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50 in N.C. arrested in nationwide bust of Mexican drug traffickers

Posted November 10, 2009

More than 50 people in eastern North Carolina have been arrested in a nationwide sting against a major Mexican drug trafficking cartel, authorities said Tuesday.

Authorities also seized $1.7 million, 22 weapons and various narcotics, including approximately 200 kilograms of cocaine, 15 pounds of methamphetamine and 200 pounds of marijuana as a result of the operation, called Project Coronado.

eastern N.C. narcotics bust Nationwide cartel bust nets 50 N.C. arrests

The arrests were part of Project Coronado, a 44-month investigation by federal, state and local authorities in which nearly 1,200 people have been arrested nationally and more than 11.7 tons of narcotics seized.

The investigation targeted the La Familia Michoacana drug cartel. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, it controls drug manufacturing and distribution in southwestern Mexico, including the importation of vast quantities of cocaine and methamphetamine from Mexico into the United States.

The arrests, made in Wake, Edgecombe, Chatham, Halifax, Wayne and other counties, are based on charges ranging from trafficking, conspiracy, robbery and firearms violations.


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  • mad_dash Nov 12, 2009

    How about this.. put a BIG electric fence around the border.. one that will electrocute you if you touch it... have some people with heavy equipment there to umm... dispose of the ones dumb enough to touch it.. I think they will get the picture and stay on their side of the fence.. and you can say.. well they wont do that again.. I will help pay for it!!

  • smalldogsrule Nov 11, 2009

    Funny how all these people say that legalization will eliminate the problem. IT WILL NOT.

    There are still LARGE amounts of illegal traffic of alcohol (both moonshine and mass produced.) There is even smuggling and blackmarketing of cigarettes. All it will do is make it easier for drug addicts to hurt people.

  • MSN93 Nov 11, 2009

    Oh, but the Mexicans contribute so much to our culture!

    And someone else was right about the health reform plan-if healthcare workers/hospitals/clinics are not going to be allowed to require proof of citizenship, then the illegals are going to continue to get their free health care just as they always have, even if coverage for them is omitted from the bill. Of course, Obama is going to give them all amnesty anyway so what does it matter??

  • CrewMax Nov 11, 2009

    Guess they'll become citizens in prison.

  • BeenHereSince67 Nov 11, 2009

    And I am like,so sure, that they were all here legally with Green Cards ...

  • Oxfordgirl Nov 11, 2009

    I agree with Republican2009 the goverment just needs to legalize everything and tax it just like they do cigs and beer. Just like if someone wants to drink themselves to death then let them do drugs and overdose. Its a choice people make. It will end all the sneaking across the border and selling stuff on the street, the stores can profit from it and the goverment will get the taxes from it. We are going to need that money for the goverment once obama's health care plan goes through.

  • affirmativediversity Nov 11, 2009

    Well La Raza and Le Puebla where are your statements out outrage? Oh, sorry, I forgot...you're probably in charge of the bail and defense fundraising!!!!!

  • 6079 SMITH W Nov 11, 2009

    Upon reflection, maybe I am being too harsh in my opinions...These folks are just "revitalizing our communities" and who would be against that? What's a little gang organized drug dealing and murder of innocent people who stand in the way among friends? They are just trying to replace our backwards culture with their obviously more enlightened, vibrant, festive way of life. We should all be grateful that our country is so reluctant to stop any of this, it will make the transition so much smoother!

  • HJRVS Nov 11, 2009

    Let the Obama socialize the drug cartels like healthcare and the auto industry. They will be bankrupt and destroyed in a few years.

  • aspenstreet1717 Nov 11, 2009

    I bet there are more than 50 living in Raleigh right now.