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Raleigh mission packs, delivers food to needy families

Posted December 24, 2009

— The Raleigh Rescue Mission provided about 600 holiday meals on Thursday for low-income families and the sick and elderly.

More than 100 volunteers, in shifts every 15 minutes, prepared, packaged and delivered meals as part of the “Gobbles to Go” program. The mission offers the service every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

"We want to provide a good meal that is warm and we want it to be there by lunch time," said executive director Lynn Daniell.

Raleigh nonprofit delivers holiday meals Raleigh nonprofit delivers holiday meals

Volunteers cooked 65 turkey and 50 hams for Christmas Eve deliveries.

After the feast was sent out, the mission welcomed hundreds of children for a Christmas Eve toy giveaway.


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  • YNCSW51 Dec 29, 2009

    I to volunteer at the Raleigh Rescue Mission and it is quite a rewarding experience. The people there are less fortunate than a lot of us commenting on this story. I support the Mission because they are helping the homeless of this community through GED programs, drug rehabilitation etc. Raleigh Rescue Mission please keep up the good work.

  • goldeagle Dec 24, 2009

    i manage inventory at a local restaurant. it can be difficult to avoid discarding inventory with short shelf lives with they give you what you ask for, in light of unpredictable sales and inconvenient case sizes. the problem they face includes shorter shelf lives, unpredictable supply and demand, and help that comes when it feels like it.

    i gave them cash a number of years ago and have heard nothing to make me regret it.

  • working for deadbeats Dec 24, 2009

    "If *all* your money went to "health care and entitlements", then how do you have any money for dinner???" Ha Ha!! Good one.

    I will give to charities that support such things as injured soldiers, police/fire/ems, animal shelters, etc. They've earned it.

    I brought a truck load of good used furniture to the salvation army and they turned it away because it got a few rain drops on it. They were nice enough to give me directions to the nearest Wake County dump, so that's where it went. I will no longer offer my help to Missions and Salvation Amry type places.

  • ncwebguy Dec 24, 2009

    If *all* your money went to "health care and entitlements", then how do you have any money for dinner???

    Didn't Obama hire ACORN to take everything you have from you at gunpoint? Like Glen Beck said he would?

    The embarassing thing is that all donations to the Raleigh Rescue Mission only go to the people the RRM decides to serve, with the rest going to the trash. This has *nothing* to do with expired food and *everything* to do with the abuse of the kindness of strangers.

    It seems Raleigh Rescue Mission would rather people go hungry than some other service organization feed the needy with "their" donations.

    As a result, I'm going to start directing my chairty elsewhere.

  • working for deadbeats Dec 24, 2009

    I think I'll go throw some food in the trash in the spirit of giving. I paid $18k in taxes this year...that's enough giving for me.

  • working for deadbeats Dec 24, 2009

    Awwwwww...that's too bad. I'd love to bring them some food, but all my money just went to healthcare and other entitlements. I'll enjoy my dinner tonight.

    How can poor people still be without all that they need? I mean, they did elect Obama. I thought he was the all might savior? Hey Bev, I'm sure you could spare some change for them. Showing up for a photo shoot doesn't feed them.

  • Dirty_Water Dec 24, 2009

    Glad to see I'm in league with other callous readers. With all the money spent on food stamps, why in the world is anybody hungry in America unless they're too lazy to cook? And as best I recall, a ham sandwich (or a moldy tuna sandwich) doesn't require a lot of skill or equipment to prepare.
    And I agree... read "Atlas Shrugged."

  • Bartmeister Dec 24, 2009

    God Bless everyone who receives these meals, they deserve that much.

    As for a surplus of food and it being thrown out? I can't help but think there are some who live under bridges who would love that food being thrown out. Put together a team to deliver that food. God knows that Perdue is looking for diversity. Hey Bev, could get you some additional votes in 3 years, huh? You're gonna need them.

  • COPs eye Dec 24, 2009

    These comments are embarrassing to my native state. We shouldn't expect people to take expired food any more than one would feed their own family expired food - I wouldn't. We are commanded by Christ to take care of the poor and needy by sharing equally with them, not by giving them our throw aways. I still can't get over how embarrassing these comments are to me as a part of this community.

    What should embarras u is the amount of money medical expenses cost in this country and the amount of wasteful spending that OUR goverment does instead of feeding the hungry.

  • intuit Dec 24, 2009

    DrCarolina- get over your embarrassment. The dinners provided by the Raleigh Rescue Mission are much better than what is in your pantry I assure you. Go volunteer over there and find out for yourself rather than be embarrassed by comments.