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Perdue urges support for military families

Posted December 14, 2009

— Gov. Bev Perdue visited Camp Lejeune on Monday to offer support for the 8,000 Marines and sailors from the base who will deploy to Afghanistan over the next six months.

“When you say your prayers be thankful for the men and women on this base and across the state and country who are willing to suck it up and leave anytime they're called on to protect America,” Perdue said.

Gov. Beverly Perdue Perdue visits Camp Lejeune

Base commanders briefed Perdue about training, deployments and family support.

Perdue used her visit to urge people to help military families across the state.

“The people of North Carolina, all over the state, step up and do more for the families of these young Marines and airmen and soldiers who are departed,” Perdue said.

Last week, Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke with hundreds of Marines about the upcoming deployments.

Perdue spent part of Friday morning with airmen at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.


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  • superman Dec 15, 2009

    I support our military. But when you say they are in a foreign country protecting us-- thats a joke. The secret service cannot even protect the White House. There is no protection from crazy people who are willing and axious to die for their cause. Just leave them alone and let them kill each other. We need to keep our business, our troops, and our money at home.

  • tafiliclan1 Dec 14, 2009

    God bless our Men and Women in uniform.Military, Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies, Emergency Responders and their Families for their sacrifices. Thank you for filling the missing link on the CHAIN OF FREEDOM.

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Dec 14, 2009

    Few things are as despicable as a politician wrapping themselves in a flag and shopping for photo ops on a military base when their approval ratings are in the tank as Perdue is now doing.

    I have to ask if any of Gov Bev Crack Corn's kids serve or served in the military, if not, she should stop running her mouth about the military. We're not props for her photo opps.