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Teen charged in day-care fire could face more charges

Posted April 14, 2010

— Clayton's police chief said Wednesday that investigators haven't ruled out more charges against a teenager accused of setting fire to a day care last week.

Authorities on Tuesday charged the 13-year-old boy, whose name wasn't released, with one felony count each of burning of a building under construction and breaking and entering.

Anxiety lingers after Clayton fires Anxiety lingers after Clayton fires

They stem from a fire just before 4 a.m. on April 5 at Building Blocks Child Care, at 55 Hawkesburg Drive – the same area where, in recent months, fires destroyed or damaged five houses that were under construction.

Police Chief Glen Allen said investigators believe the cases could be related, but he wouldn't say if the boy is a suspect in those cases.

"I can say that we are continuing the investigation into the other arson cases, but he has not been charged in those fires," Allen said.

Investigators are still looking for tips in those cases, and Allen asked that anyone with information to call police at 919-553-4611 or Clayton Crime Stoppers at 919-359- 8479.

Investigators said the teen sneaked out of his house during the night and drove the family car to the area of the fire before returning home in the pre-dawn hours.


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  • Skywatch_NC Apr 15, 2010

    Exactly, jas!

  • jas1107 Apr 15, 2010

    It's really hard to judge when we don't know all the facts about the family situation and what other stuff has been going on with the kid prior to this being discovered. Kids do stupid things, make bad, dangerous, rebellious choices. Even to good parents. I have seen this myself first hand. I just hope the kid will be getting the help he/she so obviously and desperately needs. There are always consequences to everything and it doesn't necessarily mean this kid is doomed forever. Bad choices, bad life, good choices, good life. That is what I tell my kids.

  • copforlife Apr 15, 2010

    Just food for thought. When he turns 18 it all goes away as if it never happened!

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 15, 2010

    Skywatch_NC, Even though this family you speak of is a great family, they made mistakes. If you worry about your child sneaking out of the house, you didn't lay down the law early enough. Your child doesn't respect you enough to obey you. You have to start at a VERY early age teaching your child what the word "consequences" means. One of my children had just started walking. Probably not quite a year-old. That child ALREADY could understand right and wrong. He would try to get something I had told him NOT to touch. Eventually he graduated to looking me in the eye for a moment before reaching for it. He was testing me. He knew right from wrong. He also learned the meaning of consequences very quickly that day. They learn early. Start teaching.

  • thought Apr 15, 2010

    Let me just say this- when I was younger- and I am only 40- my parents knew what we did before we did it- we had access to the car keys because they were left in the car. We did not dare take it- we did not go into the neighbors yard- we did not do anything to others. because we were TAUGHT not to- we knew if we did we had big trouble at home. My parents took turns waking up and checking on us. Yes, they worked too - but your child is your first job. Too many are single parents and make excuses for everything. If you can't do this - then do not have a child with out a two parent family. We have values all messed up. I realize there are situations you can not avaoid. but I hear it at work everyday about differnt babydaddies and not wanting to be married and have kids- it is not easy and some take it too lightly. Your first job is your child. lay down the law and make them understand you are the parent not them. They are to follow your rules not theirs. I can not believe so much keeps ha

  • raggy831 Apr 15, 2010

    How many of you stay awake at night listening for the car to start? My bet is not many of you! I can not hear my car when it is started, my bedrooms are on the other end of the house, so I can see where the parents did not hear the car starting. The teen should have to help rebuild the daycare (with out pay). I also think that his name should be told, if you are old enough to do the crime you are old enough for the public to know how you are..

  • notagain1903 Apr 15, 2010

    Driving around at 3:00 am, 13 years old. and the parents had no clue this was going on??? Are they on some kind of drugs that they can not hear a car starting up in the driveway??? No matter how heavy a sleeper you are that is an unmistakeable noise and would wake up any normal (not intoxicated) person that thier car is being stolen!

  • edits Apr 15, 2010

    Time to re-visit the curfew. Parents of this boy should absolutely be held accountable, especially since he had access to the car keys. I know that it can be difficult to keep your kids from sneaking out, unless you install an alarm with window sensors, but it is easy to hide the car keys, or lock them up. Hopefully he will be punished to the full extent of the law and part of his punishment should be to help rebuild what he destroyed.

  • garnertoy Apr 15, 2010

    wakeforest914 you got that right

  • wakeforest914 Apr 15, 2010

    imagine what else he is capable of at such a young age!...if i hear "the children are our future" one more time...*