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Fremont officer shoots, kills family dog after alleged attack

Posted November 27, 2009

— A Wayne County family was grieving the loss of their pet on Friday.

The Stanton family’s dog, a 7-month-old bulldog mix named Diesel, was shot by a police officer after investigators said it and a doberman-pit-bull mix, attacked a family walking near their Fremont home on Thanksgiving.

“Initially it was just shock. I just didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t understand why it was going on,” Daniell Stanton said.

Stanton said he believes he found the shell casing involved in the shooting.

“I feel that the excessive force of the .45 caliber handgun to put down a 7-month-old puppy was probably too much,” Stanton said.

Freemont officer shoots, kills family dog after alleged attack Fremont officer shoots dog

Stanton acknowledges his dogs were out and said he'll gladly accept citations issued by the officer. However, he believes his dogs were trying to play with a group walking by with a leashed Chihuahua when an officer got involved.

Stanton wants officers to receive training to use a different type of weapon in a situation like this.

“An apology is not going to bring the dog back,” Stanton said.

Police said 30-pound Diesel was shot after biting a 15-year-old boy and then coming after the officer.

“He came toward the officer aggressively and at that point the officer took him down,” Freemont Police Chief Ron Rawlings said.

Rawlings said the officer who shot Diesel is a K-9 officer.

“He loves pets, probably more than anyone,” Rawlings said.

Stanton said his concerns go beyond just his dog. He was concerned the bullet could have ricocheted off of a metal grate nearby.

Rawlings said the officer did the right thing by using a gun and not another weapon like mace. He said the real victim in the case is the family who was walking down the street and attacked by the dogs.

Hope Troutman, who was walking her Chihuahua, said she felt threatened by the dogs and was grateful for the officer’s actions.

“I hate what happened, but then again our officers are paid to protect and serve our citizens,” Rawlings said.

Rawlings said there is no investigation into the officer's actions.


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  • AARRGGH Nov 30, 2009


    I am glad someone finally pointed that out. How many kids take the dog out to play? Mine do it all the time. The 7 year old makes a mistake and is punished by watching his dog get shot. Maybe the next time his k-9 officer dog is running around someone should shoot it. And NO, the police don't always follow leash laws with there k-9s.

    There is a reason he is a cop in FREMONT, too SCARED to work anywhere else.

  • Viewer Nov 30, 2009

    Bad doggie, good cop, x###% owner.

  • leo-nc Nov 27, 2009

    "I work with dogs everyday, have been around dogs all my life and know them inside and out. I can PROMISE you that this was excessive force."---thepuppiesjester

    Big deal, you work with dogs every day. So what. I don't care how often you work with dogs. You are not a cop...and you are ESPECIALLY not the cop who was on this call, and you DONT know exactly what happened without being there. So basically, you don't know squat. But nice try, being a dog trainer and all. Pfft.. i don't care if you're the dog whisperer... You are not qualified to judge in this case, period.

  • grant Nov 27, 2009

    The rebuttle agaist the owner kind of undermines the ability to read the facts in my previous post. If your saying the only way to handle a situation is with a gun, tell ex-officer Shane Hinnant I miss who he was when I KNEW him and Im sorry and shocked by what happened when YOU see him in the prison yard.

  • jwdbrown Nov 27, 2009

    How can some people care more about a dog than a person. Yes it is bad about the dog, but what about the person who got bit. it has gotten to where people care more about animals than they do people. This is no related but the other day at a local grocery store I saw a woman come out with a dog in arms and a 3-4 year old girl runnig in parking lot and woman ant paying any attenion to little girl. Now people this is sad. Lets start caring about people a little more than pets.

  • jscott13 Nov 27, 2009

    People...how many of you dog owners out there have young children who have taken a puppy out in the front yard to play. That is what happened here and the child was 7 years old. Perhaps he made a mistake, but does he deserve to have his dog shot right there in front of him.

    The officer had a taser and mace. Why did he resort to using a gun. What if he had hit any of the people involved. You had multiple people and animals moving around quickly in very close proximity to the gun. As far as I am concerned he behaved irresponsibly. If this had happened where I live, the incident would have been thoroughly investigated because anytime an officer discharges his/her weapon, our chief wants to be sure that it is warranted. As you can see for yourself in the last line of this article, the Fremont chief is not even going to conduct an investigation. I guess he's not worried since the victim was only a dog.

  • oldfirehorse Nov 27, 2009

    "This news piece is on me and my family. A lot of people are missing the point. Deadly force in a residential area or anywhere for that matter is not your first option. Okay my dogs got out of the yard but to discharge his 45 auto in the direction of three houses with families in them is the real issue. a 45 cal is a powerful weapon and is made to go thru things......" /audone61

    I'm certainly not "missing the point". You are 100% responsible for this. Now, you're trying to ruin a police officer's employment and livelihood. The .45 ACP is not "designed to go thru things" any more than any other handgun. You are trying to smoke-screen this incident with your ignorant assertions.

    I hope the family that your dogs attacked while they were not under your control sue you into the middle of the next decade. Have a nice day.

  • grant Nov 27, 2009

    Once again golo trollers miss the point, you don't have to fire a gun in a residential section to deture a dog. Ive done it over and over as a Paramedic without a weapon. He had the option of using a taser or mace, and the owner pointed out the dog was not attacking the officer as stated. The some cops around here are just slow witted and scared. Bullets do often injury innocent bystanders and to normal people are a last resort. THINK before jumpiing on the bandwagon for these small town leo's. I grew up best friends with one of their past cops in in prison in edgecomb for shooting his roommate 20 times.

  • Skywatch_NC Nov 27, 2009

    When I had a dog many years ago I always had him inside our fenced in yard and always walked him with a leash ...never just let him free roam so to say.

  • jeriwho Nov 27, 2009

    The dog owner ought to be fined or sued, and he ought to be sentenced to taking classes on proper and responsible dog care. Dogs form packs and will act like a pack. A single, family dog by itself is programmed to behave differently than it will when it is with other dogs. It does sound like the dog got aggressive. The officer was right, and that dog owner ought to be held responsible for all damages and for his disregard for his own pet.