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U.K. tip leads to Cary child porn arrest

Posted February 26, 2010

— An international investigation ended Thursday with the arrest of a North Carolina State University student on child pornography charges.

James Phillip Carroll, 19, of 300 Tynemouth Drive in Cary, was charged with six counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. He was being held Friday in the Wake County jail under a $200,000 bond.

Online predator, online sex crimes Cary police find child porn on student's computer

"We went from a tip from somebody in England to getting this guy in custody," said Capt. Michael Williams of the Cary Police Department.

An unidentified person in England alerted British authorities about alarming statements made by a man in an online chat room, Williams said. Authorities used information from the computer of the chat-room poster to trace the activity to Cary, where police searched a home in the Wessex subdivision.

Police found six videos on a computer that depicted 6- and 7-year-old girls engaged in sex acts with a man, according to arrest warrants.

"The crimes are committed from the comfort of their home. They feel like they're not harming anybody, and nobody's detecting what they're doing. We are looking at what people are doing on the Internet," Williams said.

Carroll, a sophomore at N.C. State, lives with his parents. His father declined to comment Friday, but Williams said the parents are cooperating with police.

"We have the ability to track them, and if it comes out to an address in Cary, we're going to aggressively go toward making an arrest and getting these people out of our community," Williams said. "We will keep our children safe."


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  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Feb 26, 2010

    anthony: it's probably not so much what a 6 year old can do, but what can be done to her :(

  • snshine62d Feb 26, 2010

    Strange wrote: We will keep our childern safe from dudes watching videos in their own homes.

    It's not just videos he's watching.........it's the type of videos he's watching. If it's adult videos, they supposedly know what their doing and that's fine, however, when childern are involved and most of the time their drugged to do stuff like that it's wrong.......and if there's not a demand for these types of videos by arresting guys like this one, maybe more childern won't be exploited.

  • anthonyiam Feb 26, 2010

    What in the heck could a 6 year old do sexually, and why would ANYONE want to watch it? I guess I just don't get it.

  • LuvLivingInCary Feb 26, 2010

    oh well, let's see about 120K in legal expenses for both sides and then probation...what gives..

    darn i should go be an attorney so i can cash in on everything too...

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Feb 26, 2010

    thanks justa....

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Feb 26, 2010

    pyro....ive heard that prison just inst like it used to be back in the day, that prisoners basically fend for themselves and dont give a rat's behind as to why anyone is in there doing time. im sure there are still occurrences, but from what i understand, it's just not like it used to be.


  • justafella Feb 26, 2010

    Amen Mileage, he is just as bad as the perv taking the pic's.

  • pyrosinthesky Feb 26, 2010

    If what they say on tv shows is anywhere near accurate, snitches and kiddie-porn convicts don't fare very well in prison. They will get all the vigilante justice anyone would want there.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Feb 26, 2010

    sounds like J.Strange might have a few secrets of his own...you do realize that being in possession of child porn is illegal, right? and in order to be in possession of child porn, real children have been victimized. you might want to go format your hard drive a few dozen times before you make any more comments supporting a guy who's been arrested for playing part in the victimization of innocent children.

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Feb 26, 2010

    ya, actually he was. how do you think those kids are going to feel 10 years from now when those images are STILL in circulation? people who look at child porn are preying on children. there are actually court cases where people found in possession of child porn are having to pay restitution to the victims on display in those images.

    he might not be the guy snapping the pics, but he's still preying on child victims.