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Jury considers life or death for road rampage killer

Posted March 22, 2010

— Jurors in Fayetteville began deliberating Monday afternoon on whether issue a death sentence to a man convicted of running over five people, killing one, during a 2004 hit-and-run rampage.

The jury heard closing arguments earlier Monday.

Jurors found Abdullah El-Amin Shareef, 31, of Raeford, guilty of 10 charges Wednesday, including one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, in the rampage that stretched across three counties.

Salvation Army worker recalls Shareef Jury deliberates life, death for Shareef

Authorities said Shareef stole a city-owned van in Fayetteville on April 14, 2004, hit and injured three men – Robert Fortier, David McCaskill and Gary Weller – in Fayetteville, then ran over Lonel Bass in Linden, killing him. Shareef abandoned the van, took Bass' pickup truck and continued north, authorities said, running  down Seth Thompson in Harnett County before crashing the truck in Fuquay-Varina, where he was arrested.

Shareef pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, and his attorneys argued that he suffered from untreated paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the crimes.

The state argued that Shareef made "conscious decisions" during the incident, running down men who were by themselves and then fleeing to avoid arrest.

On Thursday, Talethia Shareef pleaded for her husband’s life, saying he was "a good person" before mental illness changed him.

"I just pray that you can have it in your heart to understand that he was not like this," she said, choking back tears. "This was not him, and I'm sorry."


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  • yachtman Mar 23, 2010

    Bob3425...Other than the fact that your last post almost makes no sense from a grammatical standpoint, the assertions you seem to be making are, to say the least, scary... And this is coming from a Bible thumping, gun slinging red neck that by no stretch of the imagination could ever be described as a bleeding heart liberal (in fact I would consider that an insult of the highest order). But for God's sake, do you & "thought" (or lack thereof) really believe this ignorant stuff you are spitting out?

  • Lightfoot3 Mar 23, 2010

    "It time to do away with the "I was insane at the time" but I am better now" - Bob3425

    Do you think that those that REALLY are insane at the time of their actions should still bear full responsibility? Had a close relative once experience temporary insanity because of a serious operation combinated with prescribed drug interactions. EXTREME paranoia. Would have probably killed someone if they had a gun. This has caused me to put more thought into my murder/execution philosophy.

  • Lead by Example Mar 23, 2010

    The only 100% way to make sure that a murderer does not repeat his crimes is to execute him. It would only take one vote in the legislature to reinstate parole for those serving life sentences. Also, a dead man cannot escape from prison.

  • Bob3425 Mar 23, 2010

    thought--- very well said. It time to do away with the "I was insane at the time" but I am better now, I would go one further someone takes a life deliberately; the person should forfeit thier own. I think the key here is deliberately.

  • dissatisifiedwitheverything Mar 22, 2010

    You have to put a rabid dog down, especially when he has attacked already.

  • OSX Mar 22, 2010

    Some peoples lives changed forever by the hands of this guy. It would depend on the people he hurt whether I have any mercy on him.

  • yachtman Mar 22, 2010

    "thought" -
    Try giving this a little "thought" before proceeding with your nonsensical rant. If you've followed the Shareef case at all you'd know that he was seen - repeatedly - for psychiatric problems before the crime, and the reason he was tried in 2010 when the crime happened in 2004 is because he's been in a STATE run forensic psychiatric hospital being treated for Schizophrenia aimed at restoring his competency for pretty much all of the last six years. Try being a little more informed - you'll like it.

  • Faceman Mar 22, 2010


  • thought Mar 22, 2010

    "Shareef pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, and his attorneys argued that he suffered from untreated paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the crimes."
    This drives me crazy- there should never be an insanity plea- and why did he all the sudden suffer 'at the time' so it disappeared? I have had a family member and a neighbor have probelms- but they never drove over anyone- I am sick of this being used to get out of punishment- and the last article said the children worte letters- that shows how out there the mom is- I would not have my young children involved. Point is- someone died because of his actions- to make up a story to get out of it is wrong- and yes, I feel it was a made up story. Prove he had treatment before and after- bet you can't. I'm sick of criminals getting out of it.