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Teen dies after being hit by car on Durant Road

Posted March 26, 2010
Updated March 27, 2010

— One of two girls struck by an SUV in north Raleigh Friday afternoon was recovering Saturday. Her 14-year-old classmate at Durant Middle School was killed.

Lindsey Marie Fesmire died after the collision on Durant Road, near Anson Grove Lane, around 3:10 p.m.

Krista Carcaterra, 13, suffered serious injuries and was taken to WakeMed. She had improved to good condition late Saturday morning.



A Raleigh teen died Friday night after she was hit by a car, police said.

Lindsey Fesmire, 14, and Krista Carcaterra, 13, were crossing Durant Road to get to a fast food restaurant at about 3 p.m. when they were hit by a gray SUV.

Carcaterra was at WakeMed with serious injuries, police said. Fesmire died.

Teens hit by car on Raleigh road Teens hit by car on Raleigh road

Police said they did not expect to file charges against the driver of the SUV. Through a friend, the driver said his thoughts and prayers were with the girls' families.

Carcaterra's brother, Brian, said the girls, students at Durant Road Middle School, had gone to Bojangles after class and were returning across the road at the time of the collision.

"This is a very dangerous intersection," Brian Carcaterra said. "There have been many accidents on this one."

Barbara Renie, who lives in the neighborhood, said she regularly sees young people try to cross. She and others voiced a hope that Lindsey Fesmire's death would be reason enough to install a traffic signal.

"They need more," Renie said. "They need traffic lights, a crosswalk."

Travis Hicks said his daughter, a classmate and teammate of Fesmire, wept when she learned of her death.

Hicks shared a letter he wrote city leaders about the intersection. In it, Hicks asked for quick action to install a traffic light and crosswalk at the intersection of Durant and Raven Ridge roads.

"I hope you can agree with me that this is an accident-prone intersection," he wrote. "Quite possibly, this will help prevent another fatality."


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  • amychs Mar 26, 2010

    GARRETSMOM: Would you mind posting the name of the book you mentioned again -- or authors if you recall? I tried searching on Life/Life and could not find anything. I am interested reading it as well.

  • 82ndAAHeel Mar 26, 2010

    I live a hundred yards from the accident site. I coached one of the girls and I work at the school. This is the same area where the motorcylcist died almost a year ago. Its a shame it takes two deaths but I imagine a stoplight will be placed there sooner than later. Oh by the way, for the ones that feel the girls were being irresponsible, one of them babysits my special needs three year old!

  • Pseudonym Mar 26, 2010

    It's interesting how many assumptions are being made in this forum: That the Yankee SUV driver was speeding on his or her way to or from his or her McMansion while talking on his or her cell phone after finishing up a hair and/or nail appointment; that two 14-year old girls are incapable of determining how fast cars are speeding through there without a pedestrian signal or a student just 4 years older to stop traffic; that prayer to God doesn't help but simply feeling sorry for the families does; and, probably worst of all, that it was God's will for this girl to die. Stopp assuming. Everyone on here knows how you spell assume.

  • wakeconative4ever Mar 26, 2010

    The police officers will figure out what happened. Right now all of the people involved (including the driver) need prayers and support of the community. No matter whose fault is was, it can never be changed, so there is no need to focus on "fault". It was an accident. No one meant for it to happen.

  • wolfpack32 Mar 26, 2010

    I appreciate all the rational responses and their opinion on prayer - the book suggestions are good too. They would be interesting to read.

  • edits Mar 26, 2010

    Please keep these families on your thoughts if not your prayers. I have two children of my own and cannot imagine what this would do to me. The news story doesn't' give a lot of information and it is nobody's place to pass judgement I'm these girls or the driver. Also keep in mind that this affects the friends of these children who should never have to experience such a tragedy so young. This also affects other parents who are friends with the parents of these girls. Some of the comments on here are very hurtful and I am embarrassed by them and for the people who made them. I just hope that the families and their friends don't read them. Some people just disgust me with their self righteousness, I hope they never have to experience such a loss or tragedy.

  • wolfpack32 Mar 26, 2010

    "What exactly do you think is hilarious? A child is dead. Hopefully, you never have to live through this, and if you do I sincerely hope people like you do not make ignorant statements to make things even worse."

    You apparently didn't read my post if what you got from it is that I think it is hilarious that a child is dead. I think it is tragic and I am very sorry for all of those involved.

    Last I checked, it is okay to express an opinion. I don't see how some random person's opinion about prayer is going to "make things worse" for the family. I'm sure my opinion is the last thing they care about at this time.

    I appreciate all the other rat

  • rescuefan Mar 26, 2010

    How sad. Right now there are not charges pending against the driver. That makes me think that the driver was most likely not at fault. It seems that a horrible mistake was made by those two girls. I feel for their families and the driver, too.

  • Adelinthe Mar 26, 2010

    Are people so busy nowadays that it's rendered them deaf, blind and dumb?

    For those blaming the driver here, the driver hasn't been charged.

    It's at least 50% as likely the pedestrians did something then that made it impossible for the vehicle to avoid them.

    Whatever the cause, prayers are going up for the loved ones of the children, especially for the family of the deceased, and prayers going up for the driver as well.

    Something happening in your life is not an easy burden to bear, and people pointing fingers, especially in the wrong direction, helps no one.

    God bless.


  • Suasponte Mar 26, 2010


    All true, still the girls neglected the designated crosswalk and signals and ran into the path of a car doing what we expect drivers to do. This sidewalk is heavily used. From the sidewalk to the impact point is 4-5 FEET. A car traveling 45 MPH, or much slower, could not stop in time for someone RUNNING from such a short distance, especially in the rain. This is not a subdivision or 2 lane road, it is a major traffic artery that is 5 lanes wide. This is truly a tragic event however the girls made a bad decision and unfortunately, it was deadly. I keep reading excuses of what someone else should have done or may have done. In this case the facts are simple, the girls ran into a cars path. They had other options. The car didn't.