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NAACP wants special legislative session on jobs

Posted February 4, 2010

North Carolina's governor should use her constitutional powers and call for a special emergency session of the General Assembly to address jobs and how federal stimulus funds are being used.

That's the message from state NAACP President Rev. William Barber, who on Thursday sent a letter to Gov. Beverly Perdue about the "obscene unemployment rates of people of color, of young people and of people in certain poor areas of our state."

Barber said that, of the 11.2 percent of North Carolinians who are unemployed as of December, 20 to 30 percent are minorities and youth.

"Twenty-two percent of African-Americans in North Carolina are unemployed and need jobs today, not next month or next year," he said.

He also wants the governor's help in calling a jobs summit for lawmakers and the NAACP to talk about new ways to create more jobs.

"I’ve heard the request. I’ve not seen what they are asking, but everybody in the state knows that jobs are just an absolute priority for me and for the secretary of Commerce," Perdue said Thursday afternoon in response to the request. "I am doing everything I can do to use the federal recovery money to create jobs across the state."

"I will look with interest at what they are proposing, but in terms of the special session, I would doubt very seriously, with it already being February, that we would bring the General Assembly back for anything, because they come back in May," she continued.


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  • beachboater Feb 5, 2010

    The Reverend Doctor William Barber doesn't want to be equal, he wants to be special.

  • FromClayton Feb 5, 2010

    so now the economy is racist?

  • educateddataentryperson Feb 5, 2010

    You have GOT be be kidding??? What about equality for ALL people?

  • james27613 Feb 4, 2010

    Rev. Barber can tell his membership to apply at http://www.defense.gov/

    Be sure to have your HS Diploma or GED or higher.

  • noreplytome2 Feb 4, 2010

    How about a special session to address the racist practices of the NAACP?

  • coolwill43 Feb 4, 2010

    Rev William Barber: how about taking a ride around the state and tell me who do you see working on the construction, roads, HVAC, landscaping, manufacturing, fast food, etc. Now the next time you speak up for a group of people make sure they have the right to work in this country, this has affected all US citizens of all races.

  • Sulfurdust Feb 4, 2010

    WRAL. please stop posting everything the NAACP complains about. It's not news, nor is it important. The job market just plain suck for everyone. Stupid pointless organization.

  • Hip-Shot Feb 4, 2010

    "i am a white male and cannot find a job no where,whats up with that!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Same here, with a 4 year degree.There are so many people in the unemployment line that employers have their choice, and someone relatively fresh out of college doesn't stand a chance. Barber needs to stop whining about people-of-color and realize it's hard all over.

    People of ALL races are having a difficult time finding a job right now, and the county I'm in(Edgecombe)has an unemployment rate over 16%. The only firm leads I've had on employment in my profession are over a hundred miles away(closest Charlotte) or out-of-state.

  • WakeHammer Feb 4, 2010

    I doubt Mr. Barber has ever held a real job in his life. Someone at work today told me that in NC they are having a difficult time finding workers for the US census. The job pays $16/hour. They might require a HS degree.

  • Eduardo1 Feb 4, 2010

    create NON-EXISTING jobs = WELFARE Does the NAACP have any interest in the Latinos, Whites, Asians, Muslims who are are also out of work, or is the Rev.Dr. Barber to "color-blind, to see all of America is hurting under this administration. He is the ultimate racist in my opinion. Why not use the huge dollars that the NAACP has to create jobs for anyone irregardless of race or religion who is out of work. Remember, when you cut a person of any race, or religion, see what color the bleed. When there is no food to eat, see if it makes any difference what there race or religion is. when they are forced out of apartments or homes, are they not all HOMELESS!