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Sheriff's deputy injured while breaking up fight

Posted February 28, 2010
Updated March 1, 2010

— Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy James Williamson was in critical condition Sunday after being assaulted on the job.

Sheriff's deputy injured in gas station fight Sheriff's deputy injured in gas station fight

Sheriff Pat Green said the 61-year-old deputy suffered a severe head injury while trying to break up a fight Saturday at the Citgo gas station, at 611 N Bickett Blvd., near U.S. Highway 401, in Louisburg.

Louisburg police on Sunday charged Joe Williams, 24, of 168 Chicken Hollow Way in Henderson, with assault inflicting serious injury on a law enforcement officer.

“I didn't do it. I didn't put my hand on nobody. I don't know how they're charging me with this,” Joe Willliams told WRAL News Sunday afternoon.

Janika Montia Williams, 18, and Patrick Xavier Davis, 20, were fighting Saturday at the Citgo when two police officers arrived, according to Louisburg Police Capt. Jason Abbott.

Joe Williams attacked the officers as they tried to break up the altercation, Abbott said. That was when Williamson, who arrived as back up, tried to help the two officers out and was assaulted.

Joe Williams was arrested in connection with the fight, but Abbott said it was not immediately clear whether he directly attacked Williamson.

Janika Williams, Joe Williams and Davis were all charged with disorderly conduct, Abbott said. Janika Williams was also charged with resisting arrest, while Joe Williams and Davis were charged with failure to disperse.

They were being held Sunday in the Franklin County jail. Joe Williams' bond was set at $150,000. Bond amounts were not available for Janika Williams and Davis.

Abbott said Janika and Joe Williams are brother and sister and live together.  Davis, of 5370 Taylor Gin Road in Castalia, is their cousin.  It was not yet known what the fight was about.

Williamson, who was a couple months away from retirement, was being treated Sunday in the intensive care unit at Duke University Hospital, Green said.

“Why this would happen to such a beloved officer, a good man?” Green said. “It’s a different environment for law enforcement officers out there this day in time. It’s not like it was five years ago."


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Mar 3, 2010

    Why is it ok for people to call for prayer & say "there's no harm"?...but I cannot say the opposite "PRAYER DOES CAUSE HARM...mental harm" and then prove my case with a reasonable example?

  • G-man Mar 2, 2010

    So imtoofastforyou2 do you figure that deputy Williamson hit himself in the head? This fine man is fighting for his life because of some no good punk. Not sure what you mean by narrow minded but with the mind set you have it's obvisious you haven't a got a clue of really goes on. The Innocence Commission found one person wrongley convicted out of more than 40,000. And FBI statistics show that 84% of the crime in this country is committed by the black population. Things are what they are you just refuse to see it the way it really is.

  • imtoofastforyou2 Mar 1, 2010

    I love the veiled racial inuendo. It appalls me that so many people are so narrow minded. I love the notion that the police are lilly white,and ap to do no wrong. Last time I checked, cops are people too, with all the failings, baggage temperment. How about sitting quietly and letting our fractured system of justice try and come to a just conclussion. With all the failures of said system recently publicized,how many more wrongly convicted people have to suffer before it's addressed,,,good luck to anyone who finds themselves under the wheels of it. Police officers lie and manipulate, prosecutor ofuscate evidence, what's next? Just one more thing, if your point of veiw is clouded by racial bigotry, you're part of the problem, stive to be a part of the solution.

  • wildcat Mar 1, 2010

    He is all man.

  • wildcat Mar 1, 2010

    May the officer pull through. My prayers are with him.

  • Hans Mar 1, 2010

    "I figured I would not get an answer from "superman". Best wishes to the Deputy and his family.

    What kind of drugs are you people on? You are implying that my possible scenario is exactly what happened, something I certainly never asserted, and you applaud it. You're saying if the police were beating your sister to a possible death, you wouldn't try to save her life? That's just plain sick. You ask what I would have done when we don't even know what went down? That simply makes no sense whatsoever.

  • BraveHeart Mar 1, 2010

    wish these people would just vanish...all at one time

  • notaproblem Mar 1, 2010

    James Williamson is one of the most competent officers I have ever met and he is a wonderful person. My heart and prayers go out to him and his family. It is a shame that the establishment where this incident took place is in business. There have been several complaints about the goings on there and the patrons it attracts. I hope that whoever is responsible for injurying James will pay to the fullest extent of the law... and if the man that was arrested for it had left the scene as the officers were requesting he wouldn't be in jail at this time. No one is above the law... not even the riff raff that hangs out there.

  • thepeopleschamp Mar 1, 2010

    lol @ starshield. I figured I would not get an answer from "superman". Best wishes to the Deputy and his family.

  • starshield Mar 1, 2010

    Hans is superman. He can walk up to people and say stop fighting nowm and they quit. they will then put the handcuffs on themselves, walk to the police car, get in the back and plead guilty. Then they will get their own ride to prison and stay without saying a world. Not reality Hans, come to the rea world. You stated violence begets violence. Well the police were their because the people invloved were fighting, hence violence was present before the police ever arrived.