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Raleigh woman charged in drunken-driving crash

Posted March 14, 2010
Updated March 18, 2010

— Police have charged a Raleigh woman with drunken driving and felony death by vehicle following a car crash early Saturday that left one person dead.

Raleigh police said a car driven by 27-year-old Manuela Mantanona Gomez slammed into the back of another car stopped at a red light on Six Forks Road, at Sawmill Road. John Sullivan, 24, of Charlotte died after he was trapped in the back seat of the car that was hit, police said.

Police say Gomez was injured and taken to WakeMed. A spokesman said Sunday that Gomez remained at the hospital and was in good condition.

Two other people in the car with Sullivan were hurt in the wreck, but their injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.


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  • validpoint Mar 16, 2010

    My last name is Puerta and I am 100 % American born in North Carolina. Ut ohhh...

  • Nikki81 Mar 15, 2010

    WOW....You people can be so ignorant! Yes she is in the wrong, yes she should have to pay for what she has done...but does it really matter what color her skin is, or where she is from? If her name was Kelly Smith would this have so many comments? SHE IS FROM GUAM....and yes for those who don't know that is a U.S territory. I have not talked to Mela in over 12 years or so. I went to school with her in IL. And yes she SPEAKS English! I'm not saying that we should feel sorry for her or excuse what she has done, but we're all human no one is perfect. Leave the judging to God.

  • terondamann Mar 15, 2010

    Ms. Gomez Is from Guam! People can be so ignorant! I know everyone has their opinion which is true but i will not stand here and let anyone bash her.Again she made a bad decision but only God can judge her not any of you...She is not an illegal imigrant. People will make stories out of anything down to her and her property tax. Again say a prayer for the families envolved...

  • danielle3018 Mar 15, 2010

    we wouldnt have to pray for any family if she never would of got behind the wheel and her living with what she has done doesnt even compare to parents living without their child that isnt enough! too many innocent ppl die bc ppl make "bad" decisions thats why u should think before u do things! it really is sad that its always the innocent families mourning their loved one.

  • FE Mar 15, 2010

    ncguy - The registration blocks can be for lack of paying property taxes, lack of having valid state inspection, or lack of having proper insurance.

    Is it time for another chorus of "Play it again, Sam!" ??


  • readme Mar 15, 2010

    terondamann, since you know this woman, do you care to elaborate? Why should she get sympathy for killing someone just because it was her first time making that "bad choice" as you called it? Personally I think having it "weigh on her heart" isn't enough punishment. I think she deserves far worse. I want justice. And if she isn't from Mexico, do you care to tell us her immigration status and where she is from since WRAL has no clue?

  • romex Mar 15, 2010

    she will just be deported with a slap on the wrist and be back befor the plane can get back. WITH A NEW DRIVERS LICENSE and another name GOOD JOB BEV

  • ncguy Mar 15, 2010

    Seems Ms Gomez shouldn't have been driving at all.


    Never paid registration-
    The record only goes back to 2007. I guess that's when she got here

  • Stringbean Mar 15, 2010

    "NOW ... where is Ms. Gomez from? Does she have a valid driver's license? Is she supposed to be in the United States? If she's legal well and good. IF she's not the public has a NEED TO KNOW. It's a shame and disgrace when reporters allow PERSONAL political correctness to undermine the public trust granted to them with their PRIVILEGE license to broadcast. These are valid questions that rightfully by legal and ethical means affect public policy and safety. WRAL FAILS AGAIN".

    WOW.....Well said ghimmy51!!!!

  • pappy1 Mar 15, 2010

    "immigrants from the south" - just stop. The term is illegal alien.

    When will Gov. Bev start doing her job and run these people back home? Oh, that's right, she can't. They were some of her biggest contributors.