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Domino's driver told to repay money lost in attack

Posted March 5, 2010
Updated March 6, 2010

— A former Knightdale Domino's Pizza delivery driver says his employer told him he must repay the money stolen from him when he was attacked and robbed on the job Wednesday night.

"I just feel like my life was threatened. I don't see why I should have to pay $61 back," Trevor Johnson said Friday. "I think it's crazy."

Johnson, 20, said he was delivering to a Raleigh apartment Wednesday night when five people wearing red bandanas attacked him and took his money, cell phone and the pizzas.

"As soon I turned to the left, I got hit in the face, and I went down, and they just started stomping me," he said. "If you look at my lips, it's busted across my two front teeth. My bottom lip got busted. My nose got busted pretty bad."

Johnson said he returned to the store and quit. Before he left though, he said, his manager told him he had to pay back the stolen money.

"No final decision has been made yet, but there is a companywide policy that says drivers are not supposed to carry more than $20 on them at any time," storeowner Pat O'Leary said Friday.

O'Leary said the policy is in place to help prevent drivers from becoming robbery targets. He's waiting until the police investigation is complete before deciding whether the money has to be repaid.

"I feel like, if I didn't have anything to give the dudes, they might not have stopped attacking me," Johnson said.

Raleigh police have since arrested Shaequan Johnson, 16, Lyndon Ore, 16, and Joshua Bishop, 18, all of Raleigh, and are looking for two other suspects in the case.

They are charged with one felony count each of strong-arm robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery, a Raleigh police spokeswoman said. They were in the Wake County jail Friday under a $25,000 bonds.

"I'm just glad they got caught," Johnson said. "I'm hoping they have to serve some time or something."

Coincidentally, the Domino's Pizza where Johnson worked is the same store where Kenneth "Kenny" Ring was found beaten Jan. 9. He died from his injuries two days later.

Police have said it appears Ring was injured in an apparent robbery, and they are still seeking suspects in the case.

Anyone with information, regardless of how insignificant it might seem, should call Knightdale police at 919-217-2261. A reward for information leading to an arrest in the case is more than $20,000.


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  • Pseudonym Mar 5, 2010


    I'll tell you another thing: The only way he'll be able to pay this money back is if it's donated. He ain't gonna get it from these guys, even if he wins the civil suit.

    Also remember, IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!!! It's about caring for the people who make you money!!

  • Another Perspective Mar 5, 2010

    readme...why don't you go ahead and post the name of your business here so I can make sure I avoid your place as well. I for one would believe my employee that returned to work bleeding and with a police report that would later lead to three arrests. The difference between you and I is that I would support my employee until the facts proved otherwise. Then and only then would I seek to recover they money from the employee.

  • JustCrazy2 Mar 5, 2010

    Sheeesh. You would think in this economy, companies would be trying to win your business...not run everyone into the competitions doors. Bad PR move! Boycott this Domino's!

  • Caring Mar 5, 2010

    No more Dominos for me! This company is crazy! Money is more important that an employee's life!

  • Pseudonym Mar 5, 2010


    There are better ways for companies to protect themselves from scams. Do you honestly think someone would beat themselves senseless just to avoid paying maybe $100 at the most?

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Mar 5, 2010

    how are they not supposed to carry more than $20 at a time? every time ive had a dominos delivery, its been more than $20.

  • rtpduder Mar 5, 2010

    "Are some of you unable to read?" -daMoFo

    I can read just fine, thank you. As taken from the article...

    "No final decision has been made yet, but there is a companywide policy that says drivers are not supposed to carry more than $20 on them at any time"

    "any time" to me means no more than $20 before or after the delivery.

  • Pseudonym Mar 5, 2010


    I'll play Devil's Advocate with you here. How is someone supposed to pay money that he doesn't have because it was stolen? Sell T-Bills to China? Sell Girl Scout Cookies? Krispy Kreme? Bake sale?? Print Monopoly money?

  • readme Mar 5, 2010

    When you guys own your own small business franchise and hire your own employees and are responsible for payroll, you can comment on this story. Until then maybe you should be quiet. Everyone wants to blame the evil company. Employees can be a lot more self-serving. I feel for this guy, but the company has to protect itself from scams and from making themselves a target.

  • clickclackity2 Mar 5, 2010

    Yeah right.. like the guy scammed his way into getting beat up so he can keep $60. Dominos suck just like their pizza.