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Bread truck, UPS truck wreck on I-40

Posted April 7, 2010
Updated April 8, 2010

— A fiery wreck involving two tractor-trailers shut down both sides of Interstate 40 in Orange County Wednesday night, according to the state Highway Patrol.

Tractor-trailers wreck on I-40 west Tractor-trailers collide on I-40

State troopers said that a UPS truck came up behind a bread truck that was going slower in the far right lane of I-40 West, near mile marker 268, around 8:45 p.m.

The UPS truck driver – Steven Pavel, 49, of Fayetteville – tried to swerve to the left, but hit the rear of the bread truck, troopers said. The UPS truck ran off the road, struck the guardrail in the median and caught fire.

Pavel suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to Duke University Medical Center. The bread truck driver – William Silver, 60, of Rocky Mount – was not injured.

Troopers charged Pavel with failing to reduce speed to avoid colliding with a vehicle.

The rear tail lights of the bread truck weren't working, so Silver was cited for improper equipment, troopers said.

Both sides of the interstate, between N.C. Highway 86 and U.S. Highway 15-501, were shut down for about 45 minutes. Troopers had reopened one lane on each side by 11 p.m., but traffic continued to creep along.

The interstate has been reopened.


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  • timbo 2.0 Apr 8, 2010

    "For example, a slow moving car during the daytime wouldn't have its brake lights on. Do you run right into the back of the car?"

    Bad example considering the accident happened at 8:45PM, when it's dark outside. And we are talking about tail lights, not brake lights; vast difference.

    It's possible that the UPS truck outran his headlights. If the bread truck was driving very slow and given that we already know it had no tail lights, then I say the UPS guy was not at fault.

  • wildcat Apr 8, 2010

    comments not being posted. what is the reason?

  • seeingthru Apr 8, 2010

    Not only does the UPS driver have to fight the ticket, he needs to have the bread man or bread company pay his hospital bill too!

    Yeah, if the police know the tail lights weren't working then how could the UPS driver get a ticket when he couldn't see the bread truck until it was too late?

    Both above posters are absolutely correct--I have nearly rear ended a couple of vehicles with no working tailights---it is so easy, you're sailing along one minute and the next slam the brakes on--it's scary

  • wildcat Apr 8, 2010

    Well the bread was over cooked. Hope both drivers are OK.

  • Mac1 Apr 8, 2010

    I have two general expectations from my news stations (and I am a HUGE consumer of news from a wide variety of sources):

    1. Cover major events. A major accident that shuts down both directions of a major interstate entirely for 2 hours (and causing an additional 4 hours of disruptions) would seem to be a pretty big local story to cover. I'm not asking them to interrupt their television broadcast, but an announcement on their website would be nice. Perhaps in the "traffic" section of their website that supposedly provides updates on accidents and current conditions?

    2. If you're going to report on a story, get it right. I was still in the middle of stand-still traffic (that hadn't budged an inch) when WRAL's story said that the wreck had been cleared and the traffic jam had ended. Completely incorrect and poor reporting.

    As to finding another news station - I checked WRAL and NBC17 online (nothing), tried to use the DOT TIMS system (wouldn't work properly on my blackberry), c

  • in-n-out burger rocks Apr 8, 2010

    I was there! It looked like it was just the UPS Truck. I didnt see the bread truck. Hard to tell with all the smoke, etc. There were boxes and debris all over the place for at least 1/2 mile or so. It was nuts. I thought for sure someone died. Glad nobody was seriously hurt but thats hard to believe.

  • Z Man Apr 8, 2010

    Just how slow was the bread truck going? If it was doing under 45 MPH then it needs to stay off the interstate. Even at 45 it's dangerous. Is there a minimum speed on I40?

  • Groovy Apr 8, 2010

    lol @ reb3flag! the headline sounds like the beginning of a joke.

  • burnhace Apr 8, 2010

    Can anyone explain why some of the folks who post here seem to be concerned only with looking for things for which to criticize other posters? Seems pretty childish to me. How's that for circular logic? Up the rabbit hole right back at you!

  • Skywatch_NC Apr 8, 2010

    Can anyone explain why some of the folks who post here seem to be concerned only with looking for things for which to criticize WRAL? Seems pretty childish to me. If you don't like the coverage, find another source for your news.

    And it's the same way with weather coverage reports, too. A lot of folks seem to only want to "shoot the messenger".