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Clayton to try to leash cats

Posted January 1, 2010

— Clayton Town Councilman Alex Harding posed the question: "How come cats run at large and dogs can't?"

A town ordinance exempts cats from a ban on dogs and all other domesticated animals from being allowed to roam freely. An amendment, which the town council is expected to pass Monday, would scratch out that exception.

"By taking out this exemption, it means all animals are subject to this," Harding said.

Clayton to try to leash cats_01 Cats to get banned from roaming Clayton

Pet owner Louise Fitzgerald said she thinks that leashing, tethering or fencing in cats is good for them.

"As a cat owner, I didn't let my cats run free," Fitzgerald said. "I see lots of dead cats on the side of the road, and that upsets me."

Other cat owners said they agreed with the requirement but believed it would be difficult to get their cats to comply.

Michael Fox, with Cat Angel Pet Adoptions, said it can be hard to get a cat used to a leash or fenced yard.

"It takes effort. It's a process," said Fox, who helps rescue more than 150 cats a year.

He urged people to keep their cats indoors. "Cats do not need to go outside. They can be happy and healthy inside," Fox said.

Most surrounding municipalities, including Raleigh and Cary, require cats to be leashed or fenced-in while outside.


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  • Vietnam Vet Jan 4, 2010

    "In theory, I understand, but in reality....you just can't walk a cat on a leash. not gonna happen....................."
    Actually with proper training I believe that a cat can be taught walking on a leash. If it can be done with a cat's larger cousin the tiger it can be done with a house cat. I once knew a trainer that used to walk a full size Bengal Tiger around the theme park where I worked. Dogs don't just naturally take to the leash...them must be trained. Same thing with other animals.

  • Vietnam Vet Jan 4, 2010

    I'm a little curious why cats have been exempt from the regulations that cover dogs. I guess dogs are easier to catch. The same rules that apply to dog owners should also apply to cat owners. We don't need any more pets running around loose. Might have to hire a few more Animal Control folks though...

  • wpittman210 Jan 4, 2010

    ok so isnt there a big problem with over population of cats and dogs?? im sorry if seeing a dead cat on the side of the road uspets you but its not like we need to make sure more stay alive. and im perty sure a cat isnt going to attack you the way a dog might...plus its alot easier to defend against a cat than it is a big dog

  • ml0829 Jan 4, 2010

    Also, you can't shoot that BB gun in the city limits. It's one of the other useful laws passed in Clayton.

    If I had listened to the city and not discharged my pellet gun w/n cit limits I could have just let the rabid fox continue on its merry way a few years ago.

  • ml0829 Jan 4, 2010

    What a waste of taxpayer money; herding cats.

    People have last their jobs, lost their homes, don't have any health insurance, but thank god there's no rogue cats roaming around. Cops can be enforcing this law instead of hunting down real criminals.

  • FromClayton Jan 4, 2010

    I live in Clayton and there is a cat that roams around the neighborhood that we reffer to as "BAD KITTAH". BAD KITTAH has been seen knocking down our wood pile, killing a song bird, leaving paw prints on our cars, digging in our trash cans and a few other midly annoying offenses. Although I do not wish any harm to BAD KITTAH if BAD KITTAH happned to disipear that would not make me loose any sleep either.

    So in theory, I think this idea is great to round up all the BAD KITTAH of Clayton. How it is going to actually work remains to be seen. Good luck!

  • doubletap357 Jan 4, 2010

    We keep our cat inside only because we don't want to have to scrape her off the highway which always seems to eventually happen. They are useful however to keeping the rodents like rats and mice from the property. Most everything else like rabbits and squirrels I can take care of with the pellet gun. And the neighbor does a good job of dispatching birds with his BB gun. I'm not sure how you fence in a cat since they can climb or go through most fences that would pass most HMO inspections. I wonder if they can be trained to use a invisible fence type collar.

  • concerncitizen Jan 4, 2010

    Serious question. How do you keep a cat in a fenced yard? Electricity?

  • The Fox Jan 1, 2010

    Another cat on leash video, aka "Man screams like girl:


  • Realthoughts Jan 1, 2010

    "How come cats run at large and dogs can't?"......

    Because cats are smart enough to use the bathroom in a litter pan, indoors. Dogs have to be walked or let out doors.