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Bench is source of charge for Capitol break-in suspect

Posted December 11, 2009

— The Durham man accused of breaking into the State Capitol last weekend faces a felony charge for the damage he allegedly did to a bench once inside, according to an arrest warrant issued Thursday.

Douglas Webster McClary, 35, of 410 Englewood Ave., was arrested Sunday morning and charged with breaking and entering, first-degree trespassing, damage to real property and damage to personal property after State Capitol Police found him in a second-floor stairwell.

He bonded out of jail on those charges.

On Thursday, State Capitol Police issued an arrest warrant saying McClary "broke a wooden bench in the State Capitol building ... having a value of $600." They charged him with theft or destruction of public property.

Authorities said McClary broke a first-floor window on the west end of the building and climbed inside.

A number of items, including window panes and a pine bench dating to the 1840s, were damaged.

McClary is employed as a financial analyst at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy.

A university spokesman said Monday that he is on paid administrative leave, pending a review of the case.


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  • BraveHeart Dec 17, 2009

    apparently he does not need his job

  • dmccall Dec 11, 2009

    If I did something like this, my patients would not put me on "paid administration leave".

  • chance Dec 11, 2009

    Dang! Just what the heck are they serving over there in the faculity lounge at Duke?!? They've had more faculity busted this year than all the NC universities put together.

  • ifuaintscared Dec 11, 2009

    He sure looks proud of himself in that picture.

  • Ladybug Dec 11, 2009

    He does not deserve to be on "paid administratie leave". He should be without pay until his court date and outcome. He is old enough to know better and what was he doing in Raleigh anyway?

  • 5-113 FA Retired Dec 11, 2009

    OK, Get ready for the pre-fabricated reasons he became unexpectedly stupid;
    I was hired to re-model the capital building, I was having a medical emergency, the voices won't stop until I do something really stupid, the devil made me do it, etc. etc.

  • liskm Dec 11, 2009

    You'd think someone his age would be doing something more mature and productive with his life than this.

  • rayraynral Dec 11, 2009

    Another reason to not have a train connecting these cities...

  • BigUNCFan Dec 11, 2009

    Looks like Mr. McClary will be finding new employment soon.

  • bcarolinabreeze Dec 11, 2009

    For the holidays, I'd want to order either a gallon of what he was drinking or a pound of what he was smoking.