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Husband arrested in Janet Abaroa slaying

Posted February 1, 2010
Updated February 2, 2010

— Durham police on Monday arrested the husband of a pregnant woman who was killed in her home almost five years ago.

Raven Abaroa, 30, was taken into custody at his Montpelier, Idaho, home without incident, police said.

He was placed in Idaho's Caribou County jail without bond and was being held for extradition to North Carolina. He was scheduled to appear in an Idaho courtroom Tuesday afternoon.

Raven Abaroa Police make arrest in Janet Abaroa murder case

Janet Christiansen Abaroa, 25, was stabbed to death in an upstairs bedroom at her 2606 Ferrand Drive home on April 26, 2005. The Abaroas’ 6-month-old son, Kaiden, was also in the home but was unharmed.

There were no obvious signs of a break-in, but a laptop computer was missing from the house.

In an October 2007 interview with NC Wanted, Abaroa said he had nothing to do with his wife's death. He told police he was at a soccer game in Morrisville when she was killed. He found her when he returned home, he said.

Tim Dowd, a spokesman for Janet Abaroa's family, issued a statement late Monday expressing satisfaction that an arrest had been made.

"Throughout the years, the Christiansen family has remained confident and held to the faith that one day there would be justice for Janet’s murder," the statement read. "The Christiansen’s are especially grateful to tireless efforts of detectives and agents with the Durham Police Department, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI.

"As far as commenting on Raven’s guilt or innocence, the family will leave that to the judicial system."

NC Wanted also spoke with Dowd via telephone late Monday about the family's reaction. Dowd and his wife were friends with the Abaroas when they lived in Virginia.

"(The arrest) revolves around his financial motive," Dowd said. "It revolves around things that his wife, that Janet actually told me. I'm not comfortable talking any specifics at all, but there is just a pattern there that raises a significant red flag."

After his wife's death, Raven Abaroa moved to Utah with his son and later remarried.

His arrest was a joint operation by the Durham Police Department, the FBI Task Force, the SBI, the Montpelier Police Department in Idaho, the East Idaho Special Tactics and Response Team and the Bear Lake County Sheriff's Department in Idaho.

“This arrest is the result of hard and tenacious work by our investigators and a strong partnership with the FBI and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. Investigators continued to follow leads and never gave up,” Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez said in a  statement.

Anyone with additional information on the case is asked to contact Investigator Charles Sole at 919-560-4440, ext. 29350, or by e-mail at Charles.Sole@durhamnc.gov or Sgt. Sheldon Perkins at 919-560-4440, ext. 29326, or by e-mail at Sheldon.Perkins@durhamnc.gov.


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  • Eduardo1 Feb 2, 2010

    Well, if the evidence proves that this perp slaughtered his wife, then fry him. But, to fair, let the legal system take its course

  • gpcherokee Feb 2, 2010

    Personally, I think since no one was areested in five years, they had to "manufacture" some evidence. That's what they always do in these kind of unsolved cases.

  • weeksgroove Feb 2, 2010

    We "apparently" played his team that night. I don't remember. That's what i was told.
    So hopefully there is more than financial motive for the arrest. Hopefully some hard evidence exists to convict.

  • pdolan6 Feb 2, 2010

    Better to arrest the guy 5,10 or 15 years later and try your best to get it right than to arrest someone without the best effort made and let justice escape. I appreciate intelligent comments and opinions on here, but it seems that there are a lot of ignorant folks typing comments on here too...quite annoying,immature and uneducated. Inform yourself first before typing something.

  • Adelinthe Feb 2, 2010

    DeathRow - "Don't extradite him. Try him in Idaho."

    You do know about judicial systems right? A case has to be tried where it was committed - and that wasn't Idaho in this case.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Feb 2, 2010

    Ya know folks, the RPD and Colin Willoughby are VERY careful to have everything they need to get a conviction before an arrest is made. That's often why it takes so long to get an arrest. The DA doesn't want a single thing left open for chance because if the party is guilty, he wants the results of the trial to stick and stick well.

    In my opinion, if a spouse murders a spouse, they should spend the rest of their days in prison, and if they had children, they should hang outright.

    Praying for this woman's TRUE loved ones, for the couple's little boy, for the child murdered with its mother, and for this man's new wife.

    God bless.


  • pdolan6 Feb 2, 2010

    No arrest would be made without careful study and investigation. There are ways to reveal innocence or guilt. This is not about politics....I hate it when people suggest that. What if one of your family members were murdered? Would the arrest be made for politics? I don't think so. There would be a dead body God forbid. This also goes to show that for the bad apples in ANY PROFESSION not just police dept's that there are good cops too.

  • southrenbell222 Feb 2, 2010

    It's sad that some are resorting to killing there spouses. Sad for the women who married him next. (Seemed kinda shady to me in the first plane.... a possible suspect for murder would not have stood next to me at the altar) But, seems like maybe she was blindsided. Everything in the dark always comes to the light! I hope that justice prevails for Janet, and that someone steps in, and is able to care for her son.

  • AtALost Feb 2, 2010

    It's sad to see his 1st wife smiling in the video as he pats himself on the back for his new knife. She might have been killed with that very knife. Amazing his 2nd wife didn't find out until after the wedding that no one liked him. Even more amazing that she married him after the bridal shower incident. My thoughts and prayers are with all women who don't have any or ignore their common sense.

  • mtnmama Feb 2, 2010

    It's always the husband....what took so long?