apr 30, 2010

    WTVD just announced that he has a past criminal record, including assault. So all those crying on his behalf, dry your tears.

  • wewannawii Apr 30, 2010

    "If he was wrongly accused (as I think we will find out), I hope it shuts people up in the future about jumping to conclusions..."

    Two words... Duke LaCrosse.

    It just amazes me that our local news stations in particular would continue running stories like this after the whole Duke fiasco. Plastering the faces of the potentially innocent on the evening news (and potentially ruining their lives or even endangering them) just seems highly unethical to me...

    And, yes, there ARE circumstances in this case about Mr. Brodie that WRAL may have deliberately left out just to perpetuate the whole "big scary black man" on the news stereotype...

    It would be extremely interesting to see the ENTIRE transcripts of the interviews with the other residents of the home and its director that WRAL chose not to broadcast.

  • wminaholden3 Apr 30, 2010