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East Wake High student dies from injuries suffered in high-speed crash

Posted December 8, 2009
Updated December 13, 2009

— A Zebulon teen who was involved in a high-speed crash Monday has died.

A spokeswoman at WakeMed hospital said Gavin Boyd Westover, 16, died Tuesday morning.

Westover, of 9820 Debnam Road, was riding in a 1996 Chevrolet Camaro on Puryear Road in Knightdale Monday when the driver, Austin Wade Marx, 17, lost control of the car, troopers said. The Camaro went off the road and overturned.

Marx, of 204 Gail Ridge Lane in Wendell, survived the wreck. He was treated at WakeMed Monday and released.

The pair, students from East Wake High School, had left school for an off-campus lunch when the car crashed.

Highway Patrol troopers said witnesses reported the car was traveling up to 90 mph. Investigators said evidence at the scene supported those reports.

Both teens were wearing seat belts, troopers said. No charges have been filed.


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  • troynyara2 Dec 14, 2009

    I'm a parent of a teenager attending East Wake Highschool
    If I remember correctly, Craig Baker (EWH principle) said in an interview with WRAL that these kids have a 55 min lunch. This is untrue. They have 38 mins. It would take 10 mins to get to Knightdale, get lunch in the drive-thru maybe 5 (if you are lucky), 10 mins to get back, and finally, the time it takes to park and get to class. 38 mins it NOT enough. Please don't take this wrong. The boy shouldn't have been speeding and I'm very sad over this. But, when you give a highschool the priviledge of off campus lunch consideration needs to be taken. EWH is to far away for just a 38 min lunch. Maybe lunch should be longer or just take the priviledge away. This has devastated my son. He was friends with Gavin. My prayers go out to the Westover family. May God be with the Westover family.

  • eastwakestudent Dec 9, 2009

    I'm a student at East Wake & even though I didn't know Gavin personally, I see how much he is loved & missed by everyone at school. I believe that instead of trying to point fingers & make false accusations as if you were there, you should stop & consider how hurtful these posts are becoming. The students & family are trying to cope with the situation & yet you have the audacity to post things about “kids shouldnt have a camaro” or “its because they were going off campus.” I realize that everyone is entitled to their opinions but before you act like the law enforcement, think about if it was you, or if you had been personally affected by this incident. Honestly, the students & family that knew & loved Gavin need the support of the community in this time of need. You aren’t helping anyone, just making the situation twice as worse. Just something to think about before your next post.Keep Gavin’s friends & family in your thoughts & prayers.

    RIP Gavin, everyone loves & misses

  • Golden Gate Bridge for sale Dec 8, 2009

    attn " helloworld " this is your wake up call..

    This is a tragic ending of a life of someone who broke the rules, took a chance and paid the ultimate price.

    When do you think a good time will be to post? Maybe before the parents wasnt paying enough attention to who their child was hangning with..or teaching their kids better lessions on following the rules. Hold on... no we can wait until the next child dies and another will be charged with murder.

    When do you think is a good time. Sure .. lets sit on the couch and wait. Maybe if someone didnt wait this time .. This accident wouldnt have happened.

  • wingnut88 Dec 8, 2009

    The driving age down here is too low. Time to raise the age to 17 and no friends in the car until 18. The traffic is to heavy and the speed these kids drive at is too fast.

  • BIGDAWGShouse Dec 8, 2009

    very sad indeed

  • helloworld Dec 8, 2009

    I think that those of you who want to make points w/ legal issues, etc, need to step back and think before you post such.....someone's son, brother, grandson, nephew, is dead. save your blame for another time, ok? be respectful. thanks.

  • helloworld Dec 8, 2009

    This saddens me beyond belief. As the mother of a 23 yr old son, I am just sad for the parents of this precious son. I just sit here and shake my head in disbelief..........because of the loss of a young, beloved life. My (mother's) heart goes out to your family. Words escape me................

  • apexgirl11 Dec 8, 2009

    I have a 15 yr old son who has a permit, and used this tragic story to reiterate how important it is to drive safely and be sure that those driving you drive safely. I only wonder if this passenger was egging the driver on or screaming, 'slow down, dude!'...

    I also tried to impress upon him how awful for the driver to live with knowing his friend is dead due to his actions; how it would be awful to be the cause of anyone's injury/death, but that this is also a friend he lost. Of course, I got the usual "I know, Mom", but hopefully he will keep it in mind as both a driver and as a passenger. It truly breaks my heart for both sides of this tragic accident.

  • Golden Gate Bridge for sale Dec 8, 2009

    The driver is under the age of 18, which makes him his parents liabliltiy. Like everything else.

    The parents should be held liable along with the child

  • tcrist2 Dec 8, 2009

    Bless both families during this awful tragedy.