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Ex-Duke employee to plead guilty to child sex charge

Posted December 1, 2009

— A former Duke University employee has agreed to plead guilty to a federal charge of sexual exploitation of a minor, authorities said Tuesday.

Frank M. Lombard, 42, of 24 Indigo Creek Trail in Durham, will enter the plea in federal court in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 17, authorities said. He likely will face 15 years in prison, authorities said.

Authorities on Tuesday filed a criminal information in the case, indicating that they were negotiating a plea and didn't want to pursue an indictment against Lombard.

According to the filing, Lombard coerced a minor, identified only as "M.L.," into engaging in sexual conduct so that Lombard could transmit a live video of it over the Internet.

Lombard was arrested in June after authorities said Washington police caught him in a sting operation soliciting an adult to have sex with his adopted 5-year-old child.

Duke fired Lombard in July from his position as associate director of the university's Center for Health Policy.


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  • Its My Prerogative Dec 3, 2009

    Neither crime is RIGHT BUT they will give a drug dealer LIFE and a child molestor at most 15 yrs??? I pray this child can over come this tramatic experience!!! The guys will get him in prison!!!

  • itsmyownopinion Dec 3, 2009

    For the victims of child molestation, it's a life-altering experience. For the perpetrator, it never changes. Whatever time he serves will be a frustrating break from his normal routine, and when he's released, he will repeat, repeat, repeat...

  • Myra Dec 3, 2009

    Why was he 'allowed' to go to Wash DC for trial when he raped the child live on the internet and offered the child to adults for sex? I figured it was to keep the focus off DUKE and out of the local news. Is this another 'form' of child sex trafficking? They HAVE THE INTERNET VISUAL EVIDENCE and still they are going to LET HIM PLEAD DOWN. That is so like North Carolina - and where is NC Atty General Roy T. Cooper? He is absent and silent lately as child sex trafficking and now this case emerges in the news. Cooper always claimed he was keeping the children of NC safe from predators. and yes -- DUKE sure can pick 'em. Several years ago David Coolidge, Duke grad student, gave date rape drug to a 13 yr old boy and sexually molested the child in his DUKE Dorm Room. So it is not like this is new at DUKE. If this sicko gets to plead down in Wash DC - will he be on a Sex Offender Registry and if so - will it be NC or another state / district? Calling AG Roy T. Cooper!!!!

  • davidbh61255 Dec 2, 2009

    Duke can sure pickem!

  • happymom Dec 2, 2009

    Laws need to be changed to prevent this type of miscarriage of justice from happening again. This monster will be back out on the streets to harm another child in no more than 5 years.

  • samiam1244 Dec 2, 2009

    15 years. I guess to the Court Systems 15 years are all the little children life is worth. they're just little people so who cares. is there no one in the justice system that will stand up for these babies? Lawyers are always fightning for the right's of sex offenders. if the judges started frying these people they might stop what they do. or maybe a public hanging..

  • tarheelskier Dec 2, 2009

    So when's the execution?

  • judy4u2002 Dec 2, 2009

    This man is just about the lowest of the low. He used the system to adopt this child in order molest him. To make matters worse, he offered the child to other adults. He need the electric chair or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

  • jafarmg2 Dec 2, 2009

    This man will serve his time and be back out on the streets to abuse other children. What is wrong with our judicial system???? This man took this child's life just as if he had killed him. A five year old should not even know what the word sex means!!!! I pray this child get the counseling he needs.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Dec 2, 2009

    I missed it in the story. What church was he the leader of?