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Fayetteville business owners charged with counterfeiting

Posted December 31, 2009

— Four Fayetteville business owners and one employee have been charged after authorities seized more than $100,000 worth of counterfeit clothing.

Charges of criminal use of a counterfeit trademark were filed against John Anthony Breedlove, 40, owner of Got Fresh Exclusive Outfitters; Brydes Deshawn Clack, 26, and Kendal Kamar Ragland, co-owners of BK Fashions, at 1073 Murchison Road, Suite 133; and Lincoln Andrew Waters, 35, owner of Capps, at 1073 Murchison Road, Suite 115.

A Capps employee, Terell Maurice Dickens, 32, of 737 Hedgelawn Way, was charged with criminal use of a counterfeit trademark, felony conspiracy and resisting, obstructing or delaying detectives.

Additional charges of felony conspiracy were filed against Waters, of 2613 Rebecca Lane in Kinston, Clack, of 635 Marshtree Lane in Fayetteville, and Ragland, of 1878 Tyron Drive in Fayetteville. Breedlove, of 1333 Ramsey St. in Fayetteville, was also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office and North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State opened an investigation after customers complained that items they had purchased were inferior. The items included boots and tennis shoes bearing the Timberland and Nike trademarks.

"Their profits have been linked to either funding organized crime, drug trafficking or terrorist organizations," said Sgt. Bobby Jeffers.

The men are not charged with anything tied to terrorism. Jeffers said said places overseas where counterfeit goods are made often funnel money from the sales back into terrorist organizations.

Jeffers said it's important for people buying these items to know where their money could be going.

Along with counterfeit clothing, authorities seized several firearms and marijuana. A laptop stolen from a Cumberland County home last year was found in Breedlove's business, authorities said.

Breedlove was being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center Thursday under a $25,000 secured bond. He was expected to appear in court Thursday afternoon.

Clack, Ragland, Waters and Dickens have all been released under separate, unsecured $10,000 bonds.

Waters and Dickens have previous convictions for drug possession, according to state Department of Correction records.


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  • pappy1 Dec 31, 2009

    Yup...when the Mrs. says "Honey, will you take me shopping for some name-brand stuff?" My first thought is always "Sure, dear. Let's head over to the Murk and find some top-flight goods!" hahahahahahah

  • wolfpacker1 Dec 31, 2009

    does this surprise anyone?

  • nosuchmiracles Dec 31, 2009

    yeah that guy timothycapwell is one heck of a racist from the comments i've seen him make on here.

  • SuperNupe Dec 31, 2009

    taking down one bootleg circle just means that another one will profit and rise...

    for the people who buy the bootleg clothes, you can't complain to the police, you know it's bootleg when you buy it!!!!

    the real target should be the suppliers of the bootleggers...

  • bcarolinabreeze Dec 31, 2009

    Fashionistas deserve to get ripped off. Don't they know "fashion" is simply a clever word for "moving merchandise."

  • housemanagercary Dec 31, 2009

    Id like to know where the money came from to help them start their own business

    That's EXACTLY what I want to know. Some investigative reporting needs to be done here. This story isn't over.

  • rich son Dec 31, 2009

    timothycapwell..... " 5 less Obama voters"..dumb comments like that show the type of person you really are. You would feel better by being honest with yourself instead of hiding behind political and statistical mumo jumbo. David Duke would be a good example for you. MMMkay

  • moth Dec 31, 2009

    Silly Americans. Don't they know that only Asian countries are allowed to legally counterfeit clothing?

  • BIGDAWGShouse Dec 31, 2009


  • hollylama Dec 31, 2009

    Its Murchison Road...what did they expect? Same place (street) Shaniya Davis was kidnapped from.