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Investigator: Orange County man thrown from car; three charged

Posted March 30, 2010
Updated April 1, 2010

— A 19-year-old Orange County man died Monday after he was thrown from a moving car on Saw Mill Road, according to Orange County sheriff's Investigator Chan McDade.

Paylor James Daniels, of Cedar Grove, was flown to Duke Hospital, where he died from his injuries, McDade said.

Demarus Carver and Jemeison Torain surrendered Monday night, authorities said. Rodney Fearrington was taken into custody around 11:15 a.m. Tuesday. All three men are charged with first-degree murder.

Around 2:45 p.m. Monday, Orange County sheriff's deputies responded to reports of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle on Saw Mill Road.

Authorities, however, determined that Daniels had been thrown from a vehicle, in which he was a passenger. Witnesses said the driver sped away and left the scene.

No other information was released.


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  • Keyboard Toughy Mar 31, 2010

    "Defense attorneys are elected?" - Common Sense Man

    Read the post. I said elected to the bench.

    "What a bunch of pathetic racists." - lockinlady

    Hypocrisy at it's finest. Oh, by the way.... I'm black.

  • lockinlady Mar 30, 2010

    Some of you just can't stand to see a black judge. All this 'Carl Fox' hate is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Carl Fox was not a defense attorney, he was the Orange County Prosecutor for years before he became a judge. A black man gets elected to the bench and you blame him for some senseless crime?

    What a bunch of pathetic racists.

  • Common Sense Man Mar 30, 2010

    "Keep re-electing Judge Carl Fox and by all means keep electing defence attorneys to the bench or this will never change."

    Defense attorneys are elected?

  • Dreamin of Disney World Mar 30, 2010

    I drive this road 4 days a week to tennis practice. It's a small road that leads into Treyburn. I would have been going through there at that exact time except it was canceled due to the rain. This is crazy.

  • colliedave Mar 30, 2010

    What kind of parents did these boys have? wildcat

    Why use the plural of the noun? Most likely each had a mother and a sperm donor.

  • GODCHILD Mar 30, 2010

    Paylor, you will be miss...... R.I.P. Your grandparents love you but GOD loved you MOST..... Love ya,

  • prophetdavis08 Mar 30, 2010

    This is so sad, parents can raise their children in the right way, but it is up to them to abide by what they have been taught. We can take the horse to the water, but it is up to the horse if they drink the water.

  • pulstar40 Mar 30, 2010

    First Degree Murder. Then this was premeditated. It wasn't an impulse, not a prank. Do you remember when this area was a safe place to live? Not anymore.

  • RainierBeer Mar 30, 2010

    if word gets out, wake county won't be the fastest growing county in the state anymore. word that gangstas can do their dirty work in orange county for a short stay in prison, that is!

  • Keyboard Toughy Mar 30, 2010

    Orange County. Yep, 5 - 7 years on a plea. They chose to drop out of school and live a life of crime so that makes them victims of society. The Orange County Court System theory praticed daily. Keep re-electing Judge Carl Fox and by all means keep electing defence attorneys to the bench or this will never change. I guess the upside is job security for LEO.