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Rex seeks OK for Holly Springs ORs

Posted January 20, 2010

— Rex Healthcare said Wednesday that it will apply to state regulators for approval to build two operating rooms in Holly Springs.

The move comes almost a year after the state turned down Novant Health's bid to build a 41-bed, $100 million hospital in the growing town in southern Wake County.

Rex received state approval two years ago for a 9,000-square-foot outpatient center near the intersection of N.C. Highway 55 Bypass and Avent Ferry Road in Holly Springs. In addition to the two operating rooms, the hospital system plans to open a surgical physician practice at the outpatient center.

In the fiscal year that ended last June, Rex performed 3,000 outpatient surgeries for residents of Holly Springs and southern Wake County, officials said.

"We hope the state recognizes the need to support this application for operating rooms, as Rex generated the need for the three ORs in the state master facility plan,” David Strong, president of Rex Healthcare, said in a statement. “The addition of these operating rooms to our campus in Holly Springs will provide a comprehensive center in this high growth area of Wake County."

The third operating room the hospital system wants would be on Rex's main campus in Raleigh and would be used for cancer surgeries.

Still stinging from the decision last year that cost them a new hospital, Holly Springs officials are backing Rex's bid for the operating rooms.

“We fully and exclusively commit our support to Rex’s (certificate of need) application to the state,” Town Manager Carl Dean said in a statement. “Our town is growing, and we look forward to Rex Healthcare’s ability to provide much-needed medical services to our community through the addition of these two new operating rooms.”


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  • goose Jan 20, 2010

    Denied one hospital, but about to approve a different one. Hmmmm.....somebody got PAID !

  • BULLDOZER Jan 20, 2010

    Cool, another location for the uninsured to receive care at the expense of the insured.

  • sst100 Jan 20, 2010

    Please... if you do not understand certificates of need and why hospitals have to demonstrate a need to open such a facility, perhaps you should do some research and then come back and share your informed opinion.

  • colliedave Jan 20, 2010

    A hospital needs just a weeee bit more than a business license.. durrr. Therein lies the whole point.

    Why do they need more than a business license? State regs specify the requirements for the employees (docs, nurses, and techs) Competition is good. It improves quality and lowers prices.

  • noreplytome2 Jan 20, 2010

    A hospital needs just a weeee bit more than a business license.. durrr. Therein lies the whole point.

  • Alexia.1 Jan 20, 2010

    It's really stupid to require state approval to open facilities necessary for the well-being of citizens. Is it to control costs? There's a solution for that: you cap charges based on procedures. Is it to help ensure the fiscal "health" of the health care provider so they have the funds to properly deliver services? There are solutions for that: set reasonable caps. If a business is not able to provide adequate services, then they do not get their license renewed.

    It's really odd that we go about this in the reverse, effectively shutting out a potentially cheaper, better provider out of fear that it might bring harm to the presently licensed facilities.

    Sounds like "big business" at work here. And, of course, the state does want to support its own UNC-owned facilities.

  • Retired07 Jan 20, 2010

    An excellent example of too much government. WHY does Rex or any hospital need approval from any bureaucrat to offer a service to any citizen. PLEASE WHY????

  • godukebasketball Jan 20, 2010

    Have to get approval from the state for certain type of medical facilities; laws to help keep health care costs from skyrocketing anymore than they already are.

  • Nunya123 Jan 20, 2010

    colliedave - They actually do have to get approval, it is called a business license.

  • colliedave Jan 20, 2010

    This story proves the health care bill does not reform health care. Why should a coporation have to seek approbal to build an WE?

    Imagine if Mickey D's had to seek approval to build a store, Unless there is code violation, what's the problem?