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Town of Cary delays projects to keep spending in check

Posted December 24, 2009

— The Cary Town Council announced Wednesday plans to delay or postpone more than 50 public works projects in order to save money.

The town council begain reconsidering 384 capital projects over the summer, in light of the economic downturn. At a Dec. 15 meeting, council officially decided to delay 19 projects, at a savings of $68 million, and postpone 39 projects indefinitely, saving $20.6 million. The decision leaves 326 general government and utility capital projects ($413 million) on schedule.

“When each of these projects was created, each was considered important to our community, so it’s unfortunate that we’ve had to choose among them,” Town Manager Ben Shivar said. “That said, setting new priorities was the right and responsible approach, especially during these unprecedented economic times, and we’re much better off than many other local governments experiencing the same pressures.”

While no money is allocated for the 39 postponed projects, they can be submitted for reconsideration in future capital budget discussions.

Shivar said the town staff emphasized public safety and preserving and infrastructure maintenance when choosing which projects to sustain and which to defer.


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  • Jeepguy Dec 24, 2009

    Not smart. Construction costs are very low. I would rather see them pay less now then more later on. See the City of Raleigh's plans to building their new police headquarters. Millions will be saved to build now.

  • russh198 Dec 24, 2009

    Dear Santa, I'm thankful for misplaced modifiers in my news headlines.

  • ncwebguy Dec 24, 2009

    Downtown Cary gets "postponed" just about every time. But keep paying your taxes! The new roads south of Morrisville don't pay for themself!

    Cary continues to rob the older residents and neighborhoods to pay for the growth that won't pay for itself.

  • speedy Dec 24, 2009

    later prozac

  • LuvLivingInCary Dec 24, 2009

    perhaps they should have marked the lawsuit against the homeowner with the painting in the side of the house as postponed also.

    i have business in downtown cary and i'm moving out to brier creek because they postponed the downtown cary streetscape project. they can waste dollars on lawsuits and piddlie greenways that back up to city council members but not put money into growning the downtown cary area. i'm out of there.

  • heharris Dec 24, 2009

    Perhaps the city shouldn't have wasted over $100,000 to decorate the bridge over US 1 with "leaves".I know it makes me proud every time I drive under it..........

  • SK Dec 24, 2009

    Wow, it's a local government managing its budget sensibly! I didn't know that was allowed...