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Cary homicide investigation continues

Posted April 11, 2010
Updated April 12, 2010

— Cary police continue to investigate the slaying of a 28-year-old man in apartment complex early Saturday, whose death launched the town's first homicide investigation since 2008.

Jibrael Menelik, of Apex, died after being shot in the breezeway of a building at 700 Pony Club Circle in The Grove at Cary shortly after 2 a.m. Three neighbors, including one who knew Menelik, called 911 and said that they heard two men arguing, then a gunshot.

Menelik's death launched the first murder investigation by Cary police since the slayings of three women in 2008, all of which police believe were domestic-related.

No suspects have been named in the slaying of Menelik, and police have said that it is unknown whether he knew his killer.

"We will continue to investigate and are committed to bringing swift and just closure to this case," Capt. Michael Williams said.

Police investigators and County-City Bureau of Identification agents continued to process evidence at the scene Sunday. On Saturday, police met with Menelik's family and canvassed the area for potential witnesses, then worked the scene overnight.

Police plan to hold a community meeting with residents of the apartment complex early this week, Williams said.

"I'm very concerned," said resident Tammara Tassin, who has two children. "I'm thinking about moving, because I can't have my kids in something that could happen like this again."

Anyone who was in the area at the time of the shooting should call Cary police at 919-469-4012 or Crime Stoppers at 919-266-2746. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for up $2,500 for information leading to charges in felony cases, and callers never have to identify themselves.


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  • wrx44 Apr 12, 2010

    Did not know any of that....As you said, there are plenty of low income households that would make great neighbors....but if I dropped $500k plus to live in Cary Park (where houses can go up to $800-900k), I would be frustrated to know part of my subdivision is basically a housing project.

  • westernwake1 Apr 12, 2010

    Part 2 - The surrounding Cary Park neighborhood has endured an extensive amount of spill-over crime originating from this complex. This includes car jackings, burglaries, drug dealing, car theft, and other crimes.

    The former police chief of Cary lived in the Cary Park neighborhood. During his tenure, there were regular patrols that greatly reduced crime. This is no longer true. The police need to greatly increase anti-gang and anti-drug efforts at the Grove in order to reduce the problems.

    Keep in mind that just because a family is low income does not mean they are bad neighbors. There are some families living in section 8 housing at the Grove who are excellent neighbors and great additions to our community. Their children (many who are honors students) share schools with my kids and have the same aspirations & hopes for the future.

    Hopefully this situation brings the Cary Park community together over the long term.

  • westernwake1 Apr 12, 2010

    The entire situation is unfortunate. Let's hope the police build a bridge with the people who live at the complex and they are quickly able to solve this crime.

    It would be good to provide some history of the Grove at Cary Park complex to provide a better understanding for everyone reading this comment thread.

    When the developer of Cary Park first created plans for the neighborhood, the Town of Cary demanded that a section be set aside for a low income housing complex. This low income housing complex is the Grove at Cary Park.

    Most management companies that run low-income complexes are focussed on maximizing the occupancy of residents who qualify for low income tax credits so the management company can maximize their investment returns. From a maintenance perspective the intent is to run the complex down within 10 to 12 years so they can also qualify for a revitalization tax credit for refurbishing the entire complex.

    This is the unfortunate truth about how these type of investm

  • Blues Man Z Apr 12, 2010

    now I know it to be true.

  • Blues Man Z Apr 12, 2010

    "Wow....had no idea there was subsidized housing in there..."

    I still don't know that to be true or false.

  • wrx44 Apr 12, 2010

    Wow....had no idea there was subsidized housing in there...

  • dahman Apr 12, 2010

    ahh...........the OK corral in cary nc. shoot em up, bang bang!!

    even in cary, bad stuff happens. and it sounds like these two dudes were at one another before the shots were fired.

    but to be safe, stay safe..........stay away from bad places.........dont argue with people unknown..........be aware of your surroundings, like atm, mall parking lots etc.

    for the most part, you ll be fine. but if the bad guys bring it to you...........be prepared. the cops only respond after something has gone down. a lot of us concerned citizens have taken steps to prepare......concealed carry.

    i know the libs think that is a horrible thing to do........just remember folks, the cops only show up AFTERWARDS. question is..........will you be standing looking down at the perpetrator or will the perp have taken advantage of you.

    its your choice...........even in cary!!!

  • crustyhalo Apr 12, 2010

    naturegirl....thanks for the info "we should have guessed". But to hear the news tell it, this place is a great quiet,sleepy little complex where you want to raise your kids.

  • naturegirl Apr 12, 2010

    What the article doesn't tell you is the apartment complex is rent subsidized and there have been so many problems there that a Cary police officer was given an apartment in the complex. I don't know if the officer still lives there, but this place has been the source of numerous aggravated assault calls since it opened.