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Coupon queen dishes on Thanksgiving meal deals

Posted November 22, 2009
Updated November 23, 2009

— WRAL's Smart Shopper Faye Prosser shares some deals that can add up to big savings for your Thanksgiving Day feast.

"There are some excellent buys all week long through Thanksgiving to help you put great buys on the table without breaking the budget," said Prosser, owner of Smart Spending Resources.

Prosser took advantage of the sales at the Lowes Foods store, at N.C. highways 42 and 50 in Garner.

First, she looked at the frozen turkeys, on sale for 99 cents-a-pound. Customers who have signed up for Lowes Fresh Rewards program can also earn money toward a future purchase. If you buy an 18-pound or larger turkey, you get a $10 coupon. A smaller turkeys earns a $5 coupon.

Other sales for frozen turkeys include: WalMart at 40 cents per pound, limit two turkeys; Kroger at 39 cents per pound, with an additional $25 purchase; and Food Lion at 40 cents a pound, with an additional $35 purchase, limit two turkeys.

Prosser said the WalMart sale is "probably the best deal you are going to get at this point."

She next looked to see what she could find for stuffing. The best deal for boxed mixes was the Lowes Foods brand for 88 cents a box.

For those who want to make their own stuffing, Lowes also has fresh ingredients on sale: celery for $1.29 a bunch, Lowes Foods-brand bread for $1.19 a loaf, a 3-pound bag of onions for $1.79, and a 32-ounce of Progresso broth for $1.50.

Korger has celery on sale for 89 cents a bunch.

"If you chose to go ahead and buy a box variety, you can actually add all these fresh ingredients to really doll it up," Prosser said.

Prosser also identified asparagus on sale for $1.29 a pound as a "must-have deal."

"You can not beat that price," she said. "I'm going to be stocking up and sticking some in the freezer, it's such a good buy."

Prosser also used coupons, which Lowes Foods doubles up to 99 cents every day.

The total for all the sale items was a little over $67. With sales and coupons, she paid just $5 and some change – a 92 percent savings.

Prosser also recommended the following deals. All sales are at Lowes Foods and are good through Nov. 26, unless noted.

Cans — Lowes Foods brand 88 cents, Ocean Spray 99 cents
Fresh — $2 a bag

Sweet Potatoes — 29 cents per pound – a great stock up price.
Steamfresh Premium Selects Frozen Veggies — BOGO (buy one get one free) for $1.28. Use a 50-cent coupon that's doubled, and they're 28 cents total.
Steamfresh frozen veggies (sale at Harris Teeter) — BOGO. Use .50 coupon for a great deal.
Canned pumpkin — Hy-Top brand 15 oz. for 99 cents; Libby's 30 oz. for $2.29

Wheat Thins crackers — BOGO for $1.78 each. Use a $1 coupon, and they're 78 cents each.
Heluva Good Dip — $1.50 a carton. Use a 50-cent coupon that's doubled, and they're 50 cents each.
Shrimp — Contessa cooked and raw on sale BOGO

Other great deals
Wacky Mac — $1.19 a bag. Use a 75-cent coupon that's doubled, and they're free.
Hefty plates — BOGO for $1.42. Use 50-cent coupon that's doubled, and they're 42 cents each.
Texas Toast Croutons — $1.29 a box. Use a 50-cent coupon that gets doubled, and they're 29 cents each.
Betty Crocker Potatoes — $1 a unit. Use 30-cent coupon that gets doubled, and they're 30 cents each.


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  • tammyslr Nov 24, 2009

    to kbo80- I take it that you don't use coupons- I get alot of things FREE from coupon shopping and give them to either my mom who is on a fixed income and her neighbor or my children. Faye has it going on - I just wish I could be THAT organized. If it weren't for Savvy Dollar and her tips I would not know what to do. I love the savings especially when the economy is like it is and I am a single parent.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 23, 2009

    Thanks for all your comments! I bought my turkey at Harris Teeter last week for .39/lb. My Walmart (near Clayton) has turkeys for .40 per pound - limit 2.They only have larger turkeys (18 lbs +). Kroger has them on sale for .39 per pound w/$25 purchase & celery is .89. My pantry is not full of processed foods & we eat plenty of fresh produce, whole grains & high quality proteins. We are enjoying the $1.29/lb asparagus at Lowe’s Foods this week! My meal plan is posted each week on my website & you can see the healthy options we enjoy. The key is to find the best deals for the foods you eat, without going to every store.I don’t have the time (because my work keeps me busy) to shop at every store. I target the best buys (for items we use) and stock up to hold us over until the next good sale. Sometimes I do have food that we won’t be able to use before it expires. My food bank is very grateful for those donations. Happy Thanksgiving & please continue to share your good deal finds! -

  • HappyGirl08 Nov 23, 2009

    Personally I like the pepperidge farm stuffing. I can usually find that 2/5.00 for the large bags. Not a bad deal. One bag for Thanksgiving one bag for Christmas. I got my turkey at HT. They had them .39/lb if you were signed up for evic. I think I had to spend an extra 25.00 but I had to grocery shop for the week anyway so that was no big deal.

  • CestLaVie Nov 23, 2009

    Lots of processed "food" here too. If it's not fresh or frozen from fresh, you may be saving money but you're jeopardizing your health over time.

  • theo286 Nov 23, 2009

    I bought two turkeys (14 & 16 pounds) at walmart for 40 cents per pound. No additional purchases necessary.

  • devilblue Nov 23, 2009

    I bought two 13 pound House of Raeford Turkeys for $5.35 each at Food Lion. They were sold out of the really big ones at the store I shop at.

  • kbo80 Nov 23, 2009

    I bet this woman has a bunch of food that she does not even use but, gets it just because there is a coupon or it is on sale. Poor thing has no real job.

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 23, 2009

    Kroger has turkeys for $7 for 12-14 lb avg, $9, 16-19.9 lb avg; and $11, 20-24 lb avg. with an additional order of $25.

  • 3stoogesfan Nov 23, 2009

    Stove Top stuffing at Target - .78 box when I bought it Friday.