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Rocky Mount man sought in shooting death

Posted December 28, 2009

— Rocky Mount police are searching for Dewayne Avent, 18, of 313 Sanders Drive, who is accused of shooting a man to death Sunday night.

Officers responded to 1205 Parham St. around 5:15 p.m. where Tronyale Daniel, 27, had been shot in the chest. An initial investigation revealed that Daniel got into a fight with two men and a woman who were near a vehicle.

"Avent ran from around the vehicle and shot (Daniel) in the upper chest area," according to police spokeswoman Laura Fahnestock.

Daniel was taken to Nash General Hospital and then to Pitt Memorial Hospital, where he died just after 10 p.m., police said.

Police obtained warrants for Avent, who faces first-degree murder charges in the case. He is known to frequent the Ketch Point subdivision and the Little Raleigh area of Rocky Mount.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts should call police at 977-1111.


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  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Dec 28, 2009

    landshark: "As a society we have got to stop these kids from falling behind in the first place! I'm willing to admit that I don't have the answers. I see the problem. Together we have got to come up with an answer. As I've said before. The key is to get into the heads of these young folks that crime doesn't pay!!! Somehow we have got to drive it into their heads that their best chance in life is to stay in school and learn a skill! My first move is....... draw a line in the sand! If you do these type of crimes you go to jail for life period!"

    landshark, I have to disagree about it takes a society or community to straighten out the youth/thugs. That sounds more like the 'it takes a village' junk that Hillary Clinton was spouting off about. It doesn't take a village. It ONLY takes a mother and father that give a flip about their children. But I DO agree with you that the punishments need to be MUCH more severe when caught for a crime.

  • holmesap Dec 28, 2009

    Raleigh Street up by the Pineview Cemetary area around Fairview Road is the Little Raleigh area they are referring to/ It has always been called Little Raleigh.

  • giterdungirl Dec 28, 2009

    What is up with all the Rocky Mount shootings!?!? One in town, one at the RM mall, RM kids coming to a Wendell gas station to raise havoc! Did these kids not get enough love as a child?? Sad situation...

  • aanda8104 Dec 28, 2009

    Deathrow there's only one problem with your theory. Obviously you don't know Rocky Mount. As anyone can tell you that has lived here Ketchpoint is one of the more expensive neighborhoods to live in around here. I can remember when you had to make at least six figures it seemed to live there.
    The problem is that many people have moved away due to jobs moving or business closing and leaving people with nothing to do, but rent their house here or loose it to forclosure because of our wonderful don't give a rats bass about anyone, but me mayor and council. As long as David Combs has poperty to sell and make money he sees nothing wrong with the city. When they decide to rent it's not really up to them who lives there it's whoever can afford the rent and has credit can live there. I myself would not be able to live there because I work and have bills to pay not section 8 and 4 kids that I get a check of 400.00 each a month for.

  • jkca Dec 28, 2009

    I wrote a comment on a friend's Facebook page regarding the mall shooting stating that "I miss all of my RMT friends but I'm glad I'm gone from there." Of course, there is always someone to defend their precious hometown, replying, "you know, it happens everywhere." Well, my thought is it doesn't happen where I live now and I'll say it again...I'm glad I don't live in RMT anymore!!!!

  • lonewolf2735 Dec 28, 2009

    Many of the GOLO comments are right on the mark as far as police and city management.But you also need to understand, the court system here is more interested in PROBATION than PUNISHMENT. What they don't seem to realize is, a person locked up can't commit crimes. It's the same 'ol thugs over and over in the system (as noted by the background photos) who are on three or four different probations at the same time, still commiting the same crimes. I work their and see it every day.

  • starshield Dec 28, 2009

    The problem with voting these people out is that the public keeps electing them. The way the voting lines have been set up assures that the same people get elected. I really believe that these voters think that they are being helped. I say they are enabling. People say that the christian way is to help people. The christian way says that we will teach you to fish, not keep giving you fish.

  • jon2four Dec 28, 2009

    I've listened to and read the comments of those who don't have a clue to what the inner city neighborhoods are like and yet they want you to believe they have all the answers. Those who are the blame don't live in those neighborhoods.These kids don't grow drugs,or manufactor guns.They don't even produce the music they listen to. So let go to the source of the problem and lock those up first. You can find them in the so called better neighborhoods. Repeal the law that keeps the dads out of the home if its substidized housing. Reinstitute the draft and pay people a wage they can live on. Just for starters. None of these solutions require the government or anyone else to give anyone anything. Oh yes ,send those to jail for life who sell guns or drugs to kids.

  • Hip-Shot Dec 28, 2009

    "I think they might be talking about "Little Mexico:. I lived in RM for over 20 years and never heard of :Little Raleigh"."

    "Little Raleigh" is a section of Rocky Mount in the vicinity of where Raleigh Road intersects with Westwood Drive. The side of Raleigh Road opposite the intersection is referred to as LR. I have usually heard it referred to as the area from Grace Street to Bethlehem Road on the East side of Raleigh Road.

  • Its me again Dec 28, 2009

    It was fust a couple of years ago that RMPD said in a interview that RM did NOT have a gang problem. Let's see I believe it was about the same time our progressive city leaders were discussing the features an the MLK statue in our "City on the Rise" The only this rising is our crime rate and I suppose the bank accounts of our highly paid yet unproductive city leaders.