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Drivers: Repaving project makes I-40 stretch dangerous

Posted November 12, 2009

— A repaving project on Interstate 40 has some drivers struggling to see the lines that separate lanes.

North Carolina Department of Transportation Resident Engineer Jeff Allen said he has received many calls from drivers about the problem area – which stretches for more than a mile between Harrison Avenue and Interstate 540.

“The calls I have received just say they cannot see the lines,” Allen said.

A repaving project started in the area earlier this year is wrapping up. While the new asphalt is almost completely down, Allen said, reflectors are not in place.

Drivers: Repaving project makes I-40 stretch dangerous I-40 repaving project causes traffic problems

Driver Miguel Suarez said cars come dangerously close to one another at night.

“You are best to just follow the car in front of you,” said driver Mike Peel.

White dotted lines currently mark the lanes. Allen said a bright coating and reflectors are not down yet because another week of work is left on the area.

“If we put them down prior to finishing the paving, we do risk damaging, not only the markers, but the reflectors,” Allen said.

Reflectors will be installed next month at the earliest and the reflective line-coating will be applied in the spring when temperatures are warmer, Allen said.

To help drivers, a fresh coat of regular paint will be put down in the next two to three weeks. DOT officials said recent weather has caused delays in the progress.


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  • james27613 Nov 13, 2009

    Up north in NY State, upstate as well as NYC Long Island,
    NY DOT crews used reflective paints for the roadways,
    no need for reflectors. I recall the paints used had some
    type of additive applied to the wet paint that caused the
    reflective properties.

    We need this type of markers here in NC.

    I agree the reflectors are expensive to install and replace after the snow plows rip them off of the pavement. Just like on I-540, the reflectors were torn up over three times and replaced.

  • Howie275 Nov 13, 2009

    Driving on route 1 South towards Holly Springs, the stretch where it's 4 lanes near Cary Parkway and Tryon Road, I can't tell what lane I'm on since the lines aren't visible there in the rain either. It's very frightening.

    I suggest staying home then. Also don't ever travel any dirt roads because those aren't market either. I always find myself lost on those roads. I have no idea where I should be driving. Sometimes I just end up in the middle of a field next to a cow wondering where I went wrong and cursing the gov't for not marking the roads.

  • 007KnightRider Nov 13, 2009

    If you need reflectors to see how to stay in your lane you shouldn't be driving period. The only thing needed are the white lines. When the first big snowfall occurs this winter all of them will be scraped away. Learn how to drive folks.

  • NeverSurrender Nov 13, 2009

    "Oh, and you whining it didn't need resurfacing; yes it did. When a new lane is added, everything gets resurfaced to cover up old paint stripes and even all the lanes up."


    I had thought that the I-40 repaving being discussed was part of a shoulder strengthening project, not adding a lane.

    It would seem kind of daft to me to add another lane before sorting out the Wade Avenue rush-hour disaster that has already existed for 10-15 years longer than it should have...i.e. dumping 4-5 lanes of eastbound traffic onto a 2-lane section for six miles before opening it up to 3-lanes after Crossroads.

    Of course, looking at the project website, it seems even more daft for them to design for an eventual eight-lane solution rather than just going ahead and doing it straightway. They're widening the bridges to handle it...may as well fix the problem right because I can't imagine it being more expensive to lay four new lanes now than to do it by halves and then do it again in a few years...

  • pbjbeach Nov 13, 2009

    It looks to me like that if the states government an it's associated agencys were really as broke as they say they are that they would have to quit the letting of all of these state contracts that arent being adminstrated in a useful an cost effective maner thus mearly adding to the budgetary defecit. corrective action in the area would go a long ways in assisting with the budgetary shortages looks to me like thank you

  • iron fist Nov 13, 2009

    russtilltalking if its so backwards why don't you back up to where ever you came from, the road work in under contract, if not finished in time they will be fined, I am sure they are near the contracted time or you would see longer hours, more delays in traffic you cannot have it both ways. Have you ever done a "real" hard days work?

  • mothar1 Nov 13, 2009

    Driving on route 1 South towards Holly Springs, the stretch where it's 4 lanes near Cary Parkway and Tryon Road, I can't tell what lane I'm on since the lines aren't visible there in the rain either. It's very frightening.

  • timothycapwell Nov 13, 2009

    If only "Bev" had asked Obama for 60 Billion more borrowed dollars this wouldn't have happened!!11!11!

  • pbjbeach Nov 13, 2009

    Well dud what has happen to tempoary stripping with paint after an while the paving operations are ongoing. once the paving operations have been completed then the thremoplastic pavement markings will be applied to the new pavement lanes. in the meantime though the ncdot should have painted lines installed on a tempoary bases. the small painted white marking that is currently in place is in all probability the tempoary markings installed by the pavement marking contractor prior to the actual installation of the thermoplastic markings thank you

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Nov 13, 2009

    since when was 40 not dangerous? it's a free for all because you can't ever go fast enough and everyone thinks they are the most perfect driver ever. THAT is dangerous.