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Fayetteville police continue to probe child's death

Posted November 25, 2009

— Fayetteville police continue to follow up on leads in the death of 5-year-old Shaniya Nicole Davis, Chief Tom Bergamine said Wednesday.

The child was reported missing from her home on Nov. 10. Her body was found in a patch of kudzu off a rural road near the Lee-Harnett County line six days later.

She died of asphyxiation, according to preliminary autopsy results.

Fayetteville Police Chief Tom Bergamine Police continue probe into child's death

Mario Andrette McNeill, 29, of 2613 Pine Springs Drive, has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree rape of a child and first-degree kidnapping in the case. Police have characterized him as a family acquaintance.

Shaniya's mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, 25, has been charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse–prostitution, filing a false police report and obstructing a police investigation. Arrest warrants state that Davis "did knowingly provide Shaniya with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude" and "did permit an act of prostitution with Shaniya."

Bergamine wouldn’t comment on whether more charges will be filed.

“We just have to see where the investigation takes us,” Bergamine said.

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Bergamine said counselors have been brought in to help the department deal with the tragedy of Shaniya’s death and the murder-suicide of a local family earlier this month.

Police said Billy Maxwell Jr., 47, killed his family at 314 West Park Drive on Nov. 2. The victims included his wife, Kathryn Maxwell, 43, daughter Connor Maxwell, 17, and son Cameron Maxwell, 15.

Billy Maxwell was suffering from mental illness, according to Rev. John Cook, pastor of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.


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  • itsmyownopinion Nov 26, 2009

    I was surprised when I heard this morning on other local news that Shaquille O'Neal paid for Shaniya's funeral. He said he felt touched by her story.

  • justafella Nov 25, 2009

    I think Davis's "boyfriend" is guilty in this as well, how could he not know what was going on.

  • airbornemonty Nov 25, 2009

    The investigators should continue to track all possible leads since I am almost positive that there were others involved with abusing the child.

    What bothers me is reading that there is only one charge of prostitution on Shaniya, to that I say, Baloney!

    There had to be other men and women involved hurting Shaniya and those are the people that need to be investigated, apprehended and charged.

  • Brogden Nov 25, 2009

    to mewvvbb -
    You site the failings of the mother, the DSS, the killer (devil)
    and others but make no mention of the so-called Dad. Each time I see him on TV, I think "If you hadn't handed that baby over and then left town, none of this would have happened."

    Is it correct that he has 8 kids with 4 different women, none of whom live with him??????? Some one told me that.

  • Brogden Nov 25, 2009

    to don't-b-a-hater

    This story was largelyy about the stress the Fayetteville PD has had this month dealing first with the Maxwell case and then the Davis case. Two very difficult, very heart wrenching cases in such a short period for one PD to deal with.

    That's why the Maxwell's were mentioned.

  • mewuvbb Nov 25, 2009

    If the little girl's Mom would have been a Mom she would be at home celebrating Thanksgiving with her family tomorrow. If the court system, lawyers,and DA would have done their job, he would be in prison. And if the Lord had not stepped in and taken the girl to heaven,when the devil raped and tortured her, she would have lived a life of torment here on earth. Rest in Peace little one, No one will hurt you anymore. But I do wish that the family that was killed by the father would have seeked medical help, instead of putting it off for the next day, then all of them would be alive and celebrating Thanksgiving and being with one another to support each other during the father's mental illness. It could possibly been a chemical imbalance which could have been treated with medication. So sad.

  • mochabrown Nov 25, 2009

    I find that reporting incidents to DSS is a joke, just like informing the Sheriff Dept. that a sex offender has moved and has not reported their new addresses. They just don't keep a check on these things.

    I reported to DSS about a daycare center that was nearby and there were two sex offenders living right up the street and also going to the daycare center...do you think anything was done. As far as I know, the daycare center is still there and the at least one sex offender lives nearby.

    Both Davis and McNeil should be charged with murder. The smirk he had on his face on the mugshot. Then for the police to say because the little girl knew him, he wasn't a threat to her. Well, we see how that ended up. Why don't they locate the tipster who told them where the body was. I am sure they were involved as well.

  • wildcat Nov 25, 2009

    wouldn't she have been brought back?

    Yes, each time she will have to appear in court, they will get her from the women's prison in Raleigh,appear in court in Fayetteville, then return back to Raleigh each time.

  • dont-be-a-hater Nov 25, 2009

    So many unanswered ??'s I hope they bring out in trial....why did she report her as kidnapped if she hired her out for prostitution...wouldn't she have been brought back? Or was it a deal gone bad? And why did he take a little girl to a motel to rape her knowing she would be screaming and people would hear her? Is this how she died? He smothered her to keep her quiet? This is just so sad...I hope they both hang.

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 25, 2009

    There should be a felony murder charge against Davis.