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Wife questions why corrections officer not charged in husband's death

Posted February 18, 2010

— The wife of a man fatally shot by a federal corrections officer outside a Butner restaurant in December expressed bitterness Thursday over the fact that authorities don't plan to charge his killer.

Ronald Dewey Anderson Jr., 45, was shot outside the Taste of Fuji restaurant on Dec. 27. Police said he and a friend got into an argument with Uriah Metcalf and Gwynn Basinger, two corrections officers at the Federal Correctional Center in Butner.

Su Anderson, wife of Dewey Anderson Wife of slain man: 'I want justice'

An autopsy report released Wednesday showed the Anderson had three gunshot wounds to his head, three more to his chest, two in his back and four in his right arm. Two of the shots were at close range, the report states.

"I want justice. I want justice," said Anderson's widow, Su Anderson. "I have three children that don't understand why somebody's not getting arrested for killing somebody."

A Granville County grand jury last month declined to indict Metcalf after District Attorney Sam Currin pursued a voluntary manslaughter charge against him.

Currin said Thursday that he doesn't plan to press the case further, saying he's not sure he could convince a jury that Metcalf wasn't trying to defend himself.

The police investigation determined that Anderson fired the first shot in the altercation and missed, Currin said. Metcalf then fired his 9 mm handgun at Anderson's arms in an apparent attempt to disarm him, but Anderson kept advancing, Currin said.

Su Anderson said the autopsy is enough evidence to show the shooting wasn't a case of self-defense.

"You take that autopsy report, and you look at it – 12 times, 12 times. It's not self-defense," she said. "I find it very hard to believe that it takes 12 shots to the head, the back, the chest and the arms to stop a man."

Prosecutors should have waited to present the case to the grand jury, she said, so members could have reviewed the autopsy report.

"They should not have taken anything to the grand jury until they had all the evidence provided to them," she said.

Metcalf couldn't be reached for comment Thursday. A spokeswoman for the Federal Correctional Center said he is still employed there.

Taste of Fuji closed after the incident.


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  • gandalla Feb 19, 2010

    There are "some" cops who get away with too much. One day it will catch up with them.

    we need to start by not giving police special protection when they go to jail. Put them in the general population that will make the cops think twice before crossing the line

  • somey Feb 19, 2010

    SWEET-N-SOUR - So how many shots are not excessive? I believe one shot....Yes just one shot is excessive, and I promise you if someone ever shots at me with one shot...Yes, only one shot. I will unload my gun on them even though they dont take "excesive" shots at me.

  • wildcat Feb 19, 2010

    There are "some" cops who get away with too much. One day it will catch up with them.

  • Vietnam Vet Feb 19, 2010

    Assuming that we have all the facts...can you say federal cover up???

  • gandalla Feb 19, 2010

    "I'm sure she will make a couple million plus college trusts for the kids once she files a wrongful death suit." gandalla

    Really? Who is going to give her these millions of dollars you speak of?

    well she is going to see the federal goverment, so I guess you could say she is going to get them from the taxpayers.

  • R_U_breakdance fighting Feb 19, 2010

    Also, her husband accused one of the officers of stealing and became irrate when the officer tried to ignore him.

  • R_U_breakdance fighting Feb 19, 2010

    Her husband was the aggresor - FACT. Why charge the correctional officers when her hubby was the one throwing drinks at them, followed them out and attacked them first. IMO - her husband would still be around if he was able to control his temper.

    Sad for all involved.

  • Stealth Feb 19, 2010

    hollylama, I think your post is very wrong making it personal towards Mrs. Anderson, I would not wish upon anyone to be shot at for any reason...

  • Stealth Feb 19, 2010

    Gooseye, I may have mis-read the news article it appears...I can't find the reference for the two headshots at this point. I'm not going to rely on posters as there seems to be many emotions on both sides of the fence...If I find credible references, I'll post again with them. Your statement about the headshots is understood...nice catch...I don't know any history or previous events that would state Mr. Anderson was in other altercations...I'll assume this is questionable as well since it hasn't been reported that I know of. I still say, something just doesn't seem right regardless of where the close shots were placed...So aside from the headshots, my concern still stands...

  • Garnerwolf1 Feb 19, 2010

    genie: they're prison guards. They are low paid and there's not much training either. They were obviously off duty, and on at least one side, there was alcohol involved. Hindsight is always 20/20. It looks different in a gunfight.