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Pothole problems on the road? Report it

Posted January 25, 2010

— Dodging potholes in the road can be a frustrating experience, but drivers can fight back by reporting the ruts to the proper authorities.

Raleigh has four pothole repair crews riding around looking for problems, but with 1,000 miles of road to patrol, they need drivers' help, too.

"With 100 employees, there's no way we can see all these streets every day," said Raleigh Streets Superintendent Chris McGee. "So if you see one, please take time out of your schedule to call us and let us know."

Driver Chad Smith recounted two recent run-ins. A pothole popped two of the tires on his wife's car and he "had to avoid one (pothole) this morning coming to work," he said Monday.

McGee said potholes start with one little crack in the pavement.

"Moisture just gets into that crack and then freezes (and) thaws," he said. "With traffic going back and forth across it, eventually you have a pothole."

Cold weather and potholes go hand in hand, but this year hasn't been that bad, according to McGee.

"We had a really cold spell, but we didn't have a whole lot of snow and ice or winter precipitation," he said.

Raleigh crews can usually repair potholes the same day drivers report them, he said. The state Department of Transportation tries to fill potholes within 48 hours, officials said.


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  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ Jan 26, 2010

    What are the URLs for Wake County and Durham County to report potholes? The links provided with this article are for "cities".

  • FromClayton Jan 26, 2010

    "oh noooooooo. Your tire's all flat and junk!"

  • FromClayton Jan 26, 2010

    oh thank you so much for this story. I have been wondering who to report that to. I just sent in the following info:

    Hello. I would like to report huge potholes in both directions on Western between S. Saunders St. and the prison/pullen park area. Thank you.

  • Nancy Jan 25, 2010

    "Sorry Nancy! I guess we will never be able to do things as well as they were "where you came from". /itls

    I didn't 'come from' there, at least not to NC....I lived in various places between when I lived there and when I moved here.

    Asky anyone from Pgh what potholes there are really like. I can still remember pictures on the front page of the Pittsburgh Press newspaper every spring with a Volkswagon or other small vehicle down in a 'hole' and having to be lifted out.

    Sorry if their potholes offend you in some bizarre way since I once lived there. Sensitive much? :)

  • lauramichelle79 Jan 25, 2010

    Garner is the Worst. I mean patching a road full of wholes that will only bust wide open again in a month or two is a waste. don't we pay enough taxes already! FIX THE ROAD not the Hole!

  • amyrn Jan 25, 2010

    LOL...all I can think about is that GEICO commercial..."I'm a pothole"... Sorry, I know potholes aren't funny but that commercial is funny.

  • c.whit Jan 25, 2010

    Why doesn't WRAL just have a page where you can report a pothole? People are more likely to get on WRAL's blog and complain about something, rather than to actually do something about the problem themselves. If you have a pothole to report, contact your NCDOT County Maintenance Yard.

  • princewheelservices Jan 25, 2010

    Just to let your viewers know, if they do encounter a pothole and it results in a bent wheel, they may be able to get it repaired at a fraction of the price of a new replacement. Contact Prince Wheel Services and their mobile straightening unit at 919-539-6857 or at princewheels.com

  • rznhale1 Jan 25, 2010

    The one thing that impressed my husband I about North Carolina, is there are very few potholes, North Carolina's freeways are like driving on glass, We moved here from California, you want to see tore up roads and freeways? go to CA, they are the worst EVER!! North Carolina has the prettiest (and smoothest) roads I have ever seen.

  • Gab Jan 25, 2010

    Just filed a report about mt. Herman rd., it's like a slalom course the way you have to dodge the holes.