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Cary police 'aggressively investigating' home burglaries

Posted January 13, 2010

— Police have stepped up patrols in the Lochmere Highlands neighborhood in Cary following three recent burglaries in which thieves entered homes as the occupants slept.

Cary police Capt. Mike Williams said the department is "aggressively investigating" the crimes, which occurred overnight between Sunday and Tuesday.

Cary police step up patrol after home burglaries Cary police step up patrol after home burglaries

In two cases, police said, someone entered through an unlocked side door to the garage, then managed to open the motorized garage door.

"It is a lot more concerning to us when they're willing to go in at night, when they know somebody is going to be in that residence, and walk around that residence, knowing there are people there," Williams said.

Shira Rose said someone stole a television, a laptop computer, two purses, a digital camera and several music players, as well as other items from her home.

She said that, although the items stolen can be replaced, she could not stop thinking about the danger she and her family were put in.

"That's what I keep thinking in my head," Rose said. "What if I had gotten up? That's the scariest parts – all the what-ifs."

The neighborhood had a significant police presence on Tuesday as detectives investigated the cases and searched for leads.

Jean Burroughs, whose neighbor's home was burglarized, said that investigators told her that they suspect the thief or thieves might have tried getting into other houses through the garage.

Meanwhile, police remind residents to keep all home and car doors locked and to report to authorities any suspicious activity, including anyone in suspicious or idling vehicles in residential areas.

Cary police ask anyone with information about the crimes to contact Crime Stoppers at 919-226-2746 or the police department at 919-380-2133.

Crime Stoppers pays up to $2,500 for the arrest or indictment of those responsible for committing certain types of crimes, and all calls are kept confidential at the caller's request.


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  • james27613 Jan 15, 2010

    Most thieves will ignore alarm systems, even monitored systems,
    they just do not answer the alarm tech on the two way voice link or the do not answer the phone, this buys them more time since the alarm co. can't verify anyone is inside the home.

    ABC Security, identify yourself...silence.....silence.....

  • james27613 Jan 15, 2010

    Well lighted home in and outside helps to prevent unwanted guests, they prefer to work in the cover of darkness.

    Yes, I burn my porch light, garage and back porch from dusk to dawn every day, small price to pay for the added security I get so I can see what is going on outside my home and backyard.

    Guess you did not sleep well during Christmas with all the lights on the block ?

    Oh, how nice of you to leave the lights on for them, must be like a motel 6 or something.

  • Squidbert Jan 14, 2010

    ericeric99 - make sure the cops only hear your side of the story, if you know what I mean.

  • kiediss Jan 14, 2010

    lol @ speedy hahhaahah yes... FM is ineffective, unless set to NPR hahah

  • horseonthefly Jan 14, 2010

    "Keep your outside lights on dusk to dawn, garage light on too if you park outside."

    Oh, how nice of you to leave the lights on for them, must be like a motel 6 or something. You mentioned motion sensors for other things, why not lights? The you and your neighbors can actually sleep! Or you could just get an alarm system and dead bolt locks. I'm no crook but even I can break into a regular door knob in under 30 seconds.

  • ericeric99 Jan 14, 2010

    I live in the North Raleigh Area and had my home broken into TWICE within a 3 week span.The idiots(kids) stole gaming equipment but forgot the cables...so they returned 3 weeks later to get the cables with adults and stole my flat screen tvs. I had leads, addresses, names and gave them to the detective and his supervisior..sad to say I havent heard back from them and its been a month.
    I also invested in an alarm and told the cops that if anyone breaks in again and i can catch them..IM GONNA SHOOT FIRST ( in the leg or foot) and then im whooping some A old fashion style.
    I just had a WHOOOO Rick Flair moment..it gonna feel so good

  • itom68 Jan 14, 2010

    some funny comments and some true ones -

    - driving 35 on the way out! ahahha

    - nobody "deserves" to be robbed dummy

    - for sure this is neighborhood kids. Brats.

    - a shot gun might be the best home defense besides a dog. Once you load the chamber on a pump then the thief will split when he hears the sound. Can even be from behind a door.

    - I don't think the Cary or Apex police are capable of much

  • Moto69 Jan 13, 2010

    Police cannot be everywhere nor do they have xray vision to see who's hiding behind what. That is why I am armed, have an alarm and CCTV monitoring the outside of the house. I've contained my home to minimize an intruders access if they enter the home at the most vulnerable point. If someone breaks in and decides to stay here with the alarm blaring while I search the home with my shotgun then God help them. Hopefully the alarm scares them off and I won't have to deal with the courts... but if I have to to protect my family then so be it. I generally carry a firearm with me around the house just in case some nut decides to burst in. A few blocks away some kids were shot because they wouldn't give up a wallet so the idiots are near... and this N. Raleigh and a nice area. Crime is everywhere. The cops aren't.

  • MajorLeagueinfidel Jan 13, 2010

    Willie11...you should have picked up from my name that you wouldn't want to enter my home at night....

    Guns have their place in someone's home that is prepared to use them to kill someone....if you leave your doors unlocked at night and have dogs that don't bark at strangers...you don't need a gun....like someone else said you need to start with the basics....

  • WhysoMad Jan 13, 2010

    "Cary is such a silly place" Big UNC Fan

    And why would that be...because of home break-ins? Do you just have a blind hatred of Cary to make such a silly statement? Wow, I guess wherever it is you live must not have crime and it must be the perfect place. Why don't you just stay there.