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Wife surprises returning soldier with home renovation

Posted January 25, 2010

— A North Carolina National Guardsman got a surprise when he returned to Wake Forest Sunday: a home renovation that his wife described as his dream.

Spec. Michael Spivey was among hundreds of troops with the 30th Brigade Combat Team who returned from a deployment to Iraq this weekend.

Guardsman surprised by home renovation_01 National Guardsman returns home to Wake Forest

His wife, Christie, and friends surprised him with a 1,000-square-foot addition to their house. The new digs included a work shop and home theater.

Michael Spivey was overcome with emotion and cried when he saw the renovation.

"I'll probably come down here, grab a Mountain Dew, grab my wife, come down here and watch whatever movie she wants to watch," he said.

Christie Spivey said that she got plenty of help with the project from family and friends. Everyone, including the contractors, donated their time and all the materials.


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  • NC Girl 12 Jan 25, 2010

    Opps...My comment was for Cowboysfan not SME2....sorry SME2. :)

  • 3potato4 Jan 25, 2010

    THAT is special. What a nice story and a nice young couple. Kudos to all that helped!

  • wildcat Jan 25, 2010

    Fight the war at home.. fix the families here before fighting someone else's war. Too much wrong here that needs to be fixed before trying to fix someone else country

    Good bottom comment. Send the soldiers home. End the war! The family along with their spouses will appreciate that.

  • Golden Gate Bridge for sale Jan 25, 2010

    Thanking someone for something they chose to do, something they signed up for by choice..yea ok.

    He went over to fight in another man's war that WE as a country have no part of. He didnt go over to fight in a war that has something directly to do with the U.S. Many say its to control terrorism.. in that country..and introduce freedom and rights in that country.. or is it to push the beliefs of the American way on a country who has their own way of life. The way people live in their nation is the way the choose life and the way the goverment chooses to police it.

    You dont see America sending its troups into Africa or ever in ethiopia to help there..nooo..the troups are in Iraq to fight for the oil fields so we can control em.

    Something Bush(JR) started and couldnt win or finish..

    Fight the war at home.. fix the families here before fighting someone else's war. Too much wrong here that needs to be fixed before trying to fix someone else country

  • wildcat Jan 25, 2010

    what a wonderful wife.You don't find many doing that.

  • Its My Prerogative Jan 25, 2010

    This is awesome!!!!!! Glad he was able to make it home to see it as many of our soilders don't!! Thank GOD for him and the many others that sacrifice their lives for us!!!!

  • veyor Jan 25, 2010

    To the sour grape posters: Mother Teresa was asked by a reporter how would she ever overcome all the tremendous needs in India - she replied, "You add up, I subtract from." What a great story about one of America's best.

  • donnaferguson Jan 25, 2010

    God Bless you and thanks for what u do for this country. My ONLY child serves as a soldier and I know the sacrifices that are made at home and abroad. What a wonderful community effort to give back. Not enough 'thank yous' are given to veterans.

  • Big Mike Jan 25, 2010

    I think it's great! Military wives go thorugh h*** not knowing what tomorrow will bring. My wife surely did. Every phone call is maybe the one they don't want to pick up....so for this soldier's wife to do something to take her mind off the situation, and have such a happy ending is just what we all need......a good news event!

    Way to go to all that helped! Proud of you!

    SGT M.H.
    B Co/HHC
    1/7th Air Cavalry
    Republic of Vietnam

  • lizard Jan 25, 2010

    Reminds me when I came back home from Desert Storm. My wife had re-carpeted the entire house. (Never did find out how she paid for it.)