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Census will create 24,000 temporary jobs in N.C.

Posted December 9, 2009

— The U.S. Census Bureau will hire 24,000 people in North Carolina in the coming months to help count state residents, officials said Wednesday.

“The 2010 decennial census outreach effort in North Carolina is unprecedented,” Nancy Potok, deputy undersecretary for the U.S. Commerce Department, said in a statement. "The census form will be the shortest and easiest in history – 10 questions that will take only 10 minutes to complete, available in 59 different languages so that no one is left out.

"In North Carolina, we have also tripled the scope of our partnership program," Potok said. "By working with local community organizations and groups, we will empower North Carolinians to help ensure that everyone is counted."

The census will take place beginning April 1, 2010. It is administered by the federal government but requires support at the state and local level.

Gov. Beverly Perdue signed an executive order Wednesday that creates the North Carolina Complete Count Committee to coordinate census activities at the state level.

“More than $400 billion in federal funds will be distributed each year based on the census count, so a complete count is critical to North Carolina,” Perdue said in a statement. “I urge everyone to fill out and mail back their census forms. It’s easy, it’s important and it’s secure.”

Based on recent estimates, the state will receive about $14,000 in federal funds per person counted over the next 10 years. In addition, census data is the basis for the state demographer’s projections, which are used to determine the distribution of state funds to counties and municipalities.

The census will also determine whether North Carolina will receive an additional seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. North Carolina received a 13th congressional district after the 2000 Census by a margin of about 800 people over Utah.

The Census Bureau will begin hiring North Carolina workers in January. Some jobs will begin as early as January, while most will begin in February and March and will extend until June or July.

Job seekers can find application information at the agency's Web site or by calling 1-866-861-2010. The information is also available via the state Employment Security Commission or the JobsNOW Web site.


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  • Eduardo1 Dec 9, 2009

    If this is a US census of American citizen, then WHY more than one language???
    ans. more political correctness!
    Are non-citizens counted in this poll?
    Is ACORN going to be part of the census-takers?
    I would bet my next Social Security increase (ha-ha-ha)that their will be more corruption this coming year than every before.
    How long will these temp jobs exist?
    will the census takers be eligible for unemployment when they are through? Any other benefits?

  • Bill Brasky Dec 9, 2009

    "Just to supposedly count people. Riiiiiiight. The only thing they didn't ask was how many days a week I have sex. They won't get more than the number of residents out of me this year. I'VE HAD IT WITH GOVERNMENT INTRUSION!"

    Thats riiiight, they are going to take away your guns and drink your brains, or what left of it you have.

  • tommys5 Dec 9, 2009

    The first census in 1790 asked just six questions: the name of the head of the household, the number of free white males older than 16, the number of free white males younger than 16, the number of free white females, the number of other free persons, and the number of slaves.
    Tom G. Palmer

  • tommys5 Dec 9, 2009

    The reason the government sells the census as your ticket to getting goodies - rather than as your civic duty - is that distributing goodies is now all the government does.
    Tom G. Palmer

  • 3forme Dec 9, 2009

    60 languages...how about just 1...ENGLISH...

  • 6079 SMITH W Dec 9, 2009

    Well......yeah. If they counted everyone accurately enough to know how many forms were needed, then................

  • mondosinistro Dec 9, 2009

    Well, for one thing, I assume they know how many they sent out, and how many they got back. Do the math--vector calculus it ain't.

  • scientistjo Dec 9, 2009

    The Census: Sending people into fits of unnecessary rage since 1820.

  • colliedave Dec 9, 2009

    If enough people are foolish enough to not get counted then NC could lose a Congressional seat, and our State would have even less of a voice in Congress. Only a fool would advocate not being counted. wildervb

    given the political demographics I would much rather Utah gain a seat and NC lose one of its

  • 6079 SMITH W Dec 9, 2009

    Yeah, no rage but...........why not just use the great IRS if they need to know who is home, and what they own. Right. Bev hit the nail on the head salivating over a chunk of that 400 Billion..."and oh yeah, its about some political stuff, too!" The census is not taken to count us anymore, its all about taking our money and deciding who gets some of it back...which is all ANY level of government is for anyway...Taxes to feed the monster. Don't think so? Then explain how these people always say "X number of census forms were not completed and returned" If so, how DO they know.............?