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Domino's assistant manager dies following attack

Posted January 11, 2010
Updated February 24, 2010

— The assistant manager of a Knightdale Domino's Pizza store died Monday afternoon from injuries he received in what authorities believe was a robbery early Saturday, police said.

Kenneth "Kenny" Ring, 24, died at 5:20 p.m. Monday at WakeMed, where he was being treated for blunt force trauma to the head following the robbery at the store at 2001 Widewaters Parkway in the Widewaters Commons Shopping Center.

"This was intentionally cruel beyond anything you can imagine," Ring's father, Dan Ring, said.

Domino's Pizza Domino's manager dies after attack, robbery

Ring's death launched the first homicide investigation for the town's police force.

"It just a very difficult, heart-breaking situation," Mayor Russell Killen said. "We have been a small town and (are) now a not-so-small town."

Investigators continued their search for a suspect Monday and asked that anyone in the area of the restaurant from midnight to 12:39 a.m. Saturday to contact them at 919-217-2261.

"Any possible information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, would be greatly appreciated," investigators said in a news release.

Domino's has offered a $5,000 reward for information in the case that leads to a conviction, and a fund has been set up with Eastern Wake Crime Stoppers to accept donations to go toward additional reward money.

Dan Ring said he hopes the award will encourage more leads for investigators to follow.

"We really need them to come forward, so that these individuals can get the justice they deserve for what they've done to this boy," he said. "Justice would be the best gift this family could receive at this point."

Police Chief Shawn Brown said he was accepting help from the Wake County District Attorney's Office, Wake County Sheriff's Office and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Killen said he had no doubt what the investigation's outcome would be.

"At the end of the day, what we want to do is bring the person who did this to justice," the mayor said.


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  • mewuvbb Jan 12, 2010

    I hope that the Family will consider filing a lawsuit in justification in the well-being of their employees. This should not have happened, and the owners and general managers knew how dangerous this area was, and they neglected this young man by setting him up for disaster. God Bless and praying for the family to give them strength during this time.

  • spb Jan 12, 2010

    What a waste!!!

  • jimmycrackcorn Jan 12, 2010

    RIP young man.
    No employee should ever close a business alone, especially if they need to drop off the nights deposit. It is just cost cutting, which I understand, but it allows criminals to prey on these hard working people.
    Also, if that back door lock was known to be broken, it should have been fixed immediately. That is a classic way to rob a business.
    No surveillance cameras in a Dominos? Cmon, you can get a decent system for a few hundred bucks!
    Nothing but FAIL here and this business should be ashamed of itself.
    If they don't want to protect the employees, the least they can do is allow them to work carrying a handgun.

  • gcannon Jan 12, 2010

    What an absolutely senseless act! This apparently honest and hard working individual lost his life as the result of the greed of another. I certainly hope that the murderer is caught and punished severely. My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  • hpu92 Jan 12, 2010

    So VERY sad! Thought and prayers to the family!

  • liquidsatin5702 Jan 12, 2010

    Kenny was a really great guy. I personally am all for the death penalty, but int this case, I think one of DUNE's pain amplification devices for the next 50 years would be in order. I have no doubt this was an inside job - they new when the deposit was being made (when the safe was open), how to get in the broken back door, that the manager was ALONE, and that there were NO camera's. This particular store is riddled with drugs and employees that openly talk about gang involvement, including robbing people for (of) drugs. I quit and walked out of the store the moment the now general manager hired a previously fired employee involved with gangs. Everyone knew all along that this place was dangerous and refused to take the basic steps to insure a minimum of employee safety. I smell a major lawsuit coming on and if there is anything I can do please have the family contact me on this message board.

  • liquidsatin5702 Jan 12, 2010

    I am an ex-general manager for this store. I quit because it was unsafe to work there. The back door is broken and will not lock (the door that was used in the robbery) The supervisor and owner were and are aware of this, as I personally told them on many occasion how dangerous it was. They refused to spend the money to fix it. I bought and installed my own cameras because I was worried. They refused to spend $300.00 to buy a recorder. When I quit I took my camera's - they do no good without a recorder. Company policy is that a manager has someone with him CONSTANTLY until the deposit is dropped off at the bank. Since the nearest bank is 30 minutes away, the supervisor and owner specifically instructed employees to break the rules so they would not have to spend the extra $5.25 an hour to protect their employees. That's right, drivers make less than minimum wage, but it was too much to keep one there to prevent a death. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!!!

  • dlcwral Jan 12, 2010

    Short drop with a sudden stop for those involved with this senseless crime. Prayers to family and friends.

  • sunydaze Jan 12, 2010

    very sad. i hope dominoes can step it up and bit and increase there reward! this was a dedicated dominoes employee doing his job and loses his life. step it up dominoes and support the family he is leaving behind!

  • me2you Jan 12, 2010

    I was shocked like many others that he died. So frustrating that the killer is running lose, but hope he'll be caught soon!