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Apex church helping to rebuild Haiti after earthquake

Posted January 24, 2010
Updated January 26, 2010

— An Apex church, which has been helping the people of Haiti through its annual Haiti Goat Project, is refocusing its efforts to help rebuild after a massive earthquake.

Christianville mission damaged by earthquake Christianville mission damaged by earthquake

Four years ago, St. Andrews Catholic Church parishioner Charlotte Farin helped establish the Haiti Goat Project in Gressier, Haiti, which is located about 6 miles from the Jan. 12 earthquake's epicenter.

"Goats are a good dual-purpose animal. They can be raised for meat and they can be raised for milk,” Farin said.

The Haiti Goat Project helps feed children at Gressier’s Christianville Foundation, a mission made up of schools, medical clinics and a farm. The project also benefits local farmers because they are able to support themselves through raising goat herds.

St. Andrews Catholic Church, at 3008 Old Raleigh Road, raises money every year to support the Haiti Goat Project. The project also helps support the raising of fish, chickens and pigs to feed the schoolchildren.

"When you hear of a child that isn't going to be able to develop properly, because they don't have the proper nutrition, when you look around here and there is so much food and so much here, I think it is a natural inclination that you want to help,” said Ann Marie DiSerafino, with St. Andrew Catholic Church.

The earthquake did not hit during school hours at Christianville, so no one was hurt.

"We had parishioners calling (and asking), 'How are the children? How are the goats?'” DiSerafino said.

"The goats made it through (the earthquake) as well,” Farin said.

However, several buildings on the compound collapsed during the earthquake. To help rebuild, Saint Andrews is kicking off its Goat Project fundraiser early this year.

In past years, church members have raised $20,000, which helps feed 1,400 children a day. This year, however, all of the money will go to rebuilding.

If you would like to donate, visit the St. Andrews Catholic Church's Web site.


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  • Nikka Jan 26, 2010

    I hope that by helping the people, you are also helping them wih birth control.

  • TomLynda Jan 25, 2010


    You have the right to your views.

    Our organization will be in there long after the Hollywood type, Politicians trying to look good for camera, and the like. We were there long before this quake hit, and will be there long after. We help build hospitals, etc., and you won't see us in the news. We do not seek that.

    Believe it or not, there are people who really care about suffering fellow human beings. They may revolt down there or not, but in the meantime we will do all we can to keep children from dying, through no fault of their own.

    "Working with them involves giving them money so they may put it in their pockets and their buddies corrupt contractors pockets"

    We do not give them cash. Food,clothing, the like. Some of that may be misused, but the vast majority is used as intended.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 25, 2010

    Luv ya, haggis, but these folks disagree with you. Human biology is that of herbivores...small mouth, short/blunted canines, saliva, stomach, intestines, etc.

    Quick chart (William C. Roberts, M.D., editor, American Journal of Cardiology):

    Full article by Dr. Milton Mills (also with chart): http://www.vegsource.com/veg_faq/comparative.htm

    TomLynda, B12 is bacteria. Eat dirt and you have it. Animals are carriers, but are not the source. Easy question, though...eat yeast...or, heck, just don't wash your hands. ;-)

    Thanks for asking.

  • Nikka Jan 25, 2010

    Working with them involves giving them money so they may put it in their pockets and their buddies corrupt contractors pockets.

    No roads, buildings or utilities will ever be improved by our donations.

    Cut off all aid and support, the people will revolt and Haiti may someday become a real country rather than a banana republic. All we are doing is prolonging suffering by donating to Haiti's government.

    Do your own research and see how much cash has been given to Haiti over the past ten years... where has it gone?

    I assure you, after this earthquake debacle is forgotten in the media, all of the bandwagon people such as yourself will be on to helping the poor of some other screwed up place with a corrupt government.

    Do you think the corrupt governments care about building codes or helping the hurt or needy? NO WAY, their tax base is almost nothing, almost all of the treasury is funded by people like you and has been for years.

    Poverty is not a natural occurrence, it is manmade.

  • TomLynda Jan 25, 2010


    In the fact of the human need in Haiti, your comments are sick.

    First of all, with the majority of the agencies, no money is going to the government. Indeed we tell people to not donate to the government. The money is used to buy and ship the food and other items, medical and all to Haiti and to provide the means to get that aid, in various forms, to the people that are dying because they don't have it or can get it.

    As for the infrastructure, we are having to work around the destruction of that and will help in creating new infrastructure. Roads have to be rebuilt, hospitals rebuild, school rebuild and of course houses have to be rebuilt.

    And no, we don't do it for them. We do it with them, working with them and if need be, teaching them how to do it.

    If you don't want to donate, that's your right, but don't criticize those that do.

    And for those who think this type disaster can't happen here. It can, and it will.

  • TomLynda Jan 25, 2010

    Oh, and by the way. Rice is the staple food of billions of people on this planet.

  • TomLynda Jan 25, 2010


    First, I am not a vegetarian. I just agreed with hereandnow99 about providing vegetarian food. When faced with a disaster, vegetarian foods, like the ones we deliver makes more sense.
    The meals provide 100% of Vitamin B12, plus other vitamins, and as for the protein, each serving has 11gm of protein, plus mineral, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, cholesterol (1 gm) and a calories content that will vary depending if cooking oil is added or not. To people dying of malnutrition, meals like this are the answer. I've been there delivering and know what I'm talking about.

    My comment about people eating too much meat is true. Especially we Americans. We need a balanced diet. I used to live in Utah (I'm not a Mormon) and that religion teaches to not eat a lot of red meat especially. And they that practice that diet are very, very healthy.

    Of my grand-kids that eat a well balanced diet, vs the one that just eats bread and meat, you can guess who is the healthiest.

  • haggis basher Jan 25, 2010

    "So, why not put down the ancient dogma for a minute and read a nutritional guide?"

    Humans are omnivores not herbivores. Animals can eat waste and grass and turn otherwise wasteland into protein......as for innocent animals....do you think Lions are "guilty" and "Gazelles" innocent?

    ....and if we were not meat eaters there would be precious few animals anywhere by now.....they would have been exterminated as they would be competing with us not conserved/raised as a source of food.

  • Nikka Jan 25, 2010

    I still don't understand why we are coddling a corrupt government such as Haiti... people are blindly donating their money to the effort and I trust that a lot of the donations will be going into the pockets of the dictator and his cronies.

    Of all the billions of dollars recently poured into Haiti via foreign aid, which is their main source of income, none of it has gone to the people, infrastructure or anything remotely close to helping the country grow.

    Let's not donate any money and let the country collapse, only then the people will revolt.

    It is sad that this is what it has come down to; however, if it costs lives to make the country a better place, make it so.

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Jan 25, 2010

    Kudos to this church. They were/are ahead of the curve on this one!

    As far as the meat comments: "So, why not put down the ancient dogma for a minute and read a nutritional guide?"

    I eat meat because I like it! And I will continue to do so. I have begun eating less meat and leaner meats but I will not be going vegetarian anytime soon! ;-)